God…the Only Reason We Exist…Holy Wisdom…

(Άγια Σοφία, Santa Sofia, Hagia Sophia, photo property of FBC, C.2019 All Rights Reserved)

Built to the glory of God in the year A. D. 360 in Constantinople…it still stands proudly in honour of our Creator…

(photo property of FBC, C.2019 All Rights Reserved)

Haghia Sophia became Ayasofya, a mosque, when the Ottoman Turks invaded and conquered the city in 1453…

But when Mustafa Kemal Ataturk created the modern Republic of Turkey, he closed the mosque, in 1931. In 1935, he reopened Ayasofya as a museum…

Everything was preserved under plaster and a restoration is taking place to bring back the murals and the artwork, especially the sacred icons to Sancta Sophia, the Church of Holy Wisdom. The church was originally known as Ναός τῆς Ἁγίας τοῦ Θεοῦ Σοφίας: or the Church of The Holy Wisdom of God…

(Haghia Sophia, Holy Wisdom, photo property of FBC, C.2019 All Rights Reserved)

Holy wisdom taught the Byzantines to build churches to honour the Holy Spirit, which is God,

And God is the only reason we exist…

Haghia Sophia is located in Istanbul, Turkey. Across from the great church is the “Blue Mosque” the Mosque of Sultan Ahmed, which was constructed from 1609-1617…

(Sultan Ahmed Mosque in Istanbul, foto property of FBC, C.2019 All Rights Reserved)

C.2019, Valencia, Spain, 30 NOV 2019, Francisco Bravo Cabrera

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¿Que nos hace falta para construir un mundo mejor?

¿Que necesitamos para hacer un mundo mejor? ¿Que nos falta? ¿Como comenzar? Pues primero pienso que nos hace falta tener mas tolerancia…

La tolerancia creo que es un ingrediente principal para construir un mundo mejor…

Estoy harto de las intolerancias…un rojo no soporta a uno que no lo es y por eso le dice facha, lo increpa, lo rechaza, lo convierte en el demonio y así lo hace el del otro lado con el que supone rojo, y esto, ojo, es solo un ejemplo…no se tolera al negro, al chino, al del medio oriente, y vice versa, por supuesto…no se toleran a immigrantes, a refugiados o a los extranjeros…esto no puede seguir así…

La política, que debería ser cosa que une, pues es el poder del “polis” o sea del pueblo, resulta ser que nos desune, nos separa, crea enormes diferencias entre la gente y grandes problemas y no nos sirve para crear un mundo mejor, al contrario, nos está destruyendo el que tenemos…hay que superar este atrazo y desarrollar algo nuevo, algo que sirva y no cueste tanto…

Pues venga, la tolerancia la coloco en primer lugar, y ¿que más?

Claro, estan los valores mas fuertes, típicamente relacionados con valores cristianos, pero muy importantes que son, cosas como el amor, la caridad, la hermandad, la idea del prójimo et cetera et cetera…

¿Que pensaís de estos?

Hay que separarse un poco de uno mísmo y considerar que hay otros a nuestro derredor que necesitan, no solo currar, comer y vivir decentemente, pero también ser considerados como seres humanos, son el prójimo que merecen nuestra comprensión y aceptación…

La sociedad no es nuestra…

La nación tampoco…

El mundo, la orbe donde vivímos no nos pertenece ni la hemos creado…es para todos…las fronteras son barreras, un mal necesario para, supuestamente, mantener el orden, pero no podemos dejar que se interpongan cuando nos tratamos entre nos, entre humanos…

Acordad que llueve sobre todos, buenos y malos, ciudadanos y extranjeros, conocidos y forasteros y…

No hay gente en el mundo ilegal…

¿Que pensaís vosotros?

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The Hands of God that…

(Foto by FBC C.2019 Derechos Reservados)


The hands of God that made me,
intolerant and strong,
intolerant of ignorance
and strong to fight alone,
to fight against the hatred
that's like a gathering storm,
The hands of God have made me,
The hands of God are warm...

The hands of God have made me,
as they have made the Earth,
the skies above,
the sea below,
it all came from one birth.

