What’s Our World, Flat? Round? A planet? A plane?

Graphite on paper 50 x 30 cm 2015, in private collection, United States

Very well, I understand this may not be something that you wonder about. I am aware that science has “proved” that we live on a planet. That science has educated us so that we are certain that our planet spins at a high rate of speed and velocity, for it also orbits around another celestial body that we call the sun. All this has been “proven” and the “proof” accepted as undisputed “fact.” Anyone who does not believe and accept this is as mad as a goat.

Well, you might be, but I am not governed by scientific proofs or theories. I live because I breathe and because I’ve a spirit, a body and a soul that owes its existence to God. I am an artist. I live in a world that is not ruled by the scientific method. I live in a wold where there is magic. I live in a world where there are dreams. I live in a world where there is mystery, fascination, fantasy, ghosts, spirits, gods, virgins, saints and wise men…

I don’t really know if the world is flat or round. Frankly it does not make a difference to me. I know I live in a world that is now suffering the abuse of mankind. Suffering the abuse of science and technology that has raped the earth of minerals like coltran so that they can further develop smart articles, i.e. mobile phones et cetera. While doing so, they are sponsoring slave labour in the Democratic Republic of Congo, where most coltran is mined. I live in a world where science and technology has developed other needs that require extreme mining procedures that destroy mountains, pollute rivers and poison wildlife. I live in a world where science and technology has built and developed weapons that can easily be used to wipe us all back to the neolithic age.

So I don’t really put my faith in science. I am grateful for the advances of the medical sciences. Now we live longer lives. But I am furious with governments that do not allow these beneficiaries of a long life to enjoy their old age with money and dignity. I don’t like the fact that those who develop technology tell us that they are doing it for the better good of all while they become the richest men in the world. And we don’t even know if things like 5G can actually harm us.

But those who control the economy control progress. That is why I don’t believe in progress because progress seems to be only for the upper one percent. The ninety nine remaining must pay for progress and never profit and never progress.

So I believe in life. I believe in quality of life. I believe in peace. I believe in unity. And I thoroughly believe what the Beatles said a long, long, time ago:

“ALL YOU NEED IS LOVE, LOVE IS ALL YOU NEED.” (Lennon/McCartney from the song “All You Need is Love” Yellow Submarine album, 1967)

The Beatles represented Britain in the “Our World” project, playing and recording live, “All You Need is Love.” Our World was the first worldwide televised special and broadcast to 24 countries on 25 June, 1967. The Beatles began writing this song in May, 1967, wanting to create a song that could be understood by people of all nations. It was mostly written by John Lennon.

During the 1960’s “All you Need is Love” was a popular saying, especially within the many opposed to the Vietnam war. The song was a big part of the 1967 “Summer of Love.” It began with a clip from “La Marseillaise,” the French national anthem, composed by Claude Joseph Rouget de Lisle in Strasbourg, on 25 April, 1792. The anthem, of course, is a rallying call to war that was first sung by the French troops coming to Paris from Marseilles, which gave the name that the anthem now has.

In 1981, George Harrison wrote a song to remember John Lennon, who was assasinated on the 8th of December, 1980, called “All Those Years Ago.” The song has a line which says to John that you, “…point the way to the truth when you say ‘All you need is love.'” John was killed in front of his flat in the Dakota building in New York. He was shot five times by an entity I will not even mention. All I can add here is that I abhor the violence of North American cities. I don’t believe people should carry guns.

I leave you, hoping that you nourish thoughts about such things as our world and other important things, with these words John Lennon wrote for “All You Need is Love:”

There’s nothing you can known that isn’t known/Nothing you can see that isn’t shown/Nowhere you can go that isn’t where you’re meant to be/It’s easy/All you need is love.”

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I was looking at a picture I took of the rising sun over my little bay in the Aegean Sea, where I spend most of my summers, and thinking about an article I read by a fellow blogger and WordPress colleague, Rashidul. huda. The article…a very good one which I recommend…was about time, the passage of time, the philosophy and the science of time and the first thing that came to my mind was the song “Time is on my side,” by the Rolling Stones.

Sunrise over the Aegean Sea

The day I took this photograph I got up…early…and sat on my balcony. At first there was just a brilliant glow over the mountains in the distance. The sun was not visible. Then centimeter by centimeter a little sliver of bright orange began to peer over the tops of the mountains, until that brilliant ball arose majestically in the distant sky.

Is this the passage of time? The movement of things in our world? Nature? Growing old? Growing wise? Looking at how the sun creates an orange pathway over the waters. It disappears after time has passed. Is this time?

“Time is on My Side” was not the only song that came to my mind. I remembered an old song from back in the seventies by a band called The Marmalade, called “Reflections of My Life.” In this song, which I think is a sad song about the end of a relationship, or the passage of time, the singer says: “The changing of sunlight to moonlight…” then he says, “all my sorrow, sad tomorrow, take me back to my old home.”

Can we go back? Thoughts take us back to wherever we fancy. Is the changing of sunlight to moonlight the same as two ships passing in the night? Can a “sad tomorrow” resulting from a bad experience be collateral damage caused by the passage of time?

