Far Away there is no Sun

I went out to the street one day,

to look, to smell, to breathe, to pray,

to reach out to a passing man and say,

friend can you show me the way,

because I come from far, so far away…

I went out to the fields one afternoon,

To look, to smell, to breathe, to roam

as if these fields were now my home,

as if this were where I belong,

Somewhere above, somewhere on top, or far below…

I walked out to a sandy beach,

my hands outstretched a wave did reach,

the salty spray, the salty air, the perfect niche,

where ions flow but never preach,

Yet in your spirit, body, soul you feel there’s peace…

The day seem endless,

the streets are empty,

the fields have faded,

the beach invaded,

and I feel slightly jaded,

The sun has not created

no, not a single ray,

and I have come from far,

from so far away.