Poem: “Staccato Silence”

(“JaZzArT” by FBC, photo property of FBC, Omnia Caelum Studios València)



A black note growing through the night,


A pause that suddenly begins to dance,

calling me.

Staccato silence bouncing in the smoke,

returns the note back home.

Legato screeches,

harmonic rays,

arranging charts and changes.

No notes caressing the melody,

but pushing the structured ranges.

Black notes that soulfully swing and bend,

brown sugar hips that seduce and burn.

Jazz is like hip hop, it’s nighttime poetry,

Improvising richness through urban poverty.

C.2021, Francesc Bravo Cabrera, 02 AUG 2021, Turkey


  1. beth · August 2

    I can hear it

  2. Roser · August 2

    Que melòdic! Molt bonic.

  3. Lucy · August 2

    Incredible writing!

  4. Easymalc · August 2


  5. spwilcen · August 2

    ¡Bien hecho!

  6. Brad Osborne · August 3

    Beautifully written! You have captured jazz in words rather than notes!

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