You’re the Smile that Peels Back Space

(“Mujer de Fierro” acrylics on canvas, 100×110 cm Omnia Caelum Studios Valencia, art of FBC)

I dreamed I saw a flower
that was left between the yellowed,
musty pages of a book ancient and faded,
but it wasn’t you…
Because in many dreams I’ve seen you,
you’re the fragrance,
not the petals left asleep, withered by time.
No! You’re the eyes that will seduce me,
you’re the smile that peels back space,
and your body, which will stretch across the oceans,
becomes part of loving things I can’t replace.
In a house that’s made of plasticine and heartbeats,
on a bed of chamomile and Freixenet,
in a kiss that rips away my lips like lightning,
I have dreamed you flew to me from far away.
So I know you’re not that lonely faded flower,
that was left behind forever to remain,
but a symbol of someone’s romance, not ours,
or of the suffering that comes when lovers stray.
You can never be a symbol, you’re too vibrant,
you’re the quintessential love that rips my flesh,
that in ecstasy consumes eternal hours,
that in dreams I feel a thousand hours awake.

C.2020, Francisco Bravo Cabrera, 18 FEB 2020, Valencia, Spain

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JaZz Art continues in 2020

(“The Irreversible” ink and graphite on paper, Omnia Caelum Studios Valencia)

Every year one tries to plan what one is going to do throughout the year, at least on a professional level and I am doing just that right now. Most of the year is uncertain but one thing I am certain of already is that I will do my yearly, November/December Expo in Valencia, this year as well.


I am open to suggestions and invitations to do expos anywhere in Europe or America.

These are some of the paintings I will include in the 2020 expo, that I’ve not exhibited although they were finished in late 2019…

“Las Flores” Collection/series Omnia Caelum Studios Valencia

I greatly appreciate the support I’ve received throughout this year. I invite all of you back so we all can continue the journey. This year 2020 will be even better, as it should be. One must always move forward and not take a single step backward, not even for impulse! And I hope and look forward to doing many more expos and other events, artistic and literary, before the November expo in Valencia. I would love to have you with me so we can all share it together and together grow.

Art is a dynamic, a language, a weapon, to be used to grow as human beings, connect and dialogue, transmit ideas and to fight the most virulent of evils, which is intolerance, bigotry, racism and injustice. I, as an artist, refuse to sit quietly by while evil takes hold of more and more people and things of this, our world. Politicians are not the only ones with a duty to the “people”, and I truly believe that artists…of all genres and fields…should and must take part in making our world a better world. After all, our countries do not belong to the ruling party in power at the moment, our countries belong to us, the people.

Once again, I truly appreciate the support of this, my blogging community, which has shown me many beautiful lessons in humanity, in art, in science and in current events. I have learned from all of you many valuable lessons and I appreciate, wholeheartedly the incredibly wonderful articles and posts I have seen and enjoyed throughout my time on this blog. I am humbled by the acceptance I’ve received and the beautiful words which you have rendered me and I humbly accept them, perhaps undeserved but greatly appreciated because I know they all came from the heart. To all of you go my sincere wishes for happiness, peace and love in 2020 and forever.



(“Next to the Sea, where I love to be…” foto/digital art by FBC, OCS Valencia)

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If you like piano jazz, check out this CD I did with a great German pianist back in Miami, Florida in 2004. The pieces are created through jazz improvisation and I accompany Stu on the bass. Lots of people have said that the music is very spiritual and sensuous and that they can think of many things that they would like to do while this music plays in the background:




You’re just a sound,

you’re not a word, you’re not a vowel,

you are a sigh that’s floating high above the

bridges that cross the rivers where my water flows…

You’re just like litter in the street,

that I notice when I chance to meet acquaintances in nearby bars,

rubbish on sidewalks that I see as I pass by,

and seconds later well forgotten…

A drop of rain is not a storm,

but it is part of that which forms

a shield of water to replace

the dust that settled on my face

while travelling through

forgotten years

dreaming of things I feared.

But a drop cannot wipe clean the dust of years,

of iron that has turned to rust,

of bad decisions,

of wrong turns,

of things that I must surely burn

with flames that beckon and inspire,

from life’s eternal fire…

So I don’t listen,

I can’t hear, the sounds that,

as they reach my ears,

become complacent and leave out,

those that I long to hear about,

through evening’s laughter,

vodka, gin,

and all our other sins…

You’re just a sound, you’re not a word,

but a sound I’ve always heard…

C.2020, Francisco Bravo Cabrera, 26 JAN 2020, Valencia, Spain

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Piano Jazz, by my group AJA:


Raw Emotion is not Art

(“Botitas” acrylic on canvas, 70x80cm Private Collection United States, foto property of FBC, Omnia Caelum Studios, All Rights Reserved)

In the theatre, or in films or in anything where an actor performs, there is a transmission of ideas, emotions and dynamics. The dynamics are the ups and downs and the inevitable way they lead…or they should…to the climax. It’s what we see, feel and identify as energy. But the emotions, the feelings, the exchanges of dialogue, whether it is spoken or non-verbal, are all contrived.

In other words, the emotions are an artistic recreation that the actor, through his training, talent and ability, transmits. The great Theatre Director Konstantin Stanislavski, Director of the Moscow Art Theatre and writer of several books on one of the most popular acting forms, the Method, said, and I paraphrase, that raw emotion is not art.

Therefore it may be wise to apply this very important lesson, this idea, this profound statement, to all forms of art, because all art must be a means of expression and the expression is in the form of emotions.

I realised that when I was a Theatre student in university. I thought about that phrase for a very long time until it sank deep into my brain and I was able to make it a motto for myself and my work in art, in every form of art that I’ve been involved in, namely music, painting and poetry. Funny thing is that I did theatre work, writing, directing and producing but never acting…well, only once…as I never aspired to be an actor, instead I wanted to be a playwright.

In any event, I ended up painting and trying to express emotions with acrylics, oils, watercolours, pencils and pens, on paper, on canvas or on wood…

In conclusion I just wanted to state that all art is contrived and serves an artistic purpose, which is either to express an idea, a thought or an emotion but keeping in mind that it must also entertain…

(Francisco, by FBC, Omnia Caelum Studios)

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2 mins…Cuadros y Dibujos/Drawings & Paintings

(foto de FBC, Omnia Caelum Studios Valencia, Derechos Reservados)
Un nuevo esfuerzo por llevar mis cuadros y mis obras por el mundo entero

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