“Sunrise over Ilica, Turkey August 2019”

The Sun is passing through the sky,

Eternal circle. It is morning.

His unending cycle reminds me that what is,

can also be, or seems to be just Life.

Recalling what I once remembered,

I forget the needless details

and forge new memories.

To recall is to forget,

and that too is a cycle endless and

a never ending stream springs from a single thought

perhaps part of a dream

that once recalled is immediately forgotten.

I awake and see the sun, he’s so

majestic, never rushes.

He takes his time to warm my bones,

to warm my seas, to make my green earth


And I wonder if the Sun will ever changes his course

and make the polar caps, silent neath their tears of icy white,

Become green gardens in some years.

The years that pass, as the sun is passing now, leaving my line of sight

to push aside, but with a gentle kiss, the moonlight night.

From My Blood-Red Orange: “What do you see?”

We both sit on the sand, the sea before us.
What do you see?
I see my life as it extends before me...
What do you see?
I see the flowing rays of the sun
and the brightness of the blue,
I see myself arriving to my dreams,
and you?
You sit placidly by.
Your eyes perhaps caress the crystal shadows of the sky.
Your voice is screaming through your silence
and your thoughts betray you,
you turn into your apathy,
and although physically near,
you're very far from me,
And I'm not sure if you, well,
if you can see me?