A Fish in the City…

(“Bododesigns” Omnia Caelum Studios Valencia, foto by FBC)

They’re yellow and purple,

some red and some green,

the fish that live in the city and

the mollusks that walk on the sidewalk,

and the seaweed that rides on the bus

from Uptown to Tribeca,

in this fish-pond that we call New York…

Some have made their way up to the Bronx,

others in a brownstone in Brooklyn,

with a minimalist view of the urban decor,

they live well, these fish from the city…

There’s a group in the Village

that dream of a song that once

bounced from stonewalls to gardens.

On St. Mark’s place they lingered,

on the Bowery they lounged

with four lads that just wanted to play CBGB…

But a fish cannot choose where to stand,

or demand anything, or insist there’s a place

in this pond of black water

for gills and for fins, for scales and for tales to order

another stale beer

from this bar…

From this bar called the Helpless,

from this kitchen without light or gas,

from these tables that haven’t seen plenty

in all these long years that have passed.

But we struggle and live in the city,

like a fish in the sand

always shouting, “I can!”

always dreaming I will,

but we didn’t…

C.2019 Francisco Bravo Cabrera, 25 DEC 2019, Valencia, Spain

My East River, New York…

(The East River, Manhattan, foto property of FBC, C.2019 All Rights Reserved)

For me there is always something magical, mystical, special, enchanting et cetera et cetera about a body of water, especially a large one, even though it is a river. Such a body of water is the East River in New York City.

Running alongside of it is Franklin Delano Roosevelt East River Drive that will take you up to Harlem, passing in front of such places as the United Nations…

From Manhattan to Brooklyn, you can cross this river through the Brooklyn Bridge, an historic icon and a beautiful structure. The Brooklyn Bridge was built in 1883…

The Manhattan Bridge and the Williamsburg Bridge will also get you to Brooklyn or from Brooklyn to Manhattan…

There are also tunnels…

From Manhattan to Queens, you can cross via the 59th Street Bridge, and the Robert F. Kennedy Triborough Bridge as well as tunnels such as the Queens Midtown Tunnel…

(The East River, Manhattan, foto property of FBC, C.2019 All Rights Reserved)

There is also a beautiful river walk that starts at the 59th Street Bridge and takes you all the way uptown to Harlem…

(The East River, Manhattan, foto property of FBC, C.2019 All Rights Reserved)

I loved my morning walks uptown from Mid-Town Manhattan…you get a feeling of strong energy and peace, it’s like a moving relaxed-concentration state and it is all due to the power of that river…

New York is one of the most wonderful places I have ever lived in…I love the energy, the spirit the excitement of the city. And it is beautiful! It is kept as a jewel. New York reflects the true spirit of America. It is a melting pot where you find people from all parts of the world working together, developing their business, their life, their art and their hope for the future. They are all different in many ways but all agree on one thing, their undying love for New York. If you have ever lived in New York you will always be a New Yorker and if you’ve ever visited you will never forget it!

(The East River, Manhattan, foto property of FBC, C.2019 All Rights Reserved)

C.2019, Francisco Bravo Cabrera, Valencia, Spain, 29 NOV 19, All Rights Reserved.

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De Prisa…1a Avenida…

(Primera Avenida, Manhattan, NY, foto de FBC, Derechos Reservados, C.2019)

La luz del sol es incolora pero…

las luces de la calle en que vivía

eran una maravilla,

el arcoíris se queda corto…


¿Querrá decir esto que el hombre puede más que el sol?

De prisa pasan los coches

y de prisa los andantes,

pero lentas son las horas,

lento se forma un diamante,

¿Querrá decir esto que el hombre corre más que el carbón?

El niño quiere que corran los años para ser hombre,

y cuando lo es, echa de menos los años de su niñez,

quiere volver a la escuela,

quiere volver al recreo

y a la casa y al paseo

que cada sábado,

de doce al medio día

con su abuela recorrían…

Y ahora vuelvo a la Primera Avenida,

en el centro de Manhattan,

ya con años y mucha vida,

algo buena y algo mala,

ya sin prisa, ya sin tantas ganas,

ando y recorro manzanas,

entre luces y alegría…

C.2019, Derechos Reservados, Francisco Bravo Cabrera, Valencia España, 28 de noviembre de 2019

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