Flamenco en Sevilla…

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Todos profesionales y con mucha arte…

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Y…Sevilla tiene un color especial…

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Cuando Bailamos con una Abuela que no Conociamos…

Fue en Miami, específicamente en el barrio conocido como La Pequeña Habana, donde disfrutábamos de muchas noches españolas en una pequeña tasca llamada Casa Panza, cuyo dueño se llamaba Jesús…

Pero una noche conocimos una señora veterana, entradita en años , que se puso a hablar con nosotros. Resulta que fue profesora en Cuba y que vivía en Miami desde el comienzo del exilio cubano en la década de los sesenta, inmediatamente después del triumfo de los comunistas.

Muy alegre que era, nos pidió un cigarrillo y que le compraramos un whyskey sour…luego se puso a bailar y a pasar un buen rato con nosotros, fue una noche inolvidable…

Aunque brotaba en ella la alegria, la espontaneidad y el deseo de disfrutar de las cosas de la vida, más tarde nos dijo que el año anterior había perdido a su hijo mayor y que él mismo la había hecho prometerle que seguiría viviendo y disfrutando de todo en la vida que le diera felicidad, lo que el ya no podía hacer…

Nos dijo también que había perdido a su marido cinco años antes y que su vida habia sido bastante trágica y triste, especialmente en Cuba cuando los comunistas le quitaron todo, como a la mayoría de los cubanos, y que por eso, a su edad, salía todas las noches a beber, a bailar y a conocer a gente buena y divertida…

Vivía sola…

Y le encantaba la vida, la música, el baile, fumar cigarrillos, darse unos tragos…hasta unas copas de más…y reunirse con la gente guay, gente joven que molan, que les gusta la fiesta, el ruido, y muy en particular, el flamenco…pues claro, como casi todos los cubanos, era de sangre española, ella, en particular, era asturiana, los andaluces del norte…

Leonardo era el tocaor…y las sevillanas las bailaoras y comenzó el guateque…

Esa noche la pasamos bomba. Jesús nos traía vino y nosotros le hacíamos las palmas a Leonardo y las bailaoras zapateando con tremenda arte. Fue todo un lujo…

Gente así nunca se olvidan y gracias a Dios que de cuando en cuando nos las encontramos en el camino y con ellas podemos bailar…

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SEVILLA! The Heart of Andalucia!

Sevilla is the capital of the autonomous community of Andalucia. Some may say it is the third city in Spain in population. I believe it is Valencia but it’s not important, it’s a great city with lots of history, culture and great food. And of course, Sevilla is a very artistic city. You will find many galleries, artists studios, exhibitions, expos, book fairs, art fairs and above it all, like a smiling Buddha, is Flamenco. If you love Flamenco, Sevilla offers some great performers that specialise and perform all the diverse rhythms and styles of that ancient musical form.

Por Bulerias, Bailaora Flamenca

The city is on the shores of the Guadalquivir River. This river, whose basin is in the Cazorla Sierra, extends 657 kilometers and ends in the Golf of Cadiz on the Atlantic Ocean.

Mapa de Río Guadalquivir

Sevilla is modern and ancient. From Sevilla, five hundred years ago, sailed Magallanes en route to circumnavigate the earth. From the top of the Giralda, the bell tower of the Cathedral of Sevilla, you can see how the city extends and the many swimming pools to keep away the heat of the Andalusian summers!

We arrived by fast train, the AVE from Valencia. It was a very pleasant four hour train ride crossing through La Mancha, (the plains where Don Quijote rode and fought the windmills), then into Cordova and down to Sevilla.

There was something special about being in Sevilla. I could feel it. From the big, modern train station, Santa Justa, to the energy you feel as soon as you step outside to wait for your Uber. The streets were glimmering in the midday sun when we arrived and the heat was just getting started. It was the end of June. (A quick note: Uber works very well in Sevilla I should say, we used them several times in the city and we were well pleased)

The center of Sevilla is very close to the train station but it takes a while to get there as you have to maneuver through very narrow streets, most of them one way and traffic is always heavy in that part of town. Also, Sevilla has one of the largest historical districts in Spain, so the Old City is pretty huge.

We stayed at the Alameda de Hercules, in the Old City. Not directly in what is considered the center but just a short walk away. This area of the Alameda does not seem like much during the day but it really becomes an interesting place after six in the afternoon and long into the night, when all the tapas bars are open. There are restaurants, jazz bars, sushi restaurants and lots and lots of people about. There are also art exhibitions, book stores and several galleries in and around the plaza. You will encounter street musicians playing anything from opera to flamenco jazz. Of course, at both ends of the Alameda are the pillars of Hercules.

Resultado de imagen de sevilla alameda de hercules

We found walking around the city to be quite easy and pleasant, in spite of the heat. Actually, if you went out early, say around 0900 hours, the weather was quite pleasant. The heat really began to set in after 1500 hours.

Close by to the Alameda is the Macarena district with many restaurants, bars and book stores, yes! In Spain we still read lots and lots of books. There are many poetry readings which are quite common and very popular with everybody, in Sevilla, Valencia and all of Spain. In the Macarena district I suggest you visit the Basilica de Santa Maria de la Esperanza Macarena, (Saint Mary of Hope Macarena). The Basilica houses a much venerated image of Our Lady of Hope, commonly called La Macarena.

Continuing a route south and east, we can walk to the Guadalquivir River. This wide and deep river runs southeast opening to the Atlantic Ocean in the city of Cadiz. There is a very nice riverwalk promenade where you can stroll, get some fresh cool air or just sit and read a book.

On the other side of the river is Triana. It is a very nice neighbourhood of Sevilla with many tablaos (Flamenco bars), many nice restaurants, on the river and on Calle Betis, which borders the Guadalquivir. Triana also has a very nice market, el Mercado de Triana. You can find it just as you cross the Puente de Isabel II from the Sevilla side.

Triana Market on the “other” side of the Guadalquivir in the Triana neighbourhood

And of course, on the river you cannot miss the Torre de Oro, the Gold Tower.

Torre de Oro, River Boat and watersports on the Guadalquivir

I truly recommend a few days stay in Sevilla. The people are genuine and lovely. They have that southern, Andalusian charm and even their accent is friendly and pleasant to the ear. The old city is full of tapas bars, restaurants and lots and lots of shops. Most of the places feature outdoor eating and even in Sevilla’s summer heat, it is a wonderful experience. And don’t worry, these places outside are made to take advantage of the breeze and they all have mists to cool you off.

There’s the Cathedral, one of the largest in the world.

Then the Real Alcazar, which still functions as a Royal Palace.

Finally, Sevilla has magic, especially at night. The little stone streets, the old houses, the medieval architecture housing modern tapas bars and restaurants. You have to experience Sevilla.

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