1. azurea20 · September 24

    Me uno al mensaje. Buen Buen día.

  2. Brad Osborne · September 24

    Some day, my friend. When we see ourselves in every other face in the world.

  3. spwilcen · September 24

    There clearly is something wrong with me. I conceptually agree with House of Hearts and GP and often perhaps react (and opine) more rashly. Basic human needs are at issue here, basic human traits.

    I believe, even presently being a caring human, after I have given all I have to those “less fortunate” than myself, they subsequently come to destroy what simple things I have left because those things are of no value to them, I will react improperly.

    If I have fed the world and the world then resigns me to destitution, I will become lawless and TAKE what I need, then TAKE what I WANT. Because that seems to be the currency most respected. I am, after all, human myself, and that seems to justify rejection of law and order.

    • Francisco Bravo Cabrera · September 24

      Thank you SP, for your opinion, I truly value your knowledge and ideas. However, I must insert here, in this argument about “lawlessness”, that after having been a Sheriff’s Deputy in Miami-Dade County for 30 years, I can say, with knowledge, that immigrants, refugees, asylum seekers, or those that overstay, or cross illegally, are not a problem when it comes to violating the law or committing crimes. There is an equal number of those born and raised in the US who are lawless. Example of this was seen by the entire world on the 06th of January 2021, when a mob entered the US Capitol to try to overthrow the government, destroy property and perhaps even cause harm or injury to elected members of the US Congress. They assaulted police and others and truly demonstrated what lawlessness looks like. Those Haitians on the border are not lawless people. When one is fleeing and in so doing enters someone else’s domain, one is not committing a crime, one is seeking assistance. There are countless examples of how we, as LEOs, break the law by commandeering vehicles or by asking civilians to do things that might be against their will. The spirit of the law, my friend, is more important…at times…than the letter of the law. We cannot be “Barney Fife” all the time, sometimes we should be more like Sheriff Andy. There are more prisoners in the US than in all of Europe and most of them are home-grown. These people are seeking opportunities and not seeking to steal, plunder or overthrow the government. And if the US has helped and is helping other countries, it is because of their own interests in that country or in that region of the world. The European Union helps and assists millions throughout the world, yet we do not boast so much of the millions and trillions of Euros we send out to the less fortunate.

  4. Jay · September 25


  5. Philip Edwards · September 25


    • Francisco Bravo Cabrera · September 25

      Thank you 😊 Philip!

      • Philip Edwards · September 25

        Hi Francisco and you’re welcome! Thanks again for your wonderful post! Wishing you a great weekend…🙂☀️🌴🏄🏻‍♂️🏖☀️😊

      • Francisco Bravo Cabrera · September 25

        Hello Philip, and thank you 😊 A lovely weekend to you!

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