Poem: A Time for Madness

(Photo property of FBC, Omnia Caelum Studios València)


So passes the “who” you once were into darkness…

And now madness clings to your neurones and synapses and time stops…

The face that once smiled sweetly has begun,

to sweetly whisper words devoid of kindness,

and what you cherished you have now forgot…

The ‘winds of change’ that greeted old compatriots,

have left your hair a mess and your skin cold,

as madness slowly runs and slowly passes,

through every living cell, muscle and bone…

So you, who danced and sang as an immortal,

so you eternal youth who walked alone,

you’re walking now with many lost in sadness,

your youth deteriorated, robbed of hope…

But look again into that hateful mirror,

and squint your eyes so you can better see,

it’s still you staring through that strange white window,

nothing has changed,

nothing has been,

no darkness brewing,

no darkness seen,

madness a nightmare,

madness a lie,

you are a wonder,


You’re alive!

C.2021, Francesc Bravo Cabrera, 18 JUL 2021, Turquía


  1. Brad Osborne · July 19

    A wonderful verse, my friend. We have all stood at the edge and looked into the dark. I loved the timbre and the tone.

  2. beth · July 19

    at least you are alive is right ! this one kept me on the edge until the end –

  3. azurea20 · July 19

    En la vida hay momentos para todo. La vida te los presnte, pero lo importante como muy bien acaba el poema es estar vivo y sentirse vivo. Un saludo y buen día.

  4. Easymalc · July 19

    I totally understand where these words are coming from F – from the heart – and our hearts beat to the same rhythm

  5. markbierman · July 21

    Yes, so many bitter people, finding things to rage about, instead of enjoying life. Excellent poem, Francisco!

    • We are what we think and what we say, so why focus on the negative? Let’s stick to the positive! Thank you Mark!

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