Art History…Islamic Art Across the Centuries

(Friends, Islamic art may be a bit different to what we, as westerners are accustomed to looking at. However, the mastery of colour, shape and symmetry is amazing in Islamic art. Although most of it is religious in nature, there is much that is as secular as our own art when it broke from the clutches of the Church. I am always fascinated by the intricate geometrical patterns, so perfect and so well repeated in both paintings, etchings and in architecture. I hope you enjoy this video and I would like to hear from you, what do you think of Islamic art…)



  1. beth · June 30

    islamic art is incredibly beautiful and recognized most anywhere it’s had an influence

  2. House of Heart · June 30

    This artwork is beautiful, I love the delicate design and colors, the calligraphy is amazing. Thank you!

    • Yes! The calligraphy is amazing, it is a work of art on its own…thank you so much Holly and all the best. I hope it stopped raining in South Florida!

      • House of Heart · June 30

        It is beautiful ! It’s still raining here, it started about 9AM and seems like an all day thing. We’ve really been getting our share. Thank you Francisco , have a wonderful day!

      • Hope it clears up soon Holly, but I remember that it always rains in Miami in June/July…cheers and all the best

      • House of Heart · June 30

        It’s definitely the rainy season. And then the hurricanes 🌀 start to form. I’m not looking forward to that. Take care Francisco, be well!

      • You’re right, I always was apprehensive about hurricane season!

      • House of Heart · July 1

        They seem to be getting stronger and scarier. I survived Andrew 😊

      • Oh I remember Andrew quite well…I was working almost non-stop until almost the end of December, sometimes up to 15-17 hours per shift, no days off…never want to go through that again! And I was fine, no damage, others had it much worse…cheers Holly and have a great Middle of the Week Day! Long live Thursdays!!!

      • House of Heart · July 1

        The second best day of the week 😊! Take care … cheers Francisco!

  3. ourcrossings · June 30

    I love Islamic art, its beautiful, geometric patterns and repetitive patterns that seem to look infinite. Thank you for sharing and have a nice day 🙂 Aiva xx

  4. Easymalc · June 30

    I’m a big fan of Islamic architecture F. I find it mesmerising, and some of the art can also have a similar effect, so well done posting this one.

    • Yes, I am too, here in Spain, especially in Andalucia, there are many fascinating buildings like the Alcazar Real in Sevilla…thanks Malc and all the best my friend!

      • Easymalc · June 30

        I’ve been to the Alcazar in Seville, so I know exactly what you mean 🙂

      • It is certainly an amazing place…

  5. Brad Osborne · June 30

    I love the detail and symmetry. And the written language has its own wonderful beauty. Loved this video, my friend!

  6. magickmermaid · June 30

    The symmetry and colours are perfectly mesmerizing! Excellent video!

  7. markbierman · July 4

    Such a wide variety of intricate and symbolic paintings. Everything from floral to human subjects. A fascinating collection. Nicely done, Francisco.

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