Abstract Jazz Arrangement (AJA), Bodo y Bakero…

(foto propiedad de FBC, Omnia Caelum Studios Valencia)

Menudo enredo…primero Bodo Vespaciano, ahora Francisco…pero C’est la vie, las cosas cambian, la gente igual y todos vamos madurando y mutando mientras vamos creciendo y desarrollando nuestro arte y talento. Al fin y al cabo, el talento es el resultado de horas y horas de dura faena artística.

Quisiera que conocieras la música que tocabamos cuando hicimos AJA (Abstract Jazz Arrangement, que significa “arreglos de jazz abstractos” o “arreglos abstractos de jazz” como quieras). El siguiente enlace te lleva a un website donde podrás escuchar piezas de piano y contrabajo:


Ese CD lo grabamos en el 2004 un gran pianista y yo en el bajo.

Y aquí te dejo el vídeo “Aranaki” con la canción “Yerushalahaim” de fondo. Y preparate porque durante esa etapa me llamaba Bakero. Toco la guitarra y el bajo en la grabación:

(Música original de FBC, cuadros y fotos de FBC, Omnia Caelum Studios Valencia)

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Raw Emotion is not Art

(“Botitas” acrylic on canvas, 70x80cm Private Collection United States, foto property of FBC, Omnia Caelum Studios, All Rights Reserved)

In the theatre, or in films or in anything where an actor performs, there is a transmission of ideas, emotions and dynamics. The dynamics are the ups and downs and the inevitable way they lead…or they should…to the climax. It’s what we see, feel and identify as energy. But the emotions, the feelings, the exchanges of dialogue, whether it is spoken or non-verbal, are all contrived.

In other words, the emotions are an artistic recreation that the actor, through his training, talent and ability, transmits. The great Theatre Director Konstantin Stanislavski, Director of the Moscow Art Theatre and writer of several books on one of the most popular acting forms, the Method, said, and I paraphrase, that raw emotion is not art.

Therefore it may be wise to apply this very important lesson, this idea, this profound statement, to all forms of art, because all art must be a means of expression and the expression is in the form of emotions.

I realised that when I was a Theatre student in university. I thought about that phrase for a very long time until it sank deep into my brain and I was able to make it a motto for myself and my work in art, in every form of art that I’ve been involved in, namely music, painting and poetry. Funny thing is that I did theatre work, writing, directing and producing but never acting…well, only once…as I never aspired to be an actor, instead I wanted to be a playwright.

In any event, I ended up painting and trying to express emotions with acrylics, oils, watercolours, pencils and pens, on paper, on canvas or on wood…

In conclusion I just wanted to state that all art is contrived and serves an artistic purpose, which is either to express an idea, a thought or an emotion but keeping in mind that it must also entertain…

(Francisco, by FBC, Omnia Caelum Studios)

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AJA on Tour…Hotel Room #3

While touring with AJA back in 1999, foto de FBC, Omnia Caelum Studios Valencia

We did a short piece, of a longer one, called “Meditation Jazz” and I used it to showcase some of my paintings and drawings. Hope you enjoy it.

(Video of Francisco Bravo Cabrera and AJA with original artwork and music)

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i REALLY don’t KNOW the Reason…

Featuring “Evil People” the song/video clip that I did quite a while ago with AJA, the Abstract Jazz Arrangement (www.cdbaby.com/cd/aja and http://www.cdbaby.com/cd/aja2)

Hope you enjoy the images and the paintings that I did during the early years…you might recognise a few that I’ve featured in posts on this blog.

The name “Evil People” comes from the name of a restaurant/club that existed in Miami in the 1970’s. The place was made to look like an ancient castle, with little flames of light coming out of tiny windows high up on walls made to look like thick stone battlements…anyways, here’s the song, please tell me what you think…and if you like it, hit that like, share and follow…


All is Heaven…

(Photo by FBC, C.2019 Derechos Reservados)


I have been born with imagination,
in a simple tree branch, a thriving nation,
I see a million clouds that form the shapes of dreams and hopes
in a cloudless sky.
And many times I wonder if we are fragments of a storybook
recited to a child in Heaven...

