Poema: València entre las nubes… #poesia

(Foto propiedad de FBC, Omnia Caelum Studios València/Derechos Reservados)

Si ves que se enrojecen sus mejillas,

cuando rozas su mano levemente,

y se sonríe,

Quizá sea porque sabe que en su nube,

no habita el que allí busca

o al que a ella sube,

habita allí su luz,

su pensamiento,

sus vals en re bemol

y sus colores…

C.2021, Francisco Bravo Cabrera, 21 de octubre de 2021, València, España.

Something New: JaZzArt en València – “Los Sonámbulos” (“The Sleepwalkers”) Spanish-English

(Los sonámbulos, obra original de Francisco Bravo Cabrera, Derechos Reservados/All Rights Reserved)

Venga, no me gusta dar explicaciones de mis obras, pensando que la explicación estará en la cabeza de quien la observa, pero si me gusta decir algo de como la he logrado. Esta es una pieza de unos 35,5x43cm, hecha, partiendo de un dibujo totalmente a lápiz suave, con varios tipos de grafito y con tinta (tinta negra Faber-Castell). Se ajusta a lo que llamo “Jazz-Art” porque, aunque no es intuitiva ni nada por el estilo, surge de una improvisación llevada a cabo cuidadosamente y con mucho ritmo. Cabe, claro, la espontaneidad típica de la música jazz. Los Sonámbulos son los músicos que figuran en la composición. Aquí os dejo algunos detalles…

Well, I do not like to give explanations about my artwork, because I think that the explanation is in the mind of the beholder, but I do like to say a little about how I created them. This one is a drawing, 35,5x43cm, commenced with soft pencil and then continued with varios types of graphite and ink (black ink Faber-Castell). It fits into what I call “Jazz-Art” because, although it is not intuitive by any means, it does surge from an improvisation, carefully crafted and with much swing. Of course there is also spontaneity which is typical in jazz music. Los Sonámbulos (The Sleepwalkers) is the name of the group of musicians that you will see in the composition. Here are some details…


Poem: “Like that Ray I have Been” (for the middle of the week)

(Art Digital by FBC. Omnia Caelum Studios Valencia. C.2021, All Rights Reserved)


Like the only word you recall from a dream,
that floats through your thoughts as you waltz through your day,
as you dance through your dinner,
your tea-time
your supper,
as you close your eyes softly to return once again
to the silence of night, to that soft and warm bed,
I have been…

I have been those gin-tonics on a warm afternoon,
at that bar in the corner,
where the laughter collides with the sounds of the city,
where the air,
filled with fragrance,
makes its way through the cigarette smoke,
and you ask for one more,
yes, it’s always the second one that reminds you of me…

Like a ray through a crack on the wall of a stable,
where dark horses at night break the silence and mood,
a ray not of light, but of silver and moon-dust,
yet it changed for a second
the space there within,
like that ray I have been…

C.2021, 20 OCT 2021, Francis Bravo Cabrera, Valencia, Spain

Poema: Que el bar nunca lo cierren

(Foto de Pinterest)


Que siempre allí te encuentres,

tu mesa disponible,

una copa de vino

y sonrisas muy visibles.

Que en el almuerzo logres

saciarte de alegrías

para que al medio día

cuando vayas a comer,

compartas el placer

de este tu bar,

tu cofradía…

Que el bar nunca lo cierren…

Que tu mesa siempre limpia,

con tu copa siempre llena,

te espere cada día

para compartir tus penas,

tus chismes y tu risa,

con las otras abuelas,

con los buenos vecinos,

con los gatos del barrio,

con tanta gente buena…

Que el bar nunca lo cierren…

Que no te embarguen la mesa,

¡Nunca! Pues allí, querida abuela,

es donde siempre esperas

fantasmas de los gratos,

de esos que en los recuerdos,

te besan las mejillas,

de esos que suelen darte

tan agradables ratos,

rodeada de mejillas,

de las otras abuelas,

con sus viejos relatos…

Pub y bar Tostao, Valencia - Opiniones del restaurante
En Russafa, Esquina Carrer de Sevilla y Carrer de Denia)

C.2021, Francisco Bravo Cabrera, 20 de octubre de 2021, Valencia, España

Definitivamente la mejor banda de Jazz (tradicional) de España. (Span-Eng) Definitely the Best Jazz Band (Traditional) of Spain

Potato Head Jazz Band - Opiniones, Fotos y Teléfono

Si te gusta el jazz, pero el jazz tradicional, el que surgió en Nueva Orleans por los comienzos del Siglo XX, te va a encantar Los Potato Head Jazz Band. (If you like Jazz, traditional jazz that was invented in New Orleans at the beginning of the XXth Century, you are going to love the Potato Head Jazz Band)

