The Blue Aegean Sea…

(Aegean Coast of Turkey, photo property of FBC, All Rights Reserved)

I’ve never seen a bluer sea, and I’ve seen many, because if there is one thing that I love is the water…I was born near the water and I’ve always lived in a coastal city or town…but the Aegean Sea is incredibly beautiful.

Here are some shots I took while sailing in Turkish waters…

And areas along the coast heading south from Bodrum, and Bodrum is more or less in the middle of the Turkish Aegean coast, about a one hour flight from Istanbul.

It’s a very relaxing time, the time you spend on the water, and since most of the coastline is composed of coves and small bays, you can anchor and jump in any time of the day or the night that you like…

(Our saiboat, we rented it with friends, for one week, photo property of FBC, All Rights Reserved)

When you hire a boat, it comes with a captain, a chef and a first mate. You then purchase everything and anything you wish to eat along the voyage as well as everything and anything you would like to drink. We had a great chef and ate gourmet quality food throughout the seven days of sailing the Turkish Aegean.

It is a very relaxing and refreshing time, a most enjoyable experience. You eat, you drink, you take in the sunshine and the gorgeous waters of that blue, blue Aegean Sea…

I leave you with a little video clip that I made of my trips and journeys in Turkey, a country I know very well, although I should say that I know the western, Aegean coast, because Turkey is a huge country and I know very little of all points east, north or further south…

Turkey, at least some of it…

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La Calle en que Nací

(Foto propiedad de FBC, Omnia Caelum Studios Valencia, Derechos Reservados, All Rights Reserved

Los adoquines de la calle en que nací,

sonreían felices bajo el sol,

encantados de mis pasos de charol

o del roce de mis blancos botines…

Cuatro años y hacia el cine me llevaba mi mamá,

Tantos años de la mano de papá

y felices disfrutando

juntos por el pueblo andando

o en el coche cuando íbamos a la ciudad…

Pero en tiempo nubes negras nos mandó

y así todo cambió.

Los adoquines de mi calle sufrieron los pisotones

de atorrantes valentones,

rifle en mano,

himno en boca

y nos tocó la suerte loca

de sentirnos extranjeros,

de vernos entre pioneros

confundidos, extraviados

y asi ha quedado barado

el tiempo sobre adoquines

de la calle, donde ya no viven

ni sonrisas ni los peques,

ni el charol ni los botines,

solo tristes adoquines bajo el sol…

C.2020, Francisco Bravo Cabrera, 21 de enero de 2020, Valencia

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