From My Blood-Red Orange Pt. 6: JaZzArt en Valencia 19

JaZzArt en Valencia

The Black Line

The start and the end of the composition is integral, powerful, decisive and at times whimsical, because the line separates as well as unites.  It assumes the shape and form and forms spaces and creates perspective.  It is like a musical phrase, it begins with a single note, then grows through the pentagram until it becomes a song.  JazzArt is a song that you can view on paper, played with ink and different types of graphite.

JaZzArt en Valencia

Showing the diversity of Jazz in visual art form.  I base myself on the definition of Jazz.  It was said by the great masters that Jazz was a style of music that had rhythm, improvisation and was the performer’s art.  Well, you can take those principles and create jazz art of different sorts and varieties.  In my art, I have chosen to incorporate those elements that defined Jazz music and I have applied them to the elements that make up a painting and a drawing (illustration).  First, you start with a thought or an idea and then you allow it to grow through improvisation, developing its parts independent of the composition as a whole, but since the composition must be whole, the parts themselves must work their way into each other, like a soloist creating but simultaneously belonging to the group as he knows that once the solo is finished he will return to his position as a part of the group.  Finally, rhythm, well, that is perhaps only thought to exist in music, or in speech or in movement of some sort, like dance.  But can it exist in a painting or an illustration?  Yes, the composition itself will guide you through the rhythm.


Colour is as important to the painting as is the canvas.  Figures, forms, shapes, impressions, expressions and anything else that forms part of a work of art coexists with colour to create the final product.  In abstract art, colour is most important as it creates the mood and the spirit of the work.  I use colour to create the depth and the meaning of my work and as a good jazz-man with the brushes, I allow the rhythm to guide my brush strokes to colour with strength and light.

JaZzArt en Valencia 2019


Jazz is America’s classical music, par excellence and as an art form it emphasises the player as composer, improvisation as the formula and its swing as its fundamental rhythm.  In paintings I have tried to capture the same essesnce and the experience of Jazz.  However, since paintings don’t play music or sing, my JazzArt has to create the impression through the eyes, not the ears.  As I explained previously, Jazz is created following this formula, improvisation, the player as composer and rhythm.  I have tried to create a precise rhythm with paint, creating movement, ideas and a composition that swings when listened to with the eyes of an open minded and imaginative observer.  Enjoy more of my work, colour paintings in acrylic on canvas or wood and illustrations in black and white, using graphite of different sizes and black ink on paper.

JaZzArt en Valencia 2019

Please visit my online galleries for JaZzArt en Valencia (colour paintings from 2019) just…you do not have to buy anything…by going to


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  1. MY HOME-WORK · August 6, 2020

    Great paintings there!Had to even share coz its worth it.
    Continue the nice work.

  2. Priscila Martinez Hernandez · October 14, 2020

    Excellent work!!!

  3. tlgartistry · April 28

    Picasso!!! I like your work! Love the rhythm…Nicely rendered, man👍

  4. House of Heart · May 12

    Your art is beautiful, vivid and faceted , evocative!

  5. jonicaggiano · August 17

    This is very helpful for the non-artist like myself Francisco. Thank you for explaining so beautifully your process. I appreciate the beauty of your work. Your work is never sitting still it is always moving. The colors so bright and happy. Your work from Turkey has more of a calming and restful feel to the pieces, although there is still so much movement but it feels like a cooler, more relaxed feel. I am so glad you are sharing your multiple gifts with us. Love to you both, Joni

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