JOURNAL ENTRY 20.456 (who cares?)

WordPress is wonderful. I have been actively blogging here since August 2019 and have had lots of fun. I have met wonderful people from different parts of the world that I probably would not have had I not engaged in this endeavour, meaning blogging here…

But I have been analysing (that’s what I do, I cannot help it) and have realised that there are a lot of very intriguing bloggers here. I think many of them have SUPERNATURAL powers! Yes! They look at an entry, a post, and without even looking at the video that it contains, they “like” it! Do they see it in their mind’s eye? Because the video does not have nearly as many views as the likes it has generated on WordPress! Incredible!

So now I ask myself…

Is this all a farce? Is this “blogosphere” a home for ego-centrist, prima-donas who crave “likes” so much they just send them out in the hopes for a return “like” on their blog? It seems to me to be the case…

Well…what to do? Nothing. If they want to waste their time, so be it and welcome! I will never hit “like” unless I like something. I will never follow anyone unless I really want to and I will only concentrate on those good friends and bloggers who actually read, watch, listen and comment. And I will certainly reciprocate with generosity and kindness. As far as the others are concerned, I do not intend to pay them any attention, to each his own.

To all those who have supported and encouraged me, you know who you are, (well actually some have already left WP), but, cheers, I appreciate it.


  1. Bon Repos Gites · June 28

    Haha, I know what you mean, sometimes I get likes within seconds of posting and I think “hold on, there is no way they could have read that!”. The flip-side of course is getting twice as many views as likes on a post and being left to wonder what folks didn’t like about it. 😉 The joys of the bloggosphere 😉

    • equipsblog · June 28

      You have cearly laid out the janus-headed dilemma of like. Sometimes it’s a matter of time–I like what you are doing but do not have time to do more than glance at the blog at the time. I may try to get back when I can read the entire posting or watch the video.

    • It certainly is a “mystery” how you get so many likes and so few views…

      • Bon Repos Gites · June 28

        🙂 Ha, unless your content is trusted so completely 😉 Put up a pic of a teddy bear and see who notices 😉

      • Most definitely, a good idea! Would it would get hundreds of likes from teddy bear lovers?

      • Bon Repos Gites · June 28

        Haha, yes!! It will end up going viral – put a kitten and a Kardasshian in it as well and you’ll break the internet 😉

      • So true, so true…hehehe…

  2. beth · June 28

    I experience this frequently as well, as I’m sure most all bloggers do. perhaps it’s just meant to be a polite nod, a sign that they stopped by for a quick hello. I think each person interprets it differently

  3. rebecca s revels · June 28

    I’ve often sat here and shook my head when in my email notifications I will suddenly have dozens of likes from the same person. Knowing that even though my blog writes are usually not lengthy, even if one were a speed reader that number, that quick, is simply not possible. Yet realizing that for many, this is a numbers game and the numbers are their goal. All the while not understanding that actual participation such as comments mean more. That said, I admit I generally don’t watch many videos, but I will acknowledge them, as in my mind anyway, it seems a way to acknowledge that I realize and appreciate the effort in the creation of the blog write.

  4. equipsblog · June 28

    Francisco, that is one of my ponderings also. I don’t always have time to watch a video but do have sincere intentions to do so ASAP. I find that if a blogger posts more then once or twice a day, my inclination to do more than a cursory viewing really drops off. I also find it unweildy to watch a video on my cellphone if I’m out and will try to do so on my computer, if I remember.

  5. Easymalc · June 28

    Any ‘like’ is a bonus for me, so the ones you don’t want I’ll have 🙂

  6. Domeka · June 28

    These are true facts

  7. janetsm · June 28

    I agree with you, Francisco. The ones that really make me scratch my head are the people who appear out of nowhere and like six or eight of my posts. But when I check the times, they were all liked the same minute. No one reads that fast. They just like, like, like but leave no comments. I don’t take the time to even check out their blogs. They not only waste their time, they waste my time. I guess to them it’s all just a game.

    • That is what I had noticed as well. At first I would wonder, but later I realised that to many it is just a game. I am glad, though, that I have found serious bloggers, like yourself, who have interesting things to say, in a different way and in an appealing manner. Hope all’s good in NC, Janet. We’re doing pretty good now. Finally we are allowed to walk outdoors without a mask, it is still required in public transportation and indoors…and I must confess that I have not written a single word all month long, except for notes and research that may have led to some ideas…

  8. thegenxtravels · June 28

    I too have been blogging since 2019. I used to get excited over likes, I still do but not in the same way. I apprehensive but I appreciate more