In the years of The Beatles, 1969 & 1970, the years of the end…a photo montage video

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Tuesdays Tunes Part IV: (#songs, #music), “Old Brown Shoe” by The Beatles

Old Brown Shoe - Wikipedia

Ok, so why am I posting a Part IV? I never do that, I love things in threes, but, here it goes, cannot help myself…

“Old Brown Shoe” is a song written by George Harrison. I heard it when I bought the single “Ballad of John & Yoko” and this song appeared on the B side. Since I was a die-hard fan and knew that everything The Beatles did was great, I flipped the 45 over and played “Old Brown Shoe” and fell in love with that song.

There was something about the lyrics that attracted me to that song, especially the way George finishes it:

For you sweet top lip I’m in the queue
Baby, I’m in love with you
I’m so glad you came here, it won’t be the same now
When I’m with you
I’m so glad you came here, it won’t be the same now
When I’m with you

And George has always been my favourite songwriter…and yes, I know the top two were Paul and John…for songs that were a little bit off. On With the Beatles he wrote “Don’t Bother Me”, loved that attitude, telling everyone to bugger off while he gets over losing a girlfriend. Then came “You Like Me Too Much”, another way of saying, hey, you cannot leave me because you like me too much…and I like you…a great song from the Help! album. The next year he wrote “Taxman” and then, a little later, came his masterpiece, “Something”. So yes, while Lennon & McCartney wrote the most popular songs…and great they are…George wrote songs that I could dig…

So, here is one of my favourite “Old Brown Shoe” from 1969. It was recorded during the Abbey Road sessions. A rarity here is that George composed the song on the piano…an instrument he did not play well…and then played Hammond organ on the song. Unusual for George, but normal in an unusual song.

Hope you like it. Hope you remember it. Hope you’ve heard it. Hope you can understand what he is talking about. And if you do, let me know because I sure do not know what this song is all about, I just like it…

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Tuesdays Tunes Part III: Songs about “balls”, (#songs, #music), “Keep the Ball Rollin” by Jay & Techniques…

Jay and The Techniques – Keep the Ball Rollin' Lyrics | Genius Lyrics


So this is Part III…not bad, but really, a segment containing songs about “balls” is not too transcendental.

No, it is not. But does everything have to be transcendental?


“Keep the Ball Rollin” is a great tune. I’ve been humming it and singing…parts of it…for many years, well, since I remember hearing it as a wee lad. “Keep the Ball Rollin” sold in excess of a million copies. The song earned a gold disc for the group.

It was released in 1967 by a group called Jay & the Techniques. The group who also gave you “Apples, Peaches, Pumpkin Pie”. I think you may remember it both of these tunes. In any event, I am loading “Keep the Ball Rollin” here for your listening pleasure because I know that when you hear it you will remember it. The other one you have to look up yourself…

This edition of Tuesdays Tunes has been brought to you by those who prefer to think than to follow, who prefer to find awesomeness in people than take them for granted, and prefer to sing (silly?) songs than meditate upon the dialectical of the materialism (I think?). So now the ball is in your court, keep it rolling mates…


Tuesdays Tunes: Part II (#songs, #music), Songs about “balls”, “Red Rubber Ball” by the Cyrkel

Red Rubber Ball - Wikipedia

“Red Rubber Ball” was recorded, in 1966, by The Cyrkle…

Who in bloody hell are The Cyrkle?


Although they were from Pennsylvania (USA), they were “discovered” by none other than Beatles manager Brian Epstein, who found them when they went by a rather dumb name such as The Rhondells. Epstein renamed them with a name that was created…along with its unique spelling…by John Lennon. How about that!

Any more questions about the Cyrkle?

Well, yes. Did they have any other hits besides “Red Rubber Ball”? Yes they did. One more, which was also a great tune, “Turn Down Day”. They really didn’t survive the 1960’s, but the group has manged to become a nostalgia band. They sort of regrouped in 2014 and in 2016 some of the original members joined in and they toured, I guess…

“Red Rubber Ball” was co-written by Paul Simon, although Simon & Garfunkel never recorded the song. The song reached number two on the Billboard chart, while “Paperback Writer (The Beatles) was numero uno.

I love this tune, always have, it is about an awakening, a new chapter, a release from a bad relationship and a knowledge that the sun is out there shining like a “red rubber ball”. Great!