I called my studio of art, Omnia Caelum Studios, because of certain verses in Ovid which I always found interesting:

“…ante mare et terras et quod tegit omnia caelum
unus erat toto naturae vultus in orbe,
quem dixere chaos: rudis indigestaque moles
nec quicquam nisi pondus iners congestaque eodem
non bene iunctarum discordia semina rerum.”

I liked the significance which translated roughly means:

Before the sea and the lands and (which covers all things) the sky,
one form was in the whole sphere of nature,
which they called Chaos, a raw undigested mass,
and nothing but an inert mass, and heaped up in the same [place],
the discordant seeds of things not well joined

Not well joined until touched by the hands of the artist who can redistribute, reshape and create something beautiful out of an undigested mass…

I was attracted to the order from chaos idea which in many ways describes the way I approach art. But mostly I was attracted to the line “omnia caelum”, which I know to really mean…at least really to me…that “all is Heaven”. All starts from Heaven and ends as well for Heaven is still there for us to look up and smile and wonder. After all in the skies…Heaven…we see so many incredible things…

From the source, Heaven, I can create the first line on my canvas that will inspire my improvisation that will ultimately create Jazz Art right here on the plane of Earth.

And not just my paintings, I have also created music using the same idea of Jazz. I formed the “Abstract Jazz Arrangement” (AJA) in 1999, withing Omnia Caelum Studios. I use the “Arrangement” to collaborate with jazz musicians, or others who like the idea of creating from short lines and forming complete tunes…

I like to work with the certainty that there is something before and something after. To me the concept of Heaven is many things, for example, the place…the horizon on the sea…where you see the union of sky and water…

I want my studio to be what I think art is, therefore it is conceptual, that way I do not lose my place and I can continue to work within the structure that I have created for myself. It is not a limitation, it is simply a border, a reminder. After all just because your elbow does not bend outward, are you limited?

I chose “jazz” as my style not just because I love that musical genre but because it creates something pure, organic and complete out of randomness. I wanted to unite with music in the spirit of the abstract, after all what can be more abstract than music?

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Roach Clip

(“Woman in Black & White” Omnia Caelum Studios Miami, in private collection)


Well, I wanted to try to merge some rhythms with some of my images, photographs and digitally enhanced and manipulated photographs of my drawings and paintings from the days of BODO and Omnia Caelum Studios Miami…

I hope you like it:

(All music, text, songs and images are the property of FBC and cannot be copied or reproduced without the written permission of the owner. C.2019 Derechos Reservados)

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…Lived Beneath the Waves…

Pinturas sobre lienzo  The Beatles - Yellow Submarine Bold

Those lyrics are from “Yellow Submarine” by Lennon & McCartney and since it is fifty years since the “death” of Beatle Paul, I decided to put forth a “clue” that is hardly talked about.

In the song it says, “So we sailed up to the sun, ’till we found a sea of green, and we lived beneath the waves, in our yellow submarine.” This is a clear indication that Paul died and was buried. Here is the explanation that I have heard.

The “sea of green” is a cemetery, a garden style cemetery where the dearly departed are buried beneath the green grass. Ergo a “sea of green” and the dead “live” beneath in their boxes, clearly one could see there a “yellow submarine”. Although we all know that submarines…as the word itself implies…function under the water not under the earth. So the dead are buried in something akin to a “submarine”, which in effect, is nothing more than a travelling life support system because the occupants could not survive under the surface of the sea, would be a coffin, which keeps the body of the deceased encased and protected.

So, how much clearer can it be? The clues say it all and after all, this clue, added to all the others could only mean one thing, that Paul McCartney died in 1966, that the Beatles lied to the world, that they felt guilty and left clues and then denied it all, that an impostor was called in to replace Paul and that such a bloke was just like Paul, sounded like him, acted like him and was as talented and played the bass and the guitar with his left hand.


