Philosophy (my) of Art at Omnia Caelum Studios Valencia

(“Toro de Russafa” acrylic on wood, 20x20cm Omnia Caelum Studios Valencia)

First, art has to be created through talent, or through the talent of the artist. Talent has to be the result of hard work, practice, experimentation, development and constant repetition of intention to do something better, different, harder. We are born with the ability to develop talent but talent is not an inherited trait or a genetic predisposition.

From talent, art surges…

An artist has to vindicate himself or herself with every work he or she does. It is not enough to have a reputation, even a glorious one. Art has to earn its place and it must be real.

In the theatre, we know…and I studied Theatre Arts…that raw emotion is not art.

In painting, and all other forms of visual art, raw emotion is equivalent to creating art without talent, without effort and without intent to communicate. An objet trouvé is not art, no matter who says it is. Even if the greatest artist you can think of comes and says that a found object is art is a charlatan and a untalented buffoon!

So, my philosophy of art is quite simple, art has to be created from hard work, from technique, from study, from intuition and with the need and desire to communicate emotions, messages, information, subterfuge or anything else worth the effort to communicate.

I do not put down artists that think that they are making art by placing a half filled glass of water in a gallery (like what happened in Art Madrid). I am not attacking those that tape a banana to a wall with duct tape, (like in Art Basel Miami Beach). I have no ill will towards those who put a potted plant on a wheelbarrow and push it around saying it is a concept piece. No, I have nothing against those people, I would not call them any denigrating names but I will not call them artists…


For me, art has to be a controlled situation, like an actor working on a role, like a dancer rehearsing a ballet or an opera singer preparing for a performance. All of these artists work hard to develop their talent (that’s first), then sharpen their technique (that’s second) and finally work like hell to make sure that they are giving 100% of their artistic ability when onstage.

The same must be true for an artist that paints.

I hope I was able to express myself clearly enough to make my message understood because in this day and age when the “art business” is interfering drastically with the “art world” many may get confused and believe that a banana is art, that a glass of water is art or an objet trouvé is art and it is not…

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JaZzArt Flowers (series)

Los cuadros miden, cada uno, 30 cm por 40 cm por 1,5 cm y son de acrílico sobre tela. Forman parte de Omnia Caelum Studios Valencia y se venden.

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BodoArt at Omnia Caelum Studios Valencia

(“Angela” acrylic on canvas, 75x60cm, Omnia Caelum Studios Valencia)

These are some of my acrylic paitings from the early 2000’s…These were the days of Bodo…meaning that I called my artwork BodoArt. This ended in 2018…now my art bears my signature…which is the same as always…Francisco Bravo Cabrera.

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Art Basel Miami Beach 2019

(Miami Beach Convention Centre, newly finished, photo by FBC)

Yes, like every December for the last seventeen years, Art Basel in Miami Beach has showed up in the Convention Centre…

Inside you will find galleries that are either represented by big corporate sponsors, (main sponsor, or “partner” as they call it is UBS), or have paid thousands to appear for a week at the Miami Beach Convention Centre…

And what do they bring? Well supposedly the “best” of modern art. I will not put any of their images on my post. I am offended that such things are called “art”. If you want to either agree with me or disagree, please visit their website:

Art, in this day and age, is subject to the patronage of banks and other big corporate entities. Of course since these companies have made many rich, they need to create art so that the new rich can be like the old rich who own precious works of art. After all, if you are a “nouveau riche” you can own anything else that the established aristocracy can except that. So they create “artists” that half fill a glass of water and call it art and sell it for more than 20.000 Euros.

Or like an exhibit I saw a few years ago at Art Basel in Miami Beach, which consisted of an old wooden hanger with a woman’s silk blouse (yellow) hanging on it. This was one of the “artworks” that such a gallery brought to exhibit. The artist really didn’t need to work on this at all, I mean, she didn’t even paint the hanger, what for? It would sell for a few thousand regardless. Actually, when I looked around the gallery I saw that it was part of a series, each hanger with a blouse of a different colour. Of course, why make just one when in ten minutes you can have a dozen!

I do recommend going to Art Basel in Miami Beach. No, not for the “art work”, or for the Basel, no need to pay the exorbitant price they charge to go in…the years I went I was always given free tickets…because you can see all sorts of strange art all around the beach, mostly for free, like this. This thing is on the sand…occupying an area of the public domain…behind the luxurious and famous FAENA HOTEL on Collins Avenue…

But in truth, I recommend going to Miami Beach because at this time of the year, Miami has the best weather in the United States. The sun is always shining, sometimes like a star that’s about to take a dip in the Atlantic Ocean…

(Miami Beach, photo property of OCS Valencia)

The temperature drops to a very comfortable 17 degrees centigrade and you feel you are in a privileged location, a true paradise. I’ll show you some shots…

Yes, there is true beauty and real art all around Miami Beach. You can enjoy it simply by walking around. And the buildings, the nature, the landscapes, all took much more talent, much more planning and much more imagination and work than most of what you would see inside the Convention Centre while Art Basel Miami Beach is in town…

Sunsets creating a silhouette of the buildings in far away Downtown Miami, on the mainland. Yes, Miami Beach is an island, actually many islands and through them is the Intracoastal Waterway that goes all the way up towards north Florida.

I hope you understand my position regarding this type of “art” that I have mentioned. I, in no way judge the entirety of the art or the artists represented in Art Basel Miami Beach or anywhere. I reserve my right to have an opinion and to express it because I believe art is something that you have to learn, develop, craft and dedicate time to. That is how an artist develops talent. Talent is not something you are born with, otherwise it would be some kind of genetic condition. Talent is developed through work, experimentation, research and the use of your imagination, and you were born with that…

If you agree or disagree, let me know. I think we…all who love art…should be talking about it. We should be able to discuss, amicably and respectfully, anything and everything concerning the art world, be it the actual creative work or what goes on in museums, galleries and exhibits. So, please, if you liked this article, hit that like button, follow and share and by all means, give me your opinion.


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