“JaZzArt” Phase II (the Yellow Period begins…)

(Photo property of FBC, Omnia Caelum Studios Valencia)

I started making black line drawings back when I lived in the United States, I think it was 2008. It was a break from painting which lasted for almost eight years. During those years I filled dozens of sketch books trying to find the right language, trying to find the precise way to express my feelings, especially my love of music and dance, specifically, jazz. That was how the “JaZzart” series began without, of course that name. It acquired that name years later after I began to separate the drawings, finish many of them, use the ideas that I was beginning to develop in some of them and create a finished series. All of them were black and white, done with different types of pencils and India Ink. Here are some of the samples of the “end” of the series. They are from 2019 and the last one I started in 2019, left it unfinished, but because of the pandemic, I could not return to my summer house, where I had left the drawing, so I finished it in 2021…

This year, as I again was able to return to my summer place (somewhere in the blue Aegean Sea), I came with the thought of continuing the series but soon realised that what I really wanted was to add some colour to the drawings. I am not set up to paint here so I decide to experiment with watercolours. I bought a small set and some brushes and started experimenting. Finally I settled on how the next series would be. What I have done is to create small watercolour paintings, all 25 centimetres by 35 centimetres on watercolour high quality paper. I finished five. I think I will add a parenthesis to the title JazzArt Phase II (Yellow Series) because I mostly focused on the colour yellow (my favourite) and of course the complementary colour, blue.

The series basically continues with my favourite jazz instrumentalists jamming away to their improvised song but now they, created still in shades of graphite and ink, are playing in a very colourful background. The result is a mix of abstract and figurative that gives these small paintings depth and also add perspective.

Here is the Yellow Period of Phase II

There it is, five in the series. They are all available to be shipped from Spain to the entire world. I present you this series of all original paintings in watercolour, graphite and India Ink.

I am now mentally “painting” the next period which, of course, will feature abstract painting in two other complimentary colours. I find it very important for artists to study well colour theory and practise, no matter how professional you are or how much of a beginner, with creating your own colours by mixing the established pigments and experimenting. The more you work, the more talent you develop, the more you search, the more you discover.



  1. joramiles · August 20

    Absolutely stunning abstract art! The colors, shapes, and varying characters creates a liveliness that is eye catching and mesmerizing.

  2. joramiles · August 20

    The backstory was a very enjoyable read as well.

  3. azurea20 · August 20

    Me encanta la luz y los colores. Preciosos. Un saludo.

  4. rebecca s revels · August 20

    The pencil and ink the notes.. the watercolor the music.

  5. Brad Osborne · August 20

    I love this series Francisco! The mixture of abstract and figurative is eye catching and full of movement and depth. I could look at these for hours!

    • Thank you so much my friend, I am glad to hear and I really appreciate it. The series tries to use both styles in a way that they can live in harmony with each other and create a pleasurable experience for the observer, as you have said. All the best and wishing you a happy weekend.

  6. Easymalc · August 21

    I can tell by the way you write as well as draw/paint this new series that you’re enjoying it already – and so am I.

    • Thank you Malc, and yes, I was not too sure at first but I am enjoying it. Have a great Saturday my friend!

  7. tiffanyarpdaleo · August 22


  8. Anna Waldherr · August 22

    Thank you for sharing your inspiration, as well as your work, Francisco. 🙂

  9. Nurul Fitri Lubis · August 22

    Stunning abstract paintings. What a talent you have, Francisco.

  10. Felipe Adan Lerma · August 23

    Fabulous work, Francisco! Wonderful how you mesh your talents and love into these images! ♥️

    • Thank you so much Felipe! I truly appreciate your support and your kind words. Keep up the good work my friend! I am a fan of your work and I truly admire your process of creating art, which is the right one, the one I also learned, that all art begins in the brain of the artist, the rest is investigation until you finally place that last brushstroke and you realise you’ve finished and sign it. All the best!

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