Resultado de imagen de paul mccartney

Best of luck Macca…for a dead man, after all these years you’ve only lost your voice…

What’s Our World, Flat? Round? A planet? A plane?

Graphite on paper 50 x 30 cm 2015, in private collection, United States

Very well, I understand this may not be something that you wonder about. I am aware that science has “proved” that we live on a planet. That science has educated us so that we are certain that our planet spins at a high rate of speed and velocity, for it also orbits around another celestial body that we call the sun. All this has been “proven” and the “proof” accepted as undisputed “fact.” Anyone who does not believe and accept this is as mad as a goat.

Well, you might be, but I am not governed by scientific proofs or theories. I live because I breathe and because I’ve a spirit, a body and a soul that owes its existence to God. I am an artist. I live in a world that is not ruled by the scientific method. I live in a wold where there is magic. I live in a world where there are dreams. I live in a world where there is mystery, fascination, fantasy, ghosts, spirits, gods, virgins, saints and wise men…

I don’t really know if the world is flat or round. Frankly it does not make a difference to me. I know I live in a world that is now suffering the abuse of mankind. Suffering the abuse of science and technology that has raped the earth of minerals like coltran so that they can further develop smart articles, i.e. mobile phones et cetera. While doing so, they are sponsoring slave labour in the Democratic Republic of Congo, where most coltran is mined. I live in a world where science and technology has developed other needs that require extreme mining procedures that destroy mountains, pollute rivers and poison wildlife. I live in a world where science and technology has built and developed weapons that can easily be used to wipe us all back to the neolithic age.

So I don’t really put my faith in science. I am grateful for the advances of the medical sciences. Now we live longer lives. But I am furious with governments that do not allow these beneficiaries of a long life to enjoy their old age with money and dignity. I don’t like the fact that those who develop technology tell us that they are doing it for the better good of all while they become the richest men in the world. And we don’t even know if things like 5G can actually harm us.

But those who control the economy control progress. That is why I don’t believe in progress because progress seems to be only for the upper one percent. The ninety nine remaining must pay for progress and never profit and never progress.

So I believe in life. I believe in quality of life. I believe in peace. I believe in unity. And I thoroughly believe what the Beatles said a long, long, time ago:

“ALL YOU NEED IS LOVE, LOVE IS ALL YOU NEED.” (Lennon/McCartney from the song “All You Need is Love” Yellow Submarine album, 1967)

The Beatles represented Britain in the “Our World” project, playing and recording live, “All You Need is Love.” Our World was the first worldwide televised special and broadcast to 24 countries on 25 June, 1967. The Beatles began writing this song in May, 1967, wanting to create a song that could be understood by people of all nations. It was mostly written by John Lennon.

During the 1960’s “All you Need is Love” was a popular saying, especially within the many opposed to the Vietnam war. The song was a big part of the 1967 “Summer of Love.” It began with a clip from “La Marseillaise,” the French national anthem, composed by Claude Joseph Rouget de Lisle in Strasbourg, on 25 April, 1792. The anthem, of course, is a rallying call to war that was first sung by the French troops coming to Paris from Marseilles, which gave the name that the anthem now has.

In 1981, George Harrison wrote a song to remember John Lennon, who was assasinated on the 8th of December, 1980, called “All Those Years Ago.” The song has a line which says to John that you, “…point the way to the truth when you say ‘All you need is love.'” John was killed in front of his flat in the Dakota building in New York. He was shot five times by an entity I will not even mention. All I can add here is that I abhor the violence of North American cities. I don’t believe people should carry guns.

I leave you, hoping that you nourish thoughts about such things as our world and other important things, with these words John Lennon wrote for “All You Need is Love:”

There’s nothing you can known that isn’t known/Nothing you can see that isn’t shown/Nowhere you can go that isn’t where you’re meant to be/It’s easy/All you need is love.”

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