Poem: “SMOKE”

(Photo by our Miami collaborator Mayra, property of Omnia Caelum Studios València)



The smoke that travelled here from far away,

hides, confuses, misinterprets words I say.

Smoke that seems to turn the world around me grey, wants to be here to stay.

The brightness of the rising sun,

seems pale and faded.

Yet I know it’s just the smoke that’s permeated,

and has the blueness of the sky,

hostage, captive, hypnotised,

but it can be just for a little while, cause the power of the sun is never-ending.

The smoke that’s travelling the stratosphere,

seems to be trying to reach a distant home.

It’s destiny is to be soon reabsorbed,




Because we don’t need smoke’s disguise, we need our clarity and brilliant sun.

C.2021, Francis Bravo Cabrera, 03 AUG 2021, Turkey


  1. beth · August 3

    oh, we so need that clarity –

  2. Easymalc · August 3

    I hope this isn’t smoke from the wildfires Francesc.

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