Sundays Oldies on a Wednesday: “Walk on By”

(Isaac Hayes version of 1969)

“Walk on By”, a classic of the sixties, composed by Burt Bacharach and Hal David in 1964, has been covered by many artists, including The Beach Boys (1968), Cindi Lauper (2003), Brittney Spears (2000), Diana Krall (2008) et al. And although my favourite version is the original by Dionne Warwick, the version by Isaac Hayes is smashing good. Hayes adds the soul touch of the sixties and extends the song with much instrumental orchestration. He slows the tempo down to a cool groove and then his strong vocals assume the role of punctuating the rhythmic structure to convert this pop song into a truly soulful ballad with funk intentions. Isaac Hayes released the long version in his album (1969) Hot Buttered Soul and the radio-play version was cut down to about 5 minutes, still a long song for the radio in those days, especially AM radio.

But just so we are all happy, I will add a few other versions of this very cool, very sensual and very romantic ballad.

Here is Dionne:

(Dionne Warwick original of 1964)

Diana Krall:

(Diana Krall 2008)

The Beach Boys:

(The Beach Boys 19680



  1. Philip Edwards · 10 Days Ago


  2. Easymalc · 10 Days Ago

    The sign of a good song is by the number of good singers who sing it. Dionne Warwick was not only the original singer, but also a fine one, but I have to admit that I do like this Isaac Hayes version. Of course, it was Burt Bacharach and Hal David that made it all possible – two of the finest songwriters during my lifetime in my humble opinion.

    • Francisco Bravo Cabrera · 10 Days Ago

      Yes, I agree, together with Lennon/McCartney, Bacharach/David were among the greatest. Bacharach loved to write for Dionne Warwick because of the clear and precise phrasing in her style of singing, each measure is clearly sounded off, in this song and in every song she sang that they wrote. Thank you Malc, and today I raise my glass of Spanish wine (from Valencia) to you! All the best my friend, cheers.

  3. Anna Waldherr · 10 Days Ago

    Bound to raise the spirit. 🙂

  4. janetsm · 10 Days Ago

    I’d forgotten anyone recorded this besides Dionne Warwick. I like the way you put together the renditions by these artists of such varied styles. Great post, Francis.

  5. Brad Osborne · 9 Days Ago

    This is why I love it when talented musicians and vocalists do covers. They take a song you already love, and then add their own stylization and flair so you can fall in love with it all over again. Each of these versions has its own beauty to enjoy. Great post, Francisco!

  6. azurea20 · 9 Days Ago

    Me encanta Diana Krall. Buen día.

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