De Cerca y al Tocar Su Piel

(“De Oro Es” de FBC, foto de FBC, Derechos Resevados)

La prefiero ver de lejos

Aunque sé,

Que de cerca,

y al tocar su piel


como un verbo entre los astros,

que al pasar no deja rastros,

destruyendo las barreras

que me impiden proceder.

No se cual es su color,

pero se que en el calor

de entre sus brazos,

lo he de encontrar.

Y la dibujaré en un petalo que va,

flotando sobre los vientos

y sera,

un beso de primavera,

que me arranca como fiera,

la malicia con caricias

que sabe dar

La prefiero en un suspiro

que en el mar,

Y en el aire que respiro,

debe estar.

Se trasluce en el espacio,

Y al amor lo hará despacio,

Y en un atomo me enseña

que hay mil mundos por andar.

Y su olor y su humedad

Que en mi cuerpo dejará quizá mañana

Azul sera,

como la eternidad.

C.2020, Francisco Bravo Cabrera, 12 de febrero de 2020, Valencia

(Cuadro “De Oro Es”, obra de Francisco Bravo Cabrera, Omnia Caelum Studios Valencia)

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Philosophy (my) of Art at Omnia Caelum Studios Valencia

(“Toro de Russafa” acrylic on wood, 20x20cm Omnia Caelum Studios Valencia)

First, art has to be created through talent, or through the talent of the artist. Talent has to be the result of hard work, practice, experimentation, development and constant repetition of intention to do something better, different, harder. We are born with the ability to develop talent but talent is not an inherited trait or a genetic predisposition.

From talent, art surges…

An artist has to vindicate himself or herself with every work he or she does. It is not enough to have a reputation, even a glorious one. Art has to earn its place and it must be real.

In the theatre, we know…and I studied Theatre Arts…that raw emotion is not art.

In painting, and all other forms of visual art, raw emotion is equivalent to creating art without talent, without effort and without intent to communicate. An objet trouvé is not art, no matter who says it is. Even if the greatest artist you can think of comes and says that a found object is art is a charlatan and a untalented buffoon!

So, my philosophy of art is quite simple, art has to be created from hard work, from technique, from study, from intuition and with the need and desire to communicate emotions, messages, information, subterfuge or anything else worth the effort to communicate.

I do not put down artists that think that they are making art by placing a half filled glass of water in a gallery (like what happened in Art Madrid). I am not attacking those that tape a banana to a wall with duct tape, (like in Art Basel Miami Beach). I have no ill will towards those who put a potted plant on a wheelbarrow and push it around saying it is a concept piece. No, I have nothing against those people, I would not call them any denigrating names but I will not call them artists…


For me, art has to be a controlled situation, like an actor working on a role, like a dancer rehearsing a ballet or an opera singer preparing for a performance. All of these artists work hard to develop their talent (that’s first), then sharpen their technique (that’s second) and finally work like hell to make sure that they are giving 100% of their artistic ability when onstage.

The same must be true for an artist that paints.

I hope I was able to express myself clearly enough to make my message understood because in this day and age when the “art business” is interfering drastically with the “art world” many may get confused and believe that a banana is art, that a glass of water is art or an objet trouvé is art and it is not…

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JaZzArt Flowers (series)

Los cuadros miden, cada uno, 30 cm por 40 cm por 1,5 cm y son de acrílico sobre tela. Forman parte de Omnia Caelum Studios Valencia y se venden.

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