Miami Beach…in the Winter

(Pelican over the Atlantic Ocean, photo property of FBC, All Rights Reserved)

Miami Beach is an island on the other side of Biscayne Bay from the City of Miami…it is a barrier island with approximately 90.000 residents. Of course, during the high tourist season the number of people in Miami Beach rises to a couple of million, at least…

There is no such thing as a winter in South Florida…

And the sun sets over Miami Beach. Photo property of FBC, All Rights Reserved

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Float on the Water…

(Sailing in the Aegean Sea, photo property of FBC, All Rights Reserved)

What does not float on the water becomes part of the sea,

so I let my body float above the surface…

Let your thoughts float on the water,

while your mind absorbs the motion of the sea,

there can be no place, no other

where the soul can rest and be…

Be a part of the creation,

of the things that we were given,

on the water,

where all life began,

we can imagine that we can,

with our eyes closed and our spirit clean,

we can imagine we’ve been

creators of a dream

where the cool, clear, Mother of the Sea,

slowly peels away the dreaded dust of our humanity,

and renews our tattered sanity.

When you float upon the sea,

far away from all you see…

C.2019, Francisco Bravo Cabrera, Valencia, Spain, 01 DEC 2019, All Rights Reserved.

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Why I live next to the Sea…

(Sunset over the Gulf of Mexico, photo by FBC, C.2019 USA Derechos Reservados)

I don’t know if we all do but I definitely identify with the fact that I was born next to the sea and I’ve always lived, somewhere, next to the sea. I love the mountains, the valleys, the rivers and the woods…even deserts…but I would not want to live anywhere where I cannot see, hear and smell the sea, or the ocean…

(my back yard in the Florida Keys, photo by FBC, C.2019 USA Derechos Reservados)

I think it has greatly influenced my life as an artist…

Of course, speaking only for myself, I get energy from the breeze blowing over the surface of the salty waters that bring to land those very benefitial negative ions from the sea which are also healthy and inspiring. Although I do not believe in inspiration, I feel a certain impetus whenever I am near the water and it usually leads me towards artistic creation of some sort.

I saw a movie once that dealt with a mental hospital. The patients were very upset most of the time, they were restless and even violent. The staff and doctors were rather corrupt and did very little to pacify them. Basically they would just lock the patients up in a cage outside and leave them there, even during rain storms.

Then a therapist was sent to assist and he happened to be an artist. He painted an enormous canvas and placed it in the main resting hall where the patients were allowed to congregate. Little by little all the patients came forward and started staring at the painting. They were quiet, relaxed, at peace and tranquility reigned. So much so that the staff came to see what was going on. Then they saw the painting, and the camera panned the canvas.

What did the artist paint that caused such a psychological change in the patients of this institution? He painted the sea. Just the sea, no ships, no shoreline, nothing other than the waves in the middle of the ocean…

(Miami Beach during Hurricane Frances in 2002, photo by FBC, C.2019 Derechos Reservados)

I think that we all, regardless of our state of mental health, can gain much by looking at the ocean. Looking at water, having water nearby, even if it is a river, is relaxing and a major stress reliever…

(From my days in the Florida Keys. C.2019 USA Derechos Reservados)

I want to know if people that were born in the mountains feel the same way. I want to know if they have the same attachments to their environment as I do to mine. And does your mountains, your valleys, your plains, deserts, forests or rivers give you the same intense energy that the sea gives to me. I would like to know.

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Once You are a River

Xanthos River, Turkey (Antalya)

Once you are a river you can flow…

If you are as water you will never find obstacles and you will always find the level ground and a place to squeeze by…

And no one can hold you in their hands because you flow through their fingers…

Once you are a river you can irrigate the land and bring forth fruit and bring forth grass…

(View from Kalekoy near Antalya, Turkey)

I have always loved to be close to the water. I find that living on the coast gives me a sense of freedom and looking at the sea, or the ocean always gives me peace of mind and a sense of tranquility. No matter how much the waters of the sea look the same, they are always changing, always moving, always offering a new and different panorama and it makes me realise that life is not so complex as we perhaps make it. Yes, there is an enormous complexity in life but that is not our concern as we did not create it, we are the created, we are part of life and therefore need not understand it. Eventually, we will know as we are known…

All we need to do is to simply live life. If you live near the sea and you penetrate the waters with your eyes, with your imagination and with your sense of awe, you will begin to let go of the things that make your life complex and stressful and begin to feel more and think less…

(Marina at Alacati, Turkey)

What can be more joyful and satisfying, as well as a very relaxing way to end a workday, than to sit by the water, with a nice glass of Spanish wine, and listen to the silence of the evening, perhaps only interrupted by the soft sounds of the clanging of the lines that hold the sails as the boats are slightly moved about by the currents of the harbour, and wait for the full moon to make her grand entrance into the stage of the sky…

And once you are a river you can flow into the sea…

And you will be the sea…

I took these pictures on my different trips to Turkey. They are all from the Aegean or the Mediterranean Sea…

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(All photographs are the property of Francisco Bravo Cabrera, C.2019 Derechos Reservados)

We all Share a Single Road

There are many ways but only one direction…

There are many thoughts but only one intention…

There are days to live and nights to die

And I’ve always wondered why…

The sea before me, at times all powerful

But yet benign,

provides the calmness that enters through my eyes

to soothe my spirit as she guides my wanderings through what we call life.

We all cross the sands to reach the water…

We all cross through dreams, happy the dreamer…

We all cry at times; at times we don’t bother…

The sea is the sand and the sand the border,

Of this road we call life.

Our future is our past and our present is eternity.

And thought the road seems rather narrow,

our footsteps fit somehow.

Whether its sand,

whether its the salty sea

or even high, high in the air,

The road is there, somewhere,

From one have all things come

And we’re all walking home.

Far Away there is no Sun

I went out to the street one day,

to look, to smell, to breathe, to pray,

to reach out to a passing man and say,

friend can you show me the way,

because I come from far, so far away…

I went out to the fields one afternoon,

To look, to smell, to breathe, to roam

as if these fields were now my home,

as if this were where I belong,

Somewhere above, somewhere on top, or far below…

I walked out to a sandy beach,

my hands outstretched a wave did reach,

the salty spray, the salty air, the perfect niche,

where ions flow but never preach,

Yet in your spirit, body, soul you feel there’s peace…

The day seem endless,

the streets are empty,

the fields have faded,

the beach invaded,

and I feel slightly jaded,

The sun has not created

no, not a single ray,

and I have come from far,

from so far away.

From My Blood-Red Orange: “What do you see?”

We both sit on the sand, the sea before us.
What do you see?
I see my life as it extends before me...
What do you see?
I see the flowing rays of the sun
and the brightness of the blue,
I see myself arriving to my dreams,
and you?
You sit placidly by.
Your eyes perhaps caress the crystal shadows of the sky.
Your voice is screaming through your silence
and your thoughts betray you,
you turn into your apathy,
and although physically near,
you're very far from me,
And I'm not sure if you, well,
if you can see me?