Dreaming of a Smile

(Photo by FBC, All Rights Reserved, Omnia Caelum Studios Valencia)

Old, and barely able,
he walks out to the busy corner,
where he buys his daily bread,
wondering where the hell these thoughts
come from that are dancing in his head.
He looks around and doesn’t see
the lady with the mandolin,
that plays the songs he likes to sing,
which she brought from a place he’s never seen.
And though the morning sun has filled
the day with light and warmth,
he’s cold and suffers ‘cause he can’t explain
the lonely feelings that he cannot seem to shake.
Loneliness is not a symptom,
it’s a curse that’s so hard to explain,
for no one really seems to know,
and few can understand the pain.
Everybody’s lonely mornings
are as different as are flakes of snow,
Singular and so precise,
and will never let you go.
And he knows that the future threatens
to be not so very far away,
He still forces his voice to comply,
And tells his children he’s okay:

“I’m only dreaming of a smile,
Yes, for one of those, I’d walk a million miles,
But they’re very hard to find,
And I just haven’t the time…”

He takes his loaf of bread and
walks across the park towards home,
where he sees a group of children playing in the sun.
They remind him of when he was young
and of the days when smiles were not a million miles away.
And for a second in his head he sees the images of long lost friends,
he sees himself in happy times, his true love by his side,
and holding hands they’d listen to their children sing their songs
and he could proudly say…

“I am the happiest of men,
I find golden rays of light,
even in the pouring rain.
With you I will always stay,
and you will never lose your way,
for I will always be your compass,
till we reach the end of days…”

Alone he finds his way back home
to a dark and dusty room
where ghosts do roam.
And the thoughts inside his head are shouting, reminding him,
repeating loudly:

“You’re useless now and soon you will be dead.
The life that you remember is just pictures in your head.
And everyone that you have loved
has left this Earth, they’re far above,
while in the meantime you’re still down here and still struggling
with this meaningless existence so mundane.
Can you name someone that really cares?
No! You’ve no one anywhere! Though it’s a shame.”

And he sits down on the tattered couch,
His index finger to his mouth,
He silences the voices and replies:

“I know the children rarely call,
And I’ve gotten very old,
And I no longer have a loving hand to comfort
or to hold,
and I can’t find a refuge from the cold,
my God, how can I live another day”.

C.2020, Francisco Bravo Cabrera, 07 FEB 2020, Valencia, Spain

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DIS OR D ER…The "Toxicity" of our Social Order…

(Polluted Biscayne Bay in Miami, Florida, foto property of FBC, All Rights Reserved)


“You, what do you own the world?
How do you own disorder, disorder…”

These are lyrics from the song “Toxicity” from the album Toxicity by System of a Down, released in 2001. I will leave the link to the video clip of the song. It was written by Serj Tankian, (lyrics), and the music by Daron Malakian and Shavo Odadjian. The song reached number 14 in VH1’s top 40.

Malakian said the song dealt with ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder), however…

I think, after hearing it again after all these years…and believe me, I always loved this song and had the CD Toxicity when in came out…that the song deals with much more than that.

“You, what do you own the world?”

Can that line be a question? I hear it as an affirmation, an accusation perhaps, filled with anger, ire, desperation. Isn’t it fitting that we ask that to some of our present world leaders?

Some of these leaders really are fascinated by their own personalities, or by their own perceived wisdom…

Some really think they can change the course of history…

One thinks he owns the world…

“How do you own disorder, disorder…”

But the world is not the property of a politician, of a dictator or of a supposed elected president. The country he or she represents is unimportant because in the great scheme of things countries are not important. The world does not belong to the leader of a nation no matter how strong (militarily) or powerful (economically) or ancient (cultured and wise) that nation or group of nations or states may be.

But the world is in a state of disorder…

No! They’ve created disorder! Order from chaos…but first create chaos…and we shall rule! This is the theology of those who think they are above all else and want to own the world, rule the world, and they’re only creating disorder!

Here is what the world looks like in the dawn of 2020:

Refugees are walking thousands of kilometres to get to safety and peace…fanatics are killing people that disagree with their strange ideologies or contrived religions…other refugees…they’re just people…are risking their lives crossing the Mediterranean looking for a better life in Europe, and Europe’s “leaders” don’t want them. What! They own the world?

In the industrialised countries of the West, there is a growing number of people without homes, without means, without food…In countries in America there are people suffering insurgencies and guerrilla wars because their governments are corrupt and have not the moral high ground to stand firm against the armies of liberation fighting in their hills, mountains and jungles. Violence rules, from drug cartels, from gangs, from dissatisfied lunatics running rampant in the streets.

There is unchecked political persecution, dictatorships stealing the life blood of the people, depriving entire nations the items they need for daily life, mainly their daily bread.