One birth to make all those who live,
fully understand,
the Human Race,
redeemed by grace,
is made of many forms,
of many colours, of many shapes,
with different rhythms that set the pace,
for every one to walk their path
in peace and in full knowledge,
that we are all the same,
from Heaven we came
and to love is our true calling.

C.2019 Derechos Reservados

I wanted to write a poem, not a religious poem but a realistic one about the way people are treating each other. In these days I see a tremendous amount of intolerance, prejudice, hatred, bigotry and anger among people. I think it is due to ignorance and that is something that can be remedied.

I am quite angered by politicians and people who have a voice that is heard, that instead of trying to unite people what they are doing is creating more divisiveness and hatred among the varied and different groups that form our countries, communities and neighbourhoods. If these same politicians would emphasise our similarities and would attempt to facilitate our getting to know one another better, we would have a much better world.

I have also noticed that recently, here in Europe but in America as well, people are very preoccupied with climate change. I am too, but, it is not the only pressing problem facing our countries and our lives today. I find that the disintegration of our societies due to racism, intolerance, prejudices and bigotry might just finish us off much sooner than the rising seas. Of course without taking away the importance of being aware of and trying to do something about climate change.

In any event, I just wanted to say something about it and the best way I could put it was in spiritual terms, somewhat, because I do not make a very great distinction between spirituality and reality. What I mean is that you do not have to be a monk, priest, imam or rabbi to be spiritual. God is an equal opportunity employer and creator.

And I beg the pardon of those who are aetheists but being that we live in a world which mostly believes in God, in one manner or another, I will make no apologies for acknowledging that the lessons, held in the holy books, if followed, even at only 10%, can make life much better and each other much more tolerable.

What I think about aetheism is resumed in an anecdote that supposedly happened when someone asked Soviet Premier Nikita Jruschov if he believed in God and he replied saying, “I am an aetheist and God knows it.” Aetheism is a position taken, it is not a philosophy or a belief system as you cannot deny what you believe does not exist.

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We all Share a Single Road

There are many ways but only one direction…

There are many thoughts but only one intention…

There are days to live and nights to die

And I’ve always wondered why…

The sea before me, at times all powerful

But yet benign,

provides the calmness that enters through my eyes

to soothe my spirit as she guides my wanderings through what we call life.

We all cross the sands to reach the water…

We all cross through dreams, happy the dreamer…

We all cry at times; at times we don’t bother…

The sea is the sand and the sand the border,

Of this road we call life.

Our future is our past and our present is eternity.

And thought the road seems rather narrow,

our footsteps fit somehow.

Whether its sand,

whether its the salty sea

or even high, high in the air,

The road is there, somewhere,

From one have all things come

And we’re all walking home.


“Sunrise over Ilica, Turkey August 2019”

The Sun is passing through the sky,

Eternal circle. It is morning.

His unending cycle reminds me that what is,

can also be, or seems to be just Life.

Recalling what I once remembered,

I forget the needless details

and forge new memories.

To recall is to forget,

and that too is a cycle endless and

a never ending stream springs from a single thought

perhaps part of a dream

that once recalled is immediately forgotten.

I awake and see the sun, he’s so

majestic, never rushes.

He takes his time to warm my bones,

to warm my seas, to make my green earth


And I wonder if the Sun will ever changes his course

and make the polar caps, silent neath their tears of icy white,

Become green gardens in some years.

The years that pass, as the sun is passing now, leaving my line of sight

to push aside, but with a gentle kiss, the moonlight night.

My Private Highway on the Mountain Trails of Far Away

This poem carries a video clip I recorded a few years ago. It is a ten minute meditation that you can do as you watch the sun slowly rising over the Aegean waters. The soundtrack is from a CD I made called “Silencios” (Silences). The poem was inspired by the thoughts that the rising sun brought to my mind.

I become the first rays as the sun peeks above the mountain.

The first rays to light the sky

As seagulls fly.

I accompany the light breeze that gently caresses the surface of the waters far below,

I am the glow.

I am the essence of the yellow ball,

I am the call that awakens nature,

I am that yellow flow of heaven that peeks into your sleepy eyes. And you, with a great effort, you force them to open. You will them to see. You recognise my face,

for now I rule your space…

I am the brother of the Moon,

The son of Mother Earth.

