(A new wave of protests: Cubans seeking freedom from tyranny)



These streets no longer dance with wild emotions, they’re asphalt and corruption, I see rusted antenas, rusted smiles and rotted teeth and bad building construction…

The tears climb up the cracked, old walls, like sad dry bougainvilleas, as hope dives into makeshift rooms to break bred with bacteria…

The future here took sails on rafts and left a cemetery, deep in the bottom of the sea, far from a helpful remedy.

A despot tyrant rules their hearts and souls, controls their destiny and weakened bones, and all a dissident can do is to beg for his clemency…

There is no bright, big, shining sun, to greet them every morning, there is instead a black cold ray of misery and mourning…

This was a land that flourished, once a thriving, happy place, that many thought was paradise, a smile upon their face.

But power is an evil that overrides compassion, a darkened soul took firm control and prohibited reaction.

So all I see is broken dreams that form a virtual prison, where those forgotten and ignored seek somehow a new vision.

This is the Cuba that you’ll see, if by chance you choose to visit, don’t let the smiles and dancing feet confuse your intuition.

Those that you come across that dance and sing before you, will cry alone when you go home, without a slice of comfort.

The bright, strong, yellow, warming rays of Father Sun are an illusion…

In Cuba the sun’s rays are cold and black, and seemingly atrocious.

And so the streets that once did dance,

and laugh,

and sing,

now thanks to the evil communists, can only sigh and weep.

(This is the Cuba I saw when I visited back in 2016, it is much worse now. Cuba was the “pearl of the Antilles”, a thriving, vibrant land whose economy and lifestyle was akin to countries like Italy and far surpassed ours, (Spain), up until 1959. Then a dictator, disguised as a saviour, took over and turned Cuba over to the Soviet communists. This “Judas”, Fidel Castro, then proceeded to steal everything from the Cubans and enslaved them in his tropical brand of Marxism-Leninism and the result was poverty and misery, repression and a complete loss of freedom. Now Cuba is ruled by the Cuban Communist Party. It is a totalitarian dictatorship that allows no dissenting voices to be heard. So if you are intending to go to Cuba, know that whatever you will get, whether mojitos on the beach at Varadero or daiquiris in the Keys, it is because everyday Cubans have been bled for their slave labour so the government can make tourists happy. You are not visiting a country but a prison whose wardens have provided areas of comfort for foreigners but where Cubans cannot go. I have been trying to speak out about the atrocities of the Cuban government every chance I get since I came back from my one and only visit. I do hope to return when Cuba is communism-free!)


  1. Brad Osborne · July 24

    It is when any people stand up against a tyrannical government and freedom becomes the chant of the oppressed, that the world must give its support or watch democracy die. The Cuban people deserve to lead themselves!

  2. beth · July 24

    i stand with the cubans

  3. Easymalc · July 24

    I’ve said it before Francesc, and I’ll say it again. Marxist-Leninist ideology doesn’t work. There are many youngsters today who think otherwise and want to see a different world. That I can understand, but if they really think that it’s a good system I suggest they go and live in one of the places that live in an undemocratic society and see what they think then. They should be careful what they wish for.

    • That is the truth and it is also what I say to many here in Spain. Thank you Malc, I always look forward to and appreciate your visits, cheers and enjoy the evening and tonight’s full moon 🌕!

      • Easymalc · July 24

        I’ll try and keep my clothes on then 🙂

  4. macalder02 · July 25

    Los acontecimientos recientes han puesto las miradas en la Isla. Estoy seguro que nafie pensó que el pueblo cubano se iba a revelar ante el oprobio que viene sufriendo mas de 50 años. Solo el hecho de salir a las calles en forma masiva, nos da una idea del haztargo que han llegado por tant injusticia.
    El poema es el reglejo de esta situación.
    Grácias Francisco por compartirlo.

  5. Anna Waldherr · July 25

    A heartbreaking tribute, Francisco. Like you, I, too, oppose communism.

  6. markbierman · July 28

    Heart breaking for those poor people. I’ve been watching some of the stories on the news lately.

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