Throughout the world, industrilised, Third World, whatever, children are being exploited, stolen, sold, prostituted. Young women are kidnapped and trafficked and turned into addicts and used as sex slaves. Everywhere people are getting poorer, the middle class is quickly vanishing…

There is a growing gap, a chasm, between the rich, the very very rich, and the poor who are now the ultra poor…the unequal and unfair distribution of richness is destroying the fabrics of Western society and changing the values of the people…and the Western World continues to rape the so-called Third World, while those poorer nations, in their lack of abilities, are polluting the oceans, the air and the green lands…

People are struggling to be heard, to be recognised and respected, yet there is much anger and hatred towards those who are perceived as being different from the norm. What is the norm?

Women are still being abused, harassed and treated as inferior…hatred and violence against the female gender is at an all time high and yet there are those from some political parties that do not want children to be sensitised to gender violence and be taught about diversity, and be taught that we are all equal and that women are to be respected and not used…

There is a growing right wing, ultra-right wing, whose sentiment is being fueled by those who hate and destroy and who want to rule the world, rule disorder…

And even if those who insist on continuing to use fossil fuels, who resist the proliferation of electric cars, reusable energy and a simpler life that leaves behind a much smaller carbon footprint, do not want to acknowledge it, the Earth is a living organism and it is rebelling against their atrocities.

This last decade has been the hottest on record and every decade since the beginning of record keeping has been hotter than the one before. There are enormous hurricanes, record breaking tornadoes, earthquakes, volcanic explosions, enormous, almost unstoppable forest fires. What more proof do we need that those that are in positions of authority are destroying the world?

I know the song “Toxicity” does not talk about most of the things I’ve ranted and raved about but I hope you find something relevant or akin to today’s reality, either here in Europe or in America or in the East, or in Africa or Australia.

One thing that is true is that the name “Toxicity” does describe the world today…

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The Sun Through the Window…

You look for the window that faces the east,

the rising sun, the savage beast,

for the warmth that you’re looking for,

the warmth that you need

to make it another day to work and to feed…

You feed your indifferent, full of nothingness mind,

on the scraps that the others do hope you may find

among the rubbish and refuse and plastics you search

deep in the alley behind the blind church

whose eyes never see you,

whose ears aren’t tuned to the music you make

as you walk without shoes

through the putrid decay of the old city sidewalks

filled with scraps of the life that was never allowed

to find life and has died…

But in this chamber, where you now pass your days,

you feel the cold shiver and you seek for the rays

of the sun that eventually climbs in the sky,

above the old brownstone,

and you slowly and painfully, take step after step,

arthritic bones cannot ever keep pace,

till you reach that old window, whose glass lets it in

the warmth of the sun, so the morning begins

without a thought, without tea,

how alone can you be

when you’re not sure of anything,

not even your name,

yet you live for you breathe

every minute the same

as you waste away looking for the sun

that you think you will feel through the window

of a house that was boarded up so long ago…

C.2020, Francisco Bravo Cabrera, 10 JAN 2020, Valencia, Spain

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(Foto de FBC, Derechos Reservados, All Rights Reserved, C.2019)


Sí, quería ser mar, y sobre la mar anduve,

por sus aguas verdes, turquesas y azules.

Viví en ella las risas de la juventud y luego sentí la triztesa…

Me ví crecer con la certeza

de que sembraba mi alma y mi mísmo ser

entre las gotas eternas de la creación…

Pero, quería ser mar…

Y en lugar de surgir,

en su presencia me fragmentaba.

Por un instante me ví un giante,

pero al otro instante nada,

y bajé de mi caballo de espumas.

Sentí las aguas frías,

y reconocí por fin que este no es mi mundo,

en el soy nulo…

Luego, en la orilla seca, llena de aire y de luces,

contemplé el mar, el que siempre me ilusiona,

y que jamás me desluce.

C.2019, Francisco Bravo Cabrera, Valencia, 18 de noviembre de 2019.

¿Que nos hace falta para construir un mundo mejor?

¿Que necesitamos para hacer un mundo mejor? ¿Que nos falta? ¿Como comenzar? Pues primero pienso que nos hace falta tener mas tolerancia…

La tolerancia creo que es un ingrediente principal para construir un mundo mejor…

Estoy harto de las intolerancias…un rojo no soporta a uno que no lo es y por eso le dice facha, lo increpa, lo rechaza, lo convierte en el demonio y así lo hace el del otro lado con el que supone rojo, y esto, ojo, es solo un ejemplo…no se tolera al negro, al chino, al del medio oriente, y vice versa, por supuesto…no se toleran a immigrantes, a refugiados o a los extranjeros…esto no puede seguir así…

La política, que debería ser cosa que une, pues es el poder del “polis” o sea del pueblo, resulta ser que nos desune, nos separa, crea enormes diferencias entre la gente y grandes problemas y no nos sirve para crear un mundo mejor, al contrario, nos está destruyendo el que tenemos…hay que superar este atrazo y desarrollar algo nuevo, algo que sirva y no cueste tanto…

Pues venga, la tolerancia la coloco en primer lugar, y ¿que más?

