I Remember Chick Corea



Eighty eight…

Eighty eight brought to life by ten,

ten that sometimes linger,

and sometimes fly over fifty two white, and thirty six black…

From deep in the brain in strange neurones, rise rhythmic and tonal synapses, that turn written notes, carefully arranged and crafted, into a wave of quick phrases,




That’s how he played,

he, the master,

whose mind, filled with music, created songs twice, one, on a pentagram wisely, two on the stage with the boys…

Chick Corea…

In my world filled with Jazz, you’ll always be near, as near as your piano can teach me, as near as your songs can inspire.

In eternity I know you are writing a song, and then with those blessed strong ten,


(As a lover of Jazz I was, am and always will be a great fan of Chick Corea. Requiescat in Pace)

C.2021, Francis Bravo Cabrera, 25 JUL 2021, Turkey


  1. beth · July 25

    a master of the keys

  2. Brad Osborne · July 25

    A true legend and virtuoso! RIP Chick!

  3. House of Heart · July 25

    A legend!

  4. swo8 · July 25

    A truly great talent! RIP.

  5. Anna Waldherr · July 25

    His music lives on. Multiple presentations can be found on YouTube.

  6. janetsm · July 26

    He was amazing. How fortunate that we’ll always have his recordings. I love piano music and he was a master.

    • Yes, quite an amazing musician he was and we’re so lucky he left us so many videos and recordings.

  7. equipsblog · July 26

    He sounds like one of your Muses. NIce.

  8. azurea20 · July 27

    Descanse en paz el genio del Jazz Chick Corea.

  9. cincinnatibabyhead · July 28

    Good stuff Francisco. A CB favorite.

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