(Photo property of FBC, Omnia Caelum Studios Valencia, All Rights Reserved)

The violence of the wind subsides around you,
and the burning rays of sunlight lose their strength
as they caress your face.
Your stature is majestic,
your voice so much like velvet,
your thoughts fly through the atmosphere
to create wonders far and near,
for your influence is unfurled
throughout the world.

Yet anger is a vice you cannot rule,
a habit most unkind, a most undesirable flaw:
tragic, comic, senseless,
that has put you on a crash course
with the brainless, crude and rancid few
that in their smallness see themselves as huge.
Those that in their ignorance exert their will,
their unchecked violence
and truly seem to think, think and believe,
that they’re not in need of guidance.

But this is all a fantasy, a dream, “a tale told by an idiot”,
a true, genuine creation, fiction of highest perfection,
because in all your strength there’s only arrogance.
Feet of clay cannot support
your head now filled with rocks,
for you’ve lost your course in history,
when you forgot that those who suffer misery
deserve a helping hand.
And if one day you’ll once again stand grand,
it will most certainly be
by stooping to alleviate the need
of those who struggle.

C.2021, Francisco Bravo Cabrera, 24 SEP 2021, Ilica, Turkey


  1. Brad Osborne · September 24

    Wonderfully expressed, my friend! We area all measured by what we do for the least of us.

  2. Natalia Castelluccio · September 24

    Cosè successo?
    Non ti vedo piu tra i miei follower,questo mi fa molto dispiacere perchè ti seguo con piacere.
    Forse hai cliccato per sbaglio sul tasto seguimi e ti sei tolto.
    Fammi sapere

    • Francisco Bravo Cabrera · September 24

      Ti ringrazio molto per avermi seguito, ma sei stato tu a decidere di farlo e spero che ti piaccia e che continuerai ad apprezzare i miei post sul blog,

  3. Natalia Castelluccio · September 24

    Poesia azzeccatissima 👍

  4. markbierman · 22 Days Ago

    The measure of a civilization is how the most vulnerable are treated. Well written, Francisco.

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