Los Potato Head Jazz Band de Granada se formaron en 2003 para deleitarnos con el jazz, hacernos bailar y también sonreír. A estas alturas ya se han dado a conocer por toda Europa. En Inglaterra, les dieron el titulo de la “most entertaining band” (la banda que mejor entretiene) del Birmingham International Jazz Festival. Los chicos tocan el Jazz típico de Nueva Orleans y sus shows son fenomenales pues comparten sus canciones “Dixieland” con una dosis de buen humor que los lleva a lograr una excelente compenetración con el publico. Son seis músicos de diferentes países: España, Australia y Argentina. La energía que emiten es contagiosa, pero me va que a los Potato Head Jazz Band hay que verlos in situ, no?

(The Potato Head Jazz Band formed in Granada in 2003 to delight us with jazz, to make us dance and to bring a smile to our faces. By this time they are well known all over Europe. In England they were named the “Most entertaining band” at the Birmingham International Jazz Festival. The guys play typical New Orleans Jazz and their shows are truly fab, as they mix a healthy dose of humour and fun that sets the audience dancing and feeling good. They hail from Spain, Australia and Argentina, six musicians that send out positive, contagious energy. Here’s a video, but these guys you have to see, no?)

Potato Head Jazz Band - Opiniones, Fotos y Teléfono
(A bailar Lindy Hop con Los Potato Head Jazz Band – Let’s dance Lindy Hop with the Potato Head Jazz Band)


“La soñadora” (“The Dreamer”)

(Photo property of FBC, Omnia Caelum Studios València, All Rights Reserved)

Dreams are ephemeral by definition…

What is a painting? A “realistic” painting is no better than a photograph unless the artist does something different, unless the artist captures something the camera could not, something a machine knows nothing about: an emotion, a dream…

C.2021, Francisco Bravo Cabrera, 19 OCT 2021, València, Pais Valenciá

Art History: APELLES

Apelles – Greatest Greeks
(Apelles, 370 B.C. – 306 B.C.)
(This is the painter that started it all, I would say. He lived back in the days before Christ, third Century. Although none of his paintings survived, painters from later epochs did read about him and found works that were based upon his. His influence was greatly felt on Renaissance painters. What do you think?)


To Paint! A Difficult Process Indeed!

(“The Dreamer”, unfinished, All Rights Reserved)

Painting is magical, it’s creative and also therapeutic but never easy. A painting does not surge spontaneously nor can be created intuitively. A painting begins in the head…

One must choose the theme, the style, the size, the palette and know quite well the message one wants to transmit as an artist.

The process is the same for all styles, but in many ways, abstract art is the most difficult. To create abstract art you must confront all the same challenges that exist for figurative art, especially the reference. For abstract art to communicate it must have, in the mind of the artist, a clear and precise reference.

This piece is certainly figurative, surreal expressionism perhaps, but there’s a lot of abstract art within it that supports and reinforces the theme.

When finished, and I hope to finish it soon, all the elements will be visible and understandable, I hope. You tell me…

Sundays Oldies: “Little Umbrellas” by Frank Zappa

Rockaxis | -the-hot-rats-sessions---celebran-50-años-de--hot-rats --de-frank-zappa
(From the 1969 album Hot Rats)

“Little Umbrellas” might not have been the most famous or popular tune from Hot Rats (not like “Peaches en Regalia”) but it is a great example of Jazz Fusion by Zappa. The song includes much overdubbing of keyboards and although a short tune, a memorable one. The musicians are Ian Underwood on all sorts of keyboards and Zappa on guitars, bass and percussion. They are assisted by many invited musicians including Captain Beefheart who does the vocals on the tune “Willy the Pimp”, the only song with actual vocals. Most of the album was recorded during the summer of 1969. The songs were recorded using bass, drums and piano and then they overdubbed wind instruments, strings, more guitars and other keyboards. The result was an album included in the 1001 Albums You Must Hear Before You Die ( a book published in 2005 by Universe Publishing). And listed as number 123 in the Top 1000 albums of all time by Colin Larkin.

Personally I love the album but especially this little tune. When I was in Theatre School at the university in Miami, we used the song as the soundtrack for an abstract dance/theatre/happening/performance in one of the university shows, therefore I’ve a special attachment to the song. Hope you like it and if you did or didn’t, please give me your feedback.

Frank Zappa in 1969: OldSchoolCool
(Frank Zappa in 1969)
(Frank Zappa 1940-1993)