Jazz Art at Omnia Caelum Studios València…phase 1

(“JaZzArT”, image property of FBC, Omnia Caelum Studios València)

This image I started back in early September, 2019 and today I just finished it. I like to think of it as the “pandemicus interruptus” (the things interrupted by the pandemic), but so much more was interrupted, including people’s health and lives, that I don’t dare.

In any event it belongs to that long, long series of pen/graphite on paper drawings that I started back a few years ago.

Like I have always said, I love to draw. Drawing captures me, seduces me, and allows me meditative hours alone with my art pencils and art pens. The process of creating art becomes also a way to escape the mundane and penetrate areas of reality that one cannot while doing other things, perhaps more important things.

For me the most important aspect of paintings is the flow of the black line. Life, as established within the black lines, falls into a well balanced and orderly regiment, that, believe it or not, is not encapsulating but liberating.

A drawing is like a painting, a poem, a piece of orchestral music, a book, a song or a dance choreography. It is not random. It is a wilful and artistically (artificially) created product born from the imagination, experience and desire of the artist. Art is also an academic discipline that prefers a degree and profesional standing. Art is not created intuitively but must be brought forth with research, planning, craft and a message. Finally art requires talent and talent is the result of hard work.

I believe that my JaZzArT series was done keeping that criteria well in the forefront. And the reason why I call it Jazz-Art is because, also as I’ve said before, I draw them following the three rules of Jazz music:

1) Improvisation;

2) Rhythm;

3) The players become composers, meaning that the composition guides itself to its logical conclusion.

Now you’ve heard from me, I’d like to hear from you, especially if you’re into art or if you’re an artist or studying art.



  1. Brad Osborne · July 30

    I have always loves this series of work. Every line, curve, and inch of shading is like another note in a beautiful song. And yet there is enough space for me to add my own notes. In that sense, I no longer feel like I am just listening, but actually playing along!

  2. azurea20 · July 30

    Como muy bien dices eres tú el que pones en tu pintura las características que defines el Jazz.: Ritmo, improvisación
    el músico en este caso eres tú. Un saludo

    • Gracias mil Azurea, veré a donde me lleva la segunda fase de Jazzart que comenzaré en estos días. Un saludo

  3. beth · July 30

    I can see the parallels so naturally – p.s. I am so excited because our jazz club just reopened and just a 15 minute walk from my house )

  4. rebecca s revels · July 30

    Many years ago, my young son went in for an eye exam. The doctor had jazz playing on the radio to listen to while waiting. My son, hearing it for the first time wasn’t impressed. But, it planted a seed. I later and even now years later, hear him listening to jazz. Looking at this piece, I can hear the music and feel the flow of the lines into the rhythm and emotions that are solely jazz.

    • Thank you so much Rebecca, I am humbled by your words and I am so very glad that your son discovered jazz and now seeks it out to listen. That is so good to hear. I truly appreciate your visit and I invite you to visit my Instagram, @Francisco_Bravo_Cabrera where I have posted many of the jazzart drawings and paintings I’ve done over the years. Cheers and all the best,

  5. Easymalc · July 30

    Like I’ve said before Francesc, JaZzArT is the perfect name for the excellent interpretation of your work. Fabulous!

    • Thanks so much Malc! I tell you I started that drawing in 2019, and thought I would finish it in 2020 when I returned, but…we all know it was a lost year…now I finished it and it felt good to draw again, something I had not done since that year…
      Take good care and all the best, enjoy the Friday night and the weekend! And remember, it’s almost wine time!

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