Claro, estan los valores mas fuertes, típicamente relacionados con valores cristianos, pero muy importantes que son, cosas como el amor, la caridad, la hermandad, la idea del prójimo et cetera et cetera…

¿Que pensaís de estos?

Hay que separarse un poco de uno mísmo y considerar que hay otros a nuestro derredor que necesitan, no solo currar, comer y vivir decentemente, pero también ser considerados como seres humanos, son el prójimo que merecen nuestra comprensión y aceptación…

La sociedad no es nuestra…

La nación tampoco…

El mundo, la orbe donde vivímos no nos pertenece ni la hemos creado…es para todos…las fronteras son barreras, un mal necesario para, supuestamente, mantener el orden, pero no podemos dejar que se interpongan cuando nos tratamos entre nos, entre humanos…

Acordad que llueve sobre todos, buenos y malos, ciudadanos y extranjeros, conocidos y forasteros y…

No hay gente en el mundo ilegal…

¿Que pensaís vosotros?

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The Hands of God that…

(Foto by FBC C.2019 Derechos Reservados)


The hands of God that made me,
intolerant and strong,
intolerant of ignorance
and strong to fight alone,
to fight against the hatred
that's like a gathering storm,
The hands of God have made me,
The hands of God are warm...

The hands of God have made me,
as they have made the Earth,
the skies above,
the sea below,
it all came from one birth.

One birth to make all those who live,
fully understand,
the Human Race,
redeemed by grace,
is made of many forms,
of many colours, of many shapes,
with different rhythms that set the pace,
for every one to walk their path
in peace and in full knowledge,
that we are all the same,
from Heaven we came
and to love is our true calling.

C.2019 Derechos Reservados

I wanted to write a poem, not a religious poem but a realistic one about the way people are treating each other. In these days I see a tremendous amount of intolerance, prejudice, hatred, bigotry and anger among people. I think it is due to ignorance and that is something that can be remedied.

I am quite angered by politicians and people who have a voice that is heard, that instead of trying to unite people what they are doing is creating more divisiveness and hatred among the varied and different groups that form our countries, communities and neighbourhoods. If these same politicians would emphasise our similarities and would attempt to facilitate our getting to know one another better, we would have a much better world.

I have also noticed that recently, here in Europe but in America as well, people are very preoccupied with climate change. I am too, but, it is not the only pressing problem facing our countries and our lives today. I find that the disintegration of our societies due to racism, intolerance, prejudices and bigotry might just finish us off much sooner than the rising seas. Of course without taking away the importance of being aware of and trying to do something about climate change.

In any event, I just wanted to say something about it and the best way I could put it was in spiritual terms, somewhat, because I do not make a very great distinction between spirituality and reality. What I mean is that you do not have to be a monk, priest, imam or rabbi to be spiritual. God is an equal opportunity employer and creator.

And I beg the pardon of those who are aetheists but being that we live in a world which mostly believes in God, in one manner or another, I will make no apologies for acknowledging that the lessons, held in the holy books, if followed, even at only 10%, can make life much better and each other much more tolerable.

What I think about aetheism is resumed in an anecdote that supposedly happened when someone asked Soviet Premier Nikita Jruschov if he believed in God and he replied saying, “I am an aetheist and God knows it.” Aetheism is a position taken, it is not a philosophy or a belief system as you cannot deny what you believe does not exist.

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La Otra Valencia…

La Otra Valencia…

Siempre los verás aunque no quieras…


Quizás les temes…

Quizás te veas reflejado en sus caras…

Existen tantos, hacemos el esfuerzo y no los vemos, no queremos verlos y hasta a veces nos asustan con sus miradas, nos ofende su conducta, con irritan sus insaciables deseos de pedirnos que compartamos algo nuestro con ello…

Son pordioseros, se visten con harapos, apestan y afean la belleza de nuestro entorno, nuestra ciudad tan nítida, tan limpia, tan estéril y tan llena de gente fina, bien vestida, de buen gusto, hablar y comporte, huelen a caros perfumes y nos hablan de cosas que nos interesan, que nos gustan…

He salido a la calle a verles por els nostres carrers de València…

¿Quién tiene la culpa? ¿Acaso importa? ¿Porque no hacen algo las autoridades, las iglesias, el Ajuntament o la Generalitat? De hecho hay muchas organizaciones que se ocupan y particulares también, pero el problema persiste y ellos también…

No creo que podemos progresar como seres humanos ni como un pueblo, una comunidad o una ciudad si vamos dejando atrás a tantos…

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Todas las fotos son propiedad de FBC y no pueden ser reproducidas o copiadas sin el permiso, por escrito, del mismo. C.2019 Drechos Reservados