Poem: “I Have a Friend”

(Photo property of FBC, Omnia Caelum Studios València)



I have a friend that does some amazing things,

I’ll tell you.

He’s been to many so places I’ve never seen,

So says he…

He knows how to fly jets, gliders, helicopters,

he paints like Leonardo, he sings, he sculptures.

My friend drives in reverse, wins the Dakar Rally,

he’s been in outer space and deep in Death Valley.

My friend’s an engineer, doctor and librarian,

solicitor of sorts, expert antiquarian.

He’s climbed Mt. Everest twice in a black tuxedo, only to later go dancing in yellow speedos.

My friend knows how to speak almost every language, he’s been a gourmet chef, sommelier and banker.

He swims with bottle nose dolphins and he’s much faster, he tans with one ray of sunshine and gets much darker…

He’s darker than all the tribes of Kilimanjaro,

and his psychic third eye can see what will be tomorrow.

One day I know he will be a Parliamentarian, Prime Minister, Sultan, King, wisely sectarian,

he knows how to fight and win he’s authoritarian.

Like I said, my friend is quite a grand master, with him I’m never afraid, bored or thoughtful after,

I take him for what he is,

an extraterrestrial,

a super-human of sorts,

never adversarial.

And so this is my good friend and some of the things,

as well as some of the places where he says he’s been.

His rocket-fuled love of life is simply alarming,

and if you meet him I know you’ll find him quite charming.

C.2021, Francis Bravo Cabrera, 26 JUL 2021, Turkey


  1. Brad Osborne · July 26

    You have the most interesting friends, Francisco! Loved the perspective you took here. Entertaining and enjoyable!

  2. beth · July 26

    what an interesting person – always emitting energy

  3. janetsm · July 26

    I love this, Francisco! I think your friend is a book!

  4. Easymalc · July 26

    I think your friend would find their way onto many peoples list of ‘useful persons’ 🙂

    • Hehehe… He’s quite a character and I did not even talk about the famous people he knows! Good grief, that’s a subject of another poem!

  5. equipsblog · July 26

    Amazing what you can do with a smile. Fun poem.🤓🤔🥳

    • A smile can open many doors and brightens someone’s day, one of our most powerful weapons for good 🌞🌹😊

  6. equipsblog · July 27

    And it costs us nothing. I used to hate (when I was younger) when somebody would tell me to smile. Sometimes I felt like Gumpy Cat, “This is my smiling face”. : 😉 Now nobody ever says that, for whatever reason.

  7. markbierman · July 28

    Handy fellow, your friend. 🙂

    • Quite a guy, and Jeff Bezos thinks he’s been to space, my friend vacations in Jupiter and plays golf on the rings of Saturn!

  8. frederick anderson · August 8

    Of course, I did most of that when I was still in my ‘teens…

  9. frederick anderson · August 8

    Absolutely. New worlds to conquer, you know? I’ve had to give up the dolphins…

  10. Susan W Goldstein · August 9

    I would love to meet him!

    • He’s quite a guy but at the moment he’s solving the climate problem, dining with King Felipe VI and simultaneously dictating the next great epic opera in Vienna. An incredible personage! Cheers

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