Poem: “When’

(Photo property of FBC, Omnia Caelum Studios València)

When respect is long forgotten

and the history we’ve made is seen as vile,

you will see the hating masses spreading lies mile after mile.

When the bronze that graced our statues

Is now reason to rebel,

among those willing to race blinded to hell,

You will see the lights fall darkened,

as darkness is the life they live.

C. 2021, Francesc Bravo Cabrera, 17 JUL 2021, ESPAÑA


  1. patrick101010101 · July 17

    how quiet is the night, WHEN your sitting all by yourself, not a dropped pin makes a sound, nor the falling dust on a shelf

  2. patrick101010101 · July 17

    i agree with your poem

  3. Brad Osborne · July 17

    It is okay to dislike parts of our history, but it is sheer folly to think that you can remove it. Well written, my friend!

    • Absolutely! It’s an arrogance of this age we are living in that thinks they can repair the past while at the same time destroying the present and the future. Slavery has existed since the dawn of civilization, and they were not black Africans so now they should just adjust and secure their present and future and look at the past as just history. I have little tolerance for stupidity! Thank you my friend and long live history and ALL who made it!

  4. azurea20 · July 17

    Muy bueno. Saludos.

  5. equipsblog · July 17

    A poem that works at so many levels from slavery and the past to a personal relationship. Good job.

  6. beth · July 17

    history cannot be forgotten, it’s important for the stories to be told

  7. ourcrossings · July 17

    Lessons from the past may not always ward off doom, but they can provide insights into the present and even the future.

    • Very true Aiva. Hope you’re well and good and enjoying the summer. I am now in summer mode living in Turkey and Greece. I will post a few things here from time to time, all the best.

  8. Easymalc · July 17

    You already know my thoughts on this subject Francesc, and although I’m always prepared to listen to people who I don’t agree with, I still have the same views. I’m not a conspiracy theorist by nature, but I believe that there are subversive elements at play here. Why else would things that happened hundreds of years ago take precedence over what is going on around the world today, which are also totally unacceptable? Divide and conquer is an old saying, but is still as appropriate today as it’s ever been.

    • Oh I fully agree Malc, for sure… On another note, I am now in summer mode and in Turkey and Greece where I live for 3 months out of the year. Getting re-acclimated to the summer heat but very close to the beach for refreshing… Will be working on some writing and poetry and maybe even some drawings… But far less posts as there are many friends here I’ve not seen in 2 years… Take good care and all the best my friend, we’ll be definitely in touch 🙂🍷🌞

      • Easymalc · July 17

        You’re a brave man living in that heat during the summer months Francesc, but I do envy you in a way. I’ve had some wonderful times in both countries myself. Have a great summer and I’ll clink my virtual glass with yours until our next conversation 🥂

      • Salut!

      • Easymalc · July 18


  9. Hola Francisco! Como estas?

  10. kentucky55 · August 20

    Great poem, love the image you chose for it.

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