A Fish in the City…

(“Bododesigns” Omnia Caelum Studios Valencia, foto by FBC)

They’re yellow and purple,

some red and some green,

the fish that live in the city and

the mollusks that walk on the sidewalk,

and the seaweed that rides on the bus

from Uptown to Tribeca,

in this fish-pond that we call New York…

Some have made their way up to the Bronx,

others in a brownstone in Brooklyn,

with a minimalist view of the urban decor,

they live well, these fish from the city…

There’s a group in the Village

that dream of a song that once

bounced from stonewalls to gardens.

On St. Mark’s place they lingered,

on the Bowery they lounged

with four lads that just wanted to play CBGB…

But a fish cannot choose where to stand,

or demand anything, or insist there’s a place

in this pond of black water

for gills and for fins, for scales and for tales to order

another stale beer

from this bar…

From this bar called the Helpless,

from this kitchen without light or gas,

from these tables that haven’t seen plenty

in all these long years that have passed.

But we struggle and live in the city,

like a fish in the sand

always shouting, “I can!”

always dreaming I will,

but we didn’t…

C.2019 Francisco Bravo Cabrera, 25 DEC 2019, Valencia, Spain

JaZzArt en Valencia 2019

(“Tuba Jazz” graphite/ink on paper, 20x25cm, OCS Valencia)

As I’ve always said, my first love is drawing…

I believe in the power of the black line. The line describes, creates, inspires, improvises and has complete spontaneity in composition. That is what “Jazz Art” is all about. Of course, the composition itself helps to create the mood with the visuals…

I greatly admire Jazz musicians because, in spite of their classical training and expert skills as musicians, they are able to break all the patterns, schemes and structures and create as they play…

In art, meaning, drawing and painting, there has to be…for me…the freedom that improvisation brings. I rarely know how a drawing or a painting is going to look like when finished. I am pretty sure of how it is going to start but uncertain of the end. Sort of how the days are…

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(“Flute for Jazz” graphite/ink on paper, OCS Valencia)

(All images are property of FBC and OCS Valencia, they cannot be copied or reproduced, All Rights Reserved, C.2019)


“JaZzArt”…is it Art with Jazz? Hmm…could be…

(JazzArt Miami, C.2019, All Rights Reserved, Derechos Reservados)

Why Jazz Art? Because I like to draw or paint following…in my own way, naturally…the three rules of Jazz created by the great masters of the early XXth Century in New Orleans. These are: IMPROVISATION, SPONTANEITY and it’s got to have RHYTHM, it must SWING…

Now, how on earth do you make a painting or a drawing “swing”? You allow the elements of the composition to situate themselves in ways that recreate the idea of movement, of dance, of rhythm within the confines of the work. And you can also paint them as you swing, rock, or dance, in any way, to either the music in your head or in your ears…

Improvisation is the same, whether you improvise a line or two in a play, a phrase or many in a tune or a complete drawing. The idea is to start with a line, a curve, a point of departure and then let the drawing itself, (spontaneity) lead you to the finish, even if things don’t look quite finished…

As an artist, my first love is drawing…I am in love with that black line that guides everything…

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¿Dibujos de un Arácnido? No…de una Araña…

(“Plus Ultra” grafito sobre cartulina, C.2019, Derechos Reservados, All Rights Reserved)

A veces uno pinta y a veces deja que la mano invisible lo haga…

Estos son dibujos al carboncillo y tinta china sobre cartulina. Los hice en mi atelier de Miami Beach en el 2016 después de un viaje a Cuba…

Quise poner una bailarina encadenada solo para hacer hincapié a que en Cuba los artistas están coaccionados y controlados por el estado y no pueden ser libres, igual que los deportistas, por eso se escapan a países libres como los de Europa o de EEUU…

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The StratoCasters Boss Man!

(“The StratoCasters Boss Man” Original at Omnia Caelum Studios Valencia, C.2019 All Rights Reserved, Derechos Reservados)

What do you see?

What do you hear?

What do you think it is?

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