I travel on the ancient roads

paved above existence,

and I circle with my wings of fire

the place that you call home, the careful life you live.

I heat the air you breathe.

I have built highways where you’ve paved your trails, and fountains where you’ve dug your graves,

I’ve known you from your birth,

Above my private mountain, I sail daily ’round the Earth.

I am not bound by philosophies or science,

no laws do I observe,

or follow or obey

I travel far and only stop to pray.

From My Blood-Red Orange: Our Ezekiel 25:17

 "Our Ezekiel 25:17"

“The path of the righteous man is beset on all sides by the iniquities of the selfish and the tyranny of evil men.”

Mamma, all around me I witness those who hate,
They say we're black, they say we're brown, they call us filthy names.
I see and hear how callously they rule for their self-gain,
And how they treasure for themselves the good things that we make...

“Blessed is he, who in the name of charity and good will, shepherds the weak through the valley of darkness, for he is truly his brother’s keeper and the finder of lost children.”

I’ve seen the ones that teach and guide us killed in the pouring rain,
Their path cut down, their house in ruins, their life now filled with pain,
I’ve seen the ones that seek redemption shackled and chained
To filthy walls, in iron cages, what sins have they to pay...

“And I will strike down upon thee with great vengeance and furious anger those who would attempt to poison and destroy my brothers.”

I know, mamma, the time is coming, the day is near
For our suffering to end,
And justice from the highest sphere will
Fall like rocks from heaven upon these evil men,
I know, mamma, they’ll get their share,
Every measure, counted well
And we will smile, and we will have
A new story to tell...

“And you will know my name is the Lord when I lay my vengeance upon thee."

From My Blood-Red Orange: “New York City”

“2008” acrylic on canvas, 54 x 107 cm
In private collection
Where I live there are no ice cream parlours,
no snack bars on the beach,
no fast food on the harbours.
Where I live the food is nasty, hard to eat,
the water tastes like piss,
the fruits smell like sewer rats
that before you bear their teeth.

Where I sleep the air is not conditioned cool,
or warmer during frozen days.
My mattress is a cardboard box,
I'm up as soon as I feel the first of that yellow ball's rays.
My breakfast, in the dumpster on Eighth Avenue and Fifty Seventh Street,
If I can find anything after all my neighbours eat,
'cause they're bigger and they're meaner and they never let me pass,
I guess when I turn ten or twelve I'll get something at last.

Yes, I'm from right here, Manhattan, Midtown,
but I was born in the Bronx,
and when I was just a baby my mother crossed the river
and New York's been my home.
My mom?
Lying in an alley, just west of Ninth and Forty Second Street.
She's been there for a whole day,
can't rouse her from that sleep.
But I don't care, I never knew her well,
she brought me to this island city
where the devil seems to dwell.

I was remembering a song by the Beatles, that Paul wrote and sang that started like this: “Ah, look at all the lonely people, where do they all come from? Where do they all belong?” The song, “Eleanor Rigby”, was released as a double A-side single with “Yellow Submarine,” in August of 1966. Both are from the album Revolver.

The song is about two lonely people, Eleanor, an old woman who exists in a world of her own, population one. Her main purpose in life is nothingness. She “picks up the rice in the church where a wedding has been.” The other is the priest, Father McKenzie, who preaches in an empty church and whose sermons “no one will hear.” Eleanor dies and he buries the old woman. To her funeral, nobody came, just him, seemingly caring little for the lonely people, “he walks from the grave.”

“No one was saved, all the lonely people, where do they all come from, all the lonely people, where do they all belong.” The cycle of life and death among the “lonely people” simply begins again…

What do you think? As an artist, I encourage all others engaged in the creative arts, or not, to get involved. This is our world, this is our problem. I have been focusing on two very serious conditions found in the world today, mainly poverty and the plight of immigrants. I think that if we all do our part, we can begin to change things, even if we have to do it helping only one person at a time. That is one less. It’s worth the effort.

If you agree, please share, comment and hit that like button. Let’s discuss these topics. Whoever said that topics such as politics and religion…or others also considered polemic…should not be discussed was lying. Such topics should be the source of discussions and conversations perpetually on everyone’s agenda. Of course, only through civilised discussions, no fights, no argumentum ad hominem, let us argue only the facts.

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