Poem: “Floating Away”

(Photo taken by our collaborator from Miami in Capadocia, Turkey. Photo property of Omnia Caelum Studios Valencia, All Rights Reserved)

There were circles and shadows,


There were clouds…

Silence travels much faster than

laughter and laughter erases the pain…

The pain of forgetting,

the pain of regretting…

We’ve illusions of valleys and mountains,

impressions of days, tranquil, calm,

where waters, so cold, so alive,

flowed from fiery fountains.

Each kiss is a ray of salvation,

each embrace an ascension.

Every scene I’ve detailed,

every sunset I’ve sailed,

is a lie…

It’s the truth,

they’re the things of our youth

that we think of at times

while we’re floating away…

C.2021, Francis Bravo Cabrera, 16 OCT 2021, Valencia, Spain

Art History: Cuban Painters/Pintores cubanos

(Geometric Abstractions, expressionism, portraits, symbolism, surreal…all in the paintings of the greatest painters from Cuba, all proceeding from schools of art existing in Cuba in the days of the Republic. Post Castro-Revolution painters have mostly dedicated their art to venerate a dictatorship and to communist propaganda)


He tornat a València…

(foto propietat de FBC, Omnia Caelum Studios València)

He volat des d’un país llunyà per tornar a la meva llar, com una gavina, però Ja sóc a València, la meva bella València!

(Foto propietat de FBC, Omnia Caelum Studios València)

Ja torno a caminar pels meus carrers…

(Foto propietat de FBC, Omnia Caelum Studios València)

Torno a passejar per la porta de la mar i torno a saludar la Nostra Senyora dels Desemparats, la Mare de Déu…

La tardor s’ha de viure a la Mediterrània i gràcies a Déu que els pas a València…

(Foto propietat de FBC, Omnia Caelum Studios València


Sundays Oldies on a Wednesday: “Walk on By”

(Isaac Hayes version of 1969)

“Walk on By”, a classic of the sixties, composed by Burt Bacharach and Hal David in 1964, has been covered by many artists, including The Beach Boys (1968), Cindi Lauper (2003), Brittney Spears (2000), Diana Krall (2008) et al. And although my favourite version is the original by Dionne Warwick, the version by Isaac Hayes is smashing good. Hayes adds the soul touch of the sixties and extends the song with much instrumental orchestration. He slows the tempo down to a cool groove and then his strong vocals assume the role of punctuating the rhythmic structure to convert this pop song into a truly soulful ballad with funk intentions. Isaac Hayes released the long version in his album (1969) Hot Buttered Soul and the radio-play version was cut down to about 5 minutes, still a long song for the radio in those days, especially AM radio.

But just so we are all happy, I will add a few other versions of this very cool, very sensual and very romantic ballad.

Here is Dionne:

(Dionne Warwick original of 1964)

Diana Krall:

(Diana Krall 2008)

The Beach Boys:

(The Beach Boys 19680


New Music Coming: “Let it Be” (Super Deluxe Edition)

The Beatles – Let It Be Sessions (1996, CD) - Discogs

The “break-up album” by The Beatles. The movie that hardly no one has seen. The desire to get back to basics, even to their old haunts, old neighbourhoods, old houses, old habits, old songs, led the Fabs to the end of the line. Well, in my opinion it’s better to end at the top than fall apart as a group and end up as forgotten “has-beens”.

The Beatles Tap Peter Jackson for Let It Be Documentary - Den of Geek

The Super Deluxe will be out in November. It includes, I would say, everything. According to Rolling Stone magazine:

The Super Deluxe Let It Be comes with a hardcover book featuring an intro from Paul McCartney, as well as words from Giles Martin, Glyn Johns, and Beatle historians Kevin Howlett and John Harris, plus photos from Ethan Russell and Linda McCartney. There’s also a separate (but essential) book called The Beatles: Get Back, which comes out October 12th from Apple/Callaway. The book has Russell and McCartney photos, text from Peter Jackson and Hanif Kureishi, but best of all, verbatim transcripts from the sessions, which read on the page almost like Samuel Beckett dialogue.

Included are songs like “All Things Must Pass”, “Gimme Some Truth”, and many other songs from Abbey Road and the original Let it Be album…

Well, although I own…and treasure…all Beatles albums, I await this one for the book and for the takes, new takes, takes we’ve never heard. And I want to know all things, all details about The Beatles. There is so much still to discover and the release of this album set proves it.

Making of The Beatles' Let It Be explored in new official book, Get Back