Street Artist with a GREAT message…

(Shamsia Hassani)
(There are and have been many street artists. Most of them pass themselves off as “anti-establishment” activists, but in truth they are actually quite well fitted into the establishment as what they sought was fame and most importantly, riches. Out of respect to those whom I really admire and appreciate, who like some of these, I will not mention their names, but if you research you will see that most of these “activists” quickly joined the mainstream. However, I can trust the work of this brave woman who has dedicated her art to demonstrate the plight of women in her country and in other countries governed by religious fanatics whose intolerance in intolerable)


JazzArt Phase II; Green Period #1

(JazzArt Phase II; Green Period #1. Image property of FBC, Omnia Caelum Studios Valencia, All Rights Reserved, Derechos Reservados)

Another aspect of JazzArt Phase II. These are done on high quality Canson paper. A watercolour abstract background with a foreground in India Ink and graphite depicting the mythic Jazz performers of my mind. This starts off the “green period” meaning that the prevalent colour will be green and its complimentary colour red. All drawings are 25×35 cm in size. They follow the style and mood of JaZzArt en Valencia drawings which all were made on the same size paper and drawn with India Ink and graphite, sans colour.

Art History: “Land Art” by Saype

(I value the work of this urban or should I say sub-urban artist, a “land art” graffiti artist that works with ecologically friendly materials and creates masterpieces for all to see. I do not think he is like others who are supposedly “anti-establishment” but spray paints from aerosol cans throughout cities in places that are private or public and without the permission of the owners or of the city. Saype has shown that one can be an urban artist or a graffiti artist, whichever is your fancy, and still be conscious of saving or trying to save our Earth)


Sunday’s Oldies (Good Music)

The Kinks' Lola: the story behind the song | Louder
(The Kinnks 1970)
(Definitely a smashing good single and a catchy song, creating one of the most popular songs from this great 60’s group that many thought would never make it to the 70’s. Always been one of my faves. I recall as a very young lad buying this album and really playing it to destruction!)


Dear Diary, Sunday Edition Chapter 1

(Photo property of FBC, Omnia Caelum Studios Valencia)

Well, I have decided to start a weekly edition of “Dear Diary”. I should post it every Sunday and make a review of the week, my way, naturally, this is not the BBC or CNN or EFE…

I must say that this week has been a tragic and sad one in many ways. We lament the loss of innocent life in Kabul at the hands of cowardly murderers. We also praise the response of US President Joe Biden bombing the hell out of the guilty ones. Spain has finished its mission in Afghanistan. Yesterday the last plane arrived to Zaragoza with the military personnel that was still there. Our country took in hundreds of refugees and most of the collaborators with the Spanish forces in that country. The UK, France and Germany have also concluded their mission in Afghanistan. The US will be finished on Tuesday as per their deadline of the 31st of August.

I have to say that I am very proud of our (Spanish) participation within the structure of NATO forces in Afghanistan and I remember sadly the service members we lost in the effort to bring peace to that country. The pullout was successful thanks to the military and diplomatic professionals who planned it and carried it out. No thanks to Pedro Sanchez, whose participation was a photo op. As usual, what can you expect from a socialist that forms a government with communists. He has been able to more than duplicate our cost of electric service, now we pay more than ever for electricity, the highest in the history of Spain. Well, I’ve heard that the communists care about solving the problem of poverty, lamentably, they are only thinking of their own…

I have to give a big “hurrah” to the South American country of Chile. They have more than 80% of their population vaccinated and are controlling quite well the spread of COVID in their country. We, here in Spain, have over 76% of our population vaccinated but our children have still to get their jabs. The US only has 50% (apprx) of their population vaccinated. It is lamentable that in the US so many reject the vaccine and that some governors, like the one from Florida, has not mandated masks in schools. It is crazy!

Again so-called Palestinians have attacked the IDF (Israeli Defence Forces) and of course, the only thing that the usual suspects have mentioned was that a young Arab man was killed. I think that if one confronts an army, in a belligerent manner, one must expect to be killed. In any event, we pray that Israel remains safe and powerful.

A horrific crime has taken place in Barcelona. A 44 year old man has murdered his two year old child. He was separated from his wife and apparently going through a nasty divorce. What happened was that he asked to take the child for a while. However he checked into a hotel and after spending the afternoon in the pool playing with the child, he took him up to the room and asphyxiated the baby. He then fled. It is reported by a taxi driver that he went to the airport (El Prat) in Barcelona. The police has asked the citizenry for assistance and a city-wide search is ongoing.

Thousands of people have gone to El Mar Menor (Murcia) to form a human chain on the shores, embracing El Mar Menor, in a sign of protest against the way the government of Murcia has polluted the salt water lagoon that has been a vacation place to many throughout the years. Tons of dead fish have been taken out of the polluted waters that no longer have the amount of oxygen to support fish life…

And I must say a farewell to a great actor, Paco Rabal, also from Murcia, whom we have lost on this day. He starred in many famous movies by directors like Buñuel, Saura and Almodóvar. In 1984 he won best actor in Cannes, for his role in “Los Santos Inocentes”, directed by Mario Camus. Thank you so much for giving us so much of your art and entertaining us fully. Requiescat in pace.

And, with nothing more to say, except that I have concluded part of my time in the Aegean, I now sail for the coast with my friends.

Agur agur, ciao ciao, see ya! Have a great week which starts tomorrow!

Poem: “ANGER”

(Photo courtesy of Stars & Stripes)


Anger rips through me like shrapnel from a million bombs…

Anger, blinding rage I can’t control…

Good men standing firm and tall, taken by a coward’s evil call that he uses to praise the devil that he worships.

Like banshees they shout their blasphemous refrains to cause more pain.

There is evil in this world that we must fight, as all men are not equal in the light, the light that comes from a God that’s love and peace, not a being that only evil brings…

But although anger rips my soul like wild explosions…

a soldier is not an angry man although he’s conscious that his mission is at hand.

C.2021, Francis Bravo Cabrera, 28/08/2021, Turkey

The Sale of “El Toro Verde”

(“El Toro Verde” original painting by Francis Bravo Cabrera, All Rights Reserved, Derechos Reservados)

I say farewell to another one of my paintings from the days of Omnia Caelum Studios Miami and my life as Bodo Vespaciano (who I still am, sometimes and to many). This is a medium sized acrylic on canvas painting from 2016, measuring 80x90cm. It has been purchased by a family of collectors from Istanbul, Turkey. I hope they enjoy it as much as I did painting it. Cheers…