And So This is PUNX…Original Artwork by FBC

(Original Artwork by Francisco Bravo Cabrera: “PUNX”. All Rights Reserved)

This painting, PUNX, is done in watercolours over special Canson paper measuring 25x35cm.

Watercolours should not have been anything new to me as I did work with them back in the 90’s. However, the combination, meaning watercolours on a smaller scale (25x35cm) was something new. It took a bit of time to experiment, to investigate well the mixing of the colours, the composition, the dynamics, well, all of the components of a painting, for me to finally feel free enough to work with this medium and attempt a painting.

The style, being still “jazz-art”, is not the same as the “JaZzArt en Valencia” series. I did incorporate my favourite improvisational jazz-men within the structure of the composition, but this time the approach to colour and form was completely different. I still allowed the composition to flow with the freedom that improvisation brings to any work of art, but the forms, the abstract, the figures, had to conform to the setting, which was rather small.

Art is a process. Art is investigation. Art is a search for meaning and a search for the ideal way to visually transmit emotions. In many ways art is a language which requires the same amount of precision as a beautifully crafted poem, a song or a sonata. When you prepare a canvas, or a paper, or whatever you are going to use to paint or draw on, you first start painting with your eyes. I let my eyes drift over the canvas sometimes for days without putting a drop of paint on it. And even though I have already worked out the sketches, the idea, the composition, and most importantly, the colour scheme (the palette), I still let the canvas “speak” to me and the result is always something new. Art is investigation and a painting is the resolution of a problem…

Here are the details of “PUNX”:


This painting, as well as any other in the Omnia Caelum Studios Valencia collections, is for sale to art lovers, and collectors. We easily ship anywhere in Europe from our base in Valencia, Spain and as well to other parts of the world. One can view our collection on our Instagram: @Francisco_Bravo_Cabrera and through a DM, we will provide you with more information.

Kurt Cobain: The Paintings

(songwriter and singer, albeit also guitarist for the grunge group Nirvana, Kurt Cobain’s music captured us, made us violent, angry, sad, happy, whatever, but it moved us because of the structure of the songs mainly but also by the power of some of the lyrics. Yet little did we know that he also expressed himself through painting. Now I understand that these paintings are not of a high quality and resemble more the drawings and doodles we used to do in High School, but I do find them…some…interesting and on some he has hit the mark of art, perhaps accidentally. They look more like a psychological view into his mind but I am not a psychiatrist. Although they are and will never be part of art history, I do like them, so here they are, after all, art is found where you least expect it)