I’ve concluded that time can be many things, at the same time. It’s poetry, romance, beauty, a memory or memories. The song “As Time Goes By” which also came to mind, suggests that time is love. Time is also personal. We live in the time of our pleasing, the time of our happiness or the time of our sorrow. This is my time. No, you’re on company time. “No time left for this,” said the Guess Who…

Can time take us back to where we were if while there we were vanishing with the passage of time? Is there a place back there at all? Is there time? Was time the thief that stole my mother’s memories? Or are memories only a fantasy? Do memories exist only in our collection of photographs? Or are memories in our mind? And is there time withing the vaulty chambers of our mind? Is it passing in there or just biding its time? Is time passing, or are we the ones running from reality and rotting away in our own ideas, in our own thoughts and in our own self-indulgence?

I may or may not have answers but it doesn’t matter because all I can think of are questions. As I get older time seems to become less and less important. It’s a consolation. And there are other things that can wipe away the confusion about time. Like one of the wisest men on American television, Homer Simpson said, “Here’s to alcohol, the cause of and solution to all of life’s problems.”


Will to Live

Will to Live

The sample of a cactus…represents life, which is a battle between the will of each human being and the ignorance that floats above the air we breathe. The “Will to Live” is a struggle for the artist for he has to overcome the force that implacably leads him to choose the path of least resistance and force himself to walk the narrow and difficult path that leads, inevitably, to creativity.

Art is not decoration. Art is a weapon and the artist must use it to fight against some of the greatest enemies of the human spirit like rationalism and materialism…

I pity the artist who is afraid to speak for fear of losing his patrons and his buyers…

I pity the artist who does not take up his brush, his pen or his instrument to paint, write or play to create a magical world for the benefit of all and instead hides behind the veil of commercialism and so-called “success.”

And…I pity the artist who refuses to act as a social commentator and who does not denounce the evil that, united with ignorance, also floats above the air we breathe and who chooses to be successful even if it means selling his own soul…

OMNIA CAELUM STUDIO http://www.ArtPal.com/rfbravo1155

The Question of Questioning Jazz…

Some ask, what is Jazz?  Is that a good question?  Does it really matter?  It may…but then again, isn’t Jazz a style of music and isn’t music meant to be listened to and…well, I know that we question music, we write about music, we discuss it, we analyze it and critique it…so naturally, we are used to definitions and we want to apply it to Jazz, which by nature, would seem to defy definitions…and that is because the only constant with Jazz is CHANGE!  So wouldn’t that mean that today’s definition would change tomorrow?  What is the purpose of trying to define something if the words, the thoughts, the meaning of it will be lost in a short amount of time…but I would say that to me Jazz is like Religion…it is something that you adhere to by faith and because you like what you hear…you might be a musician seeking expression and realized that the only type of music that can allow you the freedom to be whatever you want to be is Jazz! You might like to listen to something that you know comes from way deep in the heart and soul of the player…or you might be a composer seeking to challenge yourself and your ego as you write something that you know is not going to be played as you wrote it or even as you imagined it…that is Jazz too…A religion? Did I say that? What is Religion? It is a conduit that takes us from the profane to the Sacred…Jazz is a conduit that takes us from the simple to the most complex but it lays it out before us and all we have to do is enjoy it…just like God, we cannot comprehend the mysteries of the universe, but God makes it simple for us…simply believe, trust and expect a miracle…I think that the more I think and the more I delve deeply into a topic, the more I understand that all things are connected, the more I see the face of God…

Abstract Jazz…AJA…Abstract Jazz Arrangement

Abstract Jazz...AJA...Abstract Jazz Arrangement

Omnia Caelum means “all is Heaven” it is from Cicero, the Roman poet of antiquity…it is also the name I’ve given to my studio of ART, in its many forms and modalities and where I make a living as an Artist selling my images and my music (the Jazz made by AJA my musical association)…All the images that you see and will see in my Blog are protected and for sale. They are not free images in the public domain, they are my original creations as an artist and they form part of my inventory and folks buy them. I have clients who have purchased my work for their private collections spanning three continents: North America (New York, Miami), Europe (Aragon, Spain) and Asia (Turkey)…I would like to count you as one of my friends and followers and perhaps even a client…so here is AJA for your listening pleasure…it is the musical Jazz version of some of my art work which you will see in this Blog in the future…Thank you, Peace, Respect and One Love!


Cabala Part 1…The Creator first set the bases that would convert into the elements on the which everything would be made (Darwin called it the evolution of the species, he was wrong). The Creator wished for MAN (Humanity), the Principal focus, subject and object of Creation, to be the Master of the created…when the Creator noted rebelliousness and idolatry (the worship of inanimate “things”), Man was instructed and trained in the arts of VIOLENCE…idols separate mankind from the love of the Creator…INTERPRETATION: The things you see are not the things that are; the God you believe in is not G__.;those that seek truth “evolve” into Love…and realize that those who Love are not equal to those that Hate; that Mankind is not made up of equals but of opposing parts and only those who have learned the Truth are counted as being “evolved” and live in the Love of the Creation, able to move, in accordance to their will, the very foundations of the Universe. That is the meaning, the essence and the totality of “Faith.” The “Alefabet” in the Cabala, was given by G__ to Mankind so that History could be written…(FBC)