Your Face I Drew Beneath the Blue-Green Ocean…

(Photo by FBC, Omnia Caelum Studios, All Rights Reserved)

I was a drop of water in the ocean
which took me to the shore
And left me stranded,
A grain of sand it was that I became,
A million others like me
All the same…
I carefully observed the things around me,
I floated with the winds
So far from my seas,
I learned the ways of things that floated by,
Until the day arrived that I could fly…
Your face I drew beneath the blue green ocean,
Your body with the movement of the waves,
And when I touched the softness of your skin,
I turned back to the water I had been…
But now I wasn’t just a drop of ocean
I was the mighty current that flows through it,
And with the love that quietly remains,
I turned back to that grain of sand again…
So oceans once again could kiss my shoreline,
So I could kiss you softly while the breeze flows,
And takes you where the beach and oceans meet…
I was a drop of water in the ocean,
But I know you and me can reach the sea…

C.2020, 17 FEB 2020, Francisco Bravo Cabrera, Valencia, Spain

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(photo by FBC, Omnia Caelum Studios Valencia,
All Rights Reserved)

I’ve missed your tender sunshine,
through this winter,
through this snow,
I’ve been waiting to devour
your bright show.
So I’ve opened wide the closet
where you’ve hidden all your charms,
I just had to have a peek,
don’t be alarmed.
I walk to the museum,
where a painting of you hangs,
with a group of dancing figures
happy hands…
So I walk down to the barman,
and I ask for dry champagne,
if you fall in love with
me, I’ll do the same…
And I know you’ll cheat on winter,
though I think he’ll still remain,
let your answer “yes” to me be drops of rain.
And I’ll dream your warmth restores me,
and I’ll kiss your flowers new,
If you promise to love me,

I will love you.
Bring peace to this great ocean,
and push back the raging sea.
In the end there’s no one else
but you and me.
We’ve enough of true romances,
that fall easily away,
you and I will always be
a sunny day…
good night and may you sleep well,
I know it’s been like a storm
but the morning light will find us both at home,
where we’ve never left the comfort,
of our walls and of our beds,
Spring, has it all just been a dream
inside my head.

C.2020, Francisco Bravo Cabrera, Valencia, Spain

Dreaming of a Smile

(Photo by FBC, All Rights Reserved, Omnia Caelum Studios Valencia)

Old, and barely able,
he walks out to the busy corner,
where he buys his daily bread,
wondering where the hell these thoughts
come from that are dancing in his head.
He looks around and doesn’t see
the lady with the mandolin,
that plays the songs he likes to sing,
which she brought from a place he’s never seen.
And though the morning sun has filled
the day with light and warmth,
he’s cold and suffers ‘cause he can’t explain
the lonely feelings that he cannot seem to shake.
Loneliness is not a symptom,
it’s a curse that’s so hard to explain,
for no one really seems to know,
and few can understand the pain.
Everybody’s lonely mornings
are as different as are flakes of snow,
Singular and so precise,
and will never let you go.
And he knows that the future threatens
to be not so very far away,
He still forces his voice to comply,
And tells his children he’s okay:

“I’m only dreaming of a smile,
Yes, for one of those, I’d walk a million miles,
But they’re very hard to find,
And I just haven’t the time…”

He takes his loaf of bread and
walks across the park towards home,
where he sees a group of children playing in the sun.
They remind him of when he was young
and of the days when smiles were not a million miles away.
And for a second in his head he sees the images of long lost friends,
he sees himself in happy times, his true love by his side,
and holding hands they’d listen to their children sing their songs
and he could proudly say…

“I am the happiest of men,
I find golden rays of light,
even in the pouring rain.
With you I will always stay,
and you will never lose your way,
for I will always be your compass,
till we reach the end of days…”

Alone he finds his way back home
to a dark and dusty room
where ghosts do roam.
And the thoughts inside his head are shouting, reminding him,
repeating loudly:

“You’re useless now and soon you will be dead.
The life that you remember is just pictures in your head.
And everyone that you have loved
has left this Earth, they’re far above,
while in the meantime you’re still down here and still struggling
with this meaningless existence so mundane.
Can you name someone that really cares?
No! You’ve no one anywhere! Though it’s a shame.”

And he sits down on the tattered couch,
His index finger to his mouth,
He silences the voices and replies:

“I know the children rarely call,
And I’ve gotten very old,
And I no longer have a loving hand to comfort
or to hold,
and I can’t find a refuge from the cold,
my God, how can I live another day”.

C.2020, Francisco Bravo Cabrera, 07 FEB 2020, Valencia, Spain

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May Your Bar Never Close

(photo by FBC)


When I think of you…

I hope that your lipstick doesn’t ruin your smile.

I hope that your days will find sunshine,

That the calendar, which you consult all the time,

doesn’t speed up your years,

And that your eyes stay as far from a tear

As they can…

I hope that your curtains gives you plenty of light

For I know the sun knocks on your window.

That you don’t have to count minutes or hours on end

While you wait for a mystical symbol.

And that a feather, bright blue, dripping with dew

Has replaced the cold iron of your pistol.

I hope that the end of the world finds you dancing

With joy,

Under raindrops of April’s own showers,

And that the lights of the stage always darken your greys

And may all of your lemons be sour.

May all of your moons be of honey,

May the bar where you drink never close,

May red roses replace all the money on Earth

And may all of your nights be my song.

I hope when you look in the mirror,

May you not find a face that confirms

what you dreamed of and thought of as fear,

And may you always a true friend remain.

