You’re the Smile that Peels Back Space

(“Mujer de Fierro” acrylics on canvas, 100×110 cm Omnia Caelum Studios Valencia, art of FBC)

I dreamed I saw a flower
that was left between the yellowed,
musty pages of a book ancient and faded,
but it wasn’t you…
Because in many dreams I’ve seen you,
you’re the fragrance,
not the petals left asleep, withered by time.
No! You’re the eyes that will seduce me,
you’re the smile that peels back space,
and your body, which will stretch across the oceans,
becomes part of loving things I can’t replace.
In a house that’s made of plasticine and heartbeats,
on a bed of chamomile and Freixenet,
in a kiss that rips away my lips like lightning,
I have dreamed you flew to me from far away.
So I know you’re not that lonely faded flower,
that was left behind forever to remain,
but a symbol of someone’s romance, not ours,
or of the suffering that comes when lovers stray.
You can never be a symbol, you’re too vibrant,
you’re the quintessential love that rips my flesh,
that in ecstasy consumes eternal hours,
that in dreams I feel a thousand hours awake.

C.2020, Francisco Bravo Cabrera, 18 FEB 2020, Valencia, Spain

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Your Face I Drew Beneath the Blue-Green Ocean…

(Photo by FBC, Omnia Caelum Studios, All Rights Reserved)

I was a drop of water in the ocean
which took me to the shore
And left me stranded,
A grain of sand it was that I became,
A million others like me
All the same…
I carefully observed the things around me,
I floated with the winds
So far from my seas,
I learned the ways of things that floated by,
Until the day arrived that I could fly…
Your face I drew beneath the blue green ocean,
Your body with the movement of the waves,
And when I touched the softness of your skin,
I turned back to the water I had been…
But now I wasn’t just a drop of ocean
I was the mighty current that flows through it,
And with the love that quietly remains,
I turned back to that grain of sand again…
So oceans once again could kiss my shoreline,
So I could kiss you softly while the breeze flows,
And takes you where the beach and oceans meet…
I was a drop of water in the ocean,
But I know you and me can reach the sea…

C.2020, 17 FEB 2020, Francisco Bravo Cabrera, Valencia, Spain

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Who Stole My Those Days from Me…

(Miami Beach, foto de FBC, All Rights Reserved)

She said she waited for her prince in shining armour

all her life.

But she was only seventeen…

Then he came into her life,

promised to make her his wife…


it lasted as long as a wink…

She thought she had sealed her happiness, her love,

her life would be the best,

and she carefully put all his love,

in the little night stand drawer,

the one where her mother had put a saint above…

She wondered…

Who has stolen all my dreams…

Why has he left and why does it seem

to hurt more than what I thought

a heartbreak should, although,

a broken heart is endless and complete…

C.2019, Francisco Bravo Cabrera, 04 DEC 19, Valencia, Spain, All Rights Reserved.

INSTAGRAM: @Francisco_Bravo_Cabrera


Piano Jazz by AJA:

You are a Window, I am a…

(Photo property of FBC, All Rights Reserved, C.2019, Derechos Reservados)

You are a window,

you let others see through you

and they see the world

in beautiful shades, incredible tones and

colours as many as the ones that I have,

because I am a rainbow…

I am the rainbow that touches your walls,

your skin, your wild imagination…

I’ll always remind you that the sun shines and that peace on Earth lies beyond the rain…

You are a window and I am a rainbow,

you see me when you look through the glass before your eyes.

You are a window because you let others see

what is out there to see,

And they see that life is beautiful.

They realise that everything out there is really beautiful…

I am the rainbow that tells you that all that was

has been…

And light and clear blue skies can now


C.2019, All Rights Reserved, Francisco Bravo Cabrera, Valencia, Spain,

27 NOV 19, Derechos Reservados…

Instagram: @Francisco_Bravo_Cabrera

Music: (AJA) Abstract Jazz Arrangement:

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