Here is the song, hope you take a good long listen, hope you sing along, hope it stirs up memories, hope you keep hoping…

And, get ready for Part III in fifteen minutes.


Tuesdays Tunes: Songs about “Balls”, (#songs, #music), Part I, “Great Balls of Fire” by Jerry Lee Lewis

Canciones con historia: “Great balls of fire”. Jerry Lee Lewis | El  trastero de Palacio

What I always loved about the music of American artists was the energy, the rhythm and the crazy, wild path they carved for us Europeans to follow. One of those who really and completely influenced so many British musicians that would follow closely…and actually influenced bands “to be” all over the world…was the great Jerry Lee Lewis! One of my favourites and to me one of the pillars of rock n’ roll and of American music in general. His song “Great Balls of Fire” kicks off this edition of “songs about balls”. Parts II and III will follow along today.

“Great Balls of Fire”, you can call it his theme song, has always ranked so high among my favourites. Jerry Lee Lewis recorded this song in 1957 for Sun Records. It was written by Otis Blackwell and Jack Hammer. “Great Balls of Fire” ranks number 96 on the list of the 500 best songs of all time, according to Rolling Stone magazine. Within the first ten days of its release the single sold more than one million copies in the United States. Globally more than five million copies have been sold and considered one of the singles most sold in the world.

Jerry Lee Lewis recorded the song on the 8th of October 1957 in Memphis, Tennessee. The song reached number one in the UK, and in the US, it reached number one in the Country listing, and number 2 in R&B lists…

In any event, regardless of all the praise and the way this song reached the top of the lists, it is a great tune, it is a revolutionary tune and one that served to prepare the way. I have always admired Jerry Lee Lewis, a great American singer, performer, trend-setter et cetera et cetera…

Well, like I said, today’s edition(s) of Tuesdays Tunes starts with “Great Balls of Fire” and will continue with two more songs which feature the word “Ball”, that speak of the concept of a “Ball” as part of the title and perhaps talk about a “ball” as a metaphor for the sequence of things we do…or want to do…when we fall in love, or love itself.

But, the main reason for this edition is to present the other side of the coin. The side that says let us laugh, let us dance, let us just sing, no matter if we sing like angels or scream like those who scream because they cannot sing a note. (I don’t like to mention evil beings).


Here is the song, take a listen, dance, shout out the lyrics and have fun…


Stay tuned for Part II, coming in 15 minutes!


Un poema para un lunes: (#poemas, #poesias), “Espejo”

(Foto tomada por y propiedad de FBC, Omnia Caelum Studios Valencia)

Somos su reflejo,

sin pensarlo,

sin quererlo,

y al beber el ron añejo

que nos brinda,

nos rendimos.

Romperé el espejo,

en mil pedazos,

y sin ron viejo andaré por nuevas sendas.

La vía andante del pasado se ha borrado,

ni reflejo de ese camino ha quedado.

Ahora ando al otro lado del espejo,

donde nada era lo que es

ni nada de lo que fue ha sido.

Sus palabras han sabido esclarecerme,

y su ejemplo fortalecerme.

No hay teoría ni libro ni religión,

nada te salvará,

La época ya no es la misma,

el camino ahora es la misa que te ha de sacrificar,

en el espejo que has roto,

y así poderte salvar.

C.2020, Francisco Bravo Cabrera, 28 de septiembre de 2020, València, País Valenciá

Mondays Poem: #poem, #poetry, “Neutral”

(Photo taken by and property of FBC, Omnia Caelum Studios Valencia)

I never stand beneath the lights that seek to guide

but wrongly.

It’s an illusion.

Blood flows red and strong,

strengthening the bones of every human being I’ve known,

and once it’s spilled

it’s route back home (to the heart),

has ended…

The broken mirror is your only road.

No longer is your face reflected there the obstacle,

you have a choice,

you have a signal here,

so wipe your tears.

I am not neutral,

but you’ll never know.

My truth is private,

deep within me flows,

not like my blood,

which you can spill and steal,

it’s sealed within my very cells,

part of my DNA,

it sails on oceans you will never know,

it may one day arise and take me home,

but in your world,

reality is eventuality,

and your lights have no brilliance,

it’s useless your insistence,

I am images,

I am fantasy,

I’m the laughter you don’t know.

C.2020, Francio Bravo Cabrera, 28 de septiembre de 2020, València, País Valenciá