C.2020, Francisco Bravo Cabrera, 05 FEB 2020, Valencia, Spain

Praying for the Afternoon

Carrying her thoughts inside that special place,

where she hides her heart from foes,

from fears, from friends,

she sets out on a stormy Saturday,

praying for the afternoon,

as morning has brought nothing more than gloom.

Someone has broken through her chains,

and stolen what she names her April charms,

and a thousand thorns he left behind to harm her

and she wonders how to face the day again

as she looks in from the rain.

Inside a magic rainbow offers light and love and

all the echoes are of laughter, all the laughter laughs at her,

all the voices thunder loudly, and she wonders if its hell.

There’s no April, there’s no flowers,

her hearts rhythm marks the hours,

and she seeks but finds only the manikins he’s left behind.

And in the smoky distance she has noticed,

a quiet stranger humming softly,

at times singing and quietly sipping wine and eating chestnuts,

carefully, to not disturb,

for solitude is standing waiting for the train,

And in the drenching, freezing rain, she will remain.

C.2020, Francisco Bravo Cabrera, 02 FEB 2020, Valencia, Spain

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Marble and Pain

In the distance I see the ghost

That rises from the filthy cracks

That populate the streets of your dreams.

She stares at me and wonders if I’m thinking of her,

And I smile, the futile half-life smile of Mona Lisa,

non-committal, insincere and false.

The comedy of our existence

is lacking taste and grace,

and in your face I see the questions

coming quickly,

seeking answers,

seeking something I can’t give you at the moment,

but that I would love to share,

and ghosts or not,

you cannot hide from your despair.

In daily conversations

we speak with frank and open words

and we lie with our eyes,

and we hide

within structures of marble and pain.

C.2020, Francisco Bravo Cabrera, 02 FEB 2020, Valencia, Spain

(This is sort of flash poetry. It tries to tell the story of an instance in time. It tries to define what happens when someone looks at someone else and kind of smiles. It takes an instance in time but it is still communication)

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(Amphitheatre of Ephesus, photo by FBC)

I wanted to build you the greatest theatre of all,

where your voice would reach into everyone’s soul,

where your movements, so graceful,

and your talent,

would shine like the sun in the east.

I am the motivation,

you are the reason.

I paved the road walked.

You own the feathers that provide the lift

in the wings of lonely birds,

that fly without ever questioning where or why

things happen or things don’t.

And I’m the smoke that rises

from the cigarette that you discarded.

And the theatre that I had dreamed for you

I built for someone else.

And up there in the highest cloud,

in the most glorious place that I could find

above the sea, up in the sky,

is where I’ll leave you to decide your future.

In the stage that I created,

a new voice has now stated

that in the clouds she’s heard

from you,

no sound…

C.2020, Francisco Bravo Cabrera, 29 JUN 2020, Valencia, Spain

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Aprils come and Aprils go

(Sunsets by Francisco Bravo Cabrera, All Rights Reserved)

I have challenged ocean waves,

and the currents of the seas,

without steering,

without sails,

without a captain.

Diving deep below the ground,

like a fish upon the sand,

it’s not how, it’s when I can,

through a scream that knows no sound,

like the wind it turns around

and comes my way…

I have challenged the north wind,

I have sailed around the cape,

is it good hope? Is it bad?

It does not matter.

Someone stole my springtime hope,

that I kept deep in my heart,

Aprils come and Aprils go,

and time has taken us far apart,

and the last train will depart within the hour,

And I am so far from the station,

so I’ll stay in shallow water,

far from the depths of your bays,

I know I can challenge high tide

but I don’t know if today,

I will chance upon another

sunlit morning,

so I’ll stay.

C.2020, Francisco Bravo Cabrera, 27 JAN 2020, Valencia, Spain

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Urban Legend

(“Leyenda” acrylic on canvas by Francisco Bravo Cabrera, All Rights Reserved)

I’ve lived camouflaged in a dreary existence

away from the rays of the sun.

I’ve been a ghost,

I’ve been a vision,

and my words, are the voices you heard

when your spirit yearned for a trace of lost sanity.

And you joined me in the shadows.

My presence was the poltergeist,

that disappeared from sight

when she turned on the lights,

and sat upon her Persian rug

and lit her pipe and smoked.

I’ve always faded far into these dark, dark places,

And she, who always loved the light,

refused to see

both you and me.

Then one day our shadows crossed,

and our faces were exposed

then both did burned,

as rays of yellow light turned this darkened castle bright,

and we became the things that were.

I, the ghost that was,

you, the story told,

and us, the urban legend…

C.2020, Francisco Bravo Cabrera, 23 JAN 2020, Valencia, Spain

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Of Little Fame and Glory

And when you tell me of my life and things I’ve done,

don’t be so sure I won’t deny it all,

even the truth can get so very old

it becomes legend.

And legends never are composed of words of truth,

that’s why I say the things I did while in youth

will never match the ordinary life

I’m used to living.

So I’ll deny the things you’ve said,

deny it all,

the things that you remember,

the things that I forgot,

the laughter in the sun,

imaginary days of wine and song,

nostalgic of the things we’ve never done,

so if you come and tell me my life story,

of little fame and glory,

I’ll pay you deepest courtesy,

I’ll listen for a while,

holding back a tear, perhaps hiding a smile,

and when you’ve finished

while I’m giving you a hug

I’ll whisper in your ear as I give your back a rub

and I’ll deny I’ve lived my life that way,

that’s all I’ve got to say…

C.2020. Francisco Bravo Cabrera, 21 JAN 2020, Valencia, Spain

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