Art History: Italian Renaissance and Baroque Sculpture

(Truly a most wonderful era for art, reflected in these examples of exceptional strength of purpose and beauty. It is said that Filipo Brunelleschi “invented” the renaissance, and it may be true, but more importantly, he and Ghiberti, opened the door to another aspect of art, to a rebirth of the classical (Greek and Roman) and a path to the future. I hope you enjoy this and that you let me know what you think. And if you want, you can share so that the conversation can extend way beyond our small community. Cheers! It has been a marvellous journey so far and I appreciate your support and encouragement.)

Until October, I remain your friend and wish you all, all the best,



  1. Sheree · July 13

    Are you taking a break?

    • Will be back, just a short break for a few months, but I may still post now and again but I’ll be back fully, God willing, in October…take good care and all the best! 😊

  2. Easymalc · July 13

    And so after October you’re not? Is there something wrong Francesc?

    • No, I am on holiday until October and transferring to our other place on the beach and I may or may not be posting but probably working on some art projects for the fall back here in Spain. Cheers Malc, for everything and all the best. Hope you’ve a lovely summer!

      • Easymalc · July 13

        That’s ok then. You too Francesc!

  3. beth · July 13

    enjoy your time and see you in the fall

  4. equipsblog · July 13

    This is an excellent video. You’ve gotten the pace down to an art. The accompanying music was equally good. We’ll miss you, Francisco. Hasta Octobre. Ten una buena vacacion.

  5. Brad Osborne · July 13

    I have always loved the works those great Italian masters. The stunning perfection of human form can hold your gaze for hours. These are classically beautiful!

  6. ourcrossings · July 14

    I’ll miss your posts and our little interactions, Francisco. In the meantime, enjoy the summertime and I’ll see you in October 🙂 Aiva xxx

  7. markbierman · July 14

    You can see the transition to Christian religion in these works. Enjoy your holiday Francisco, I wish you a wonderful and relaxing summer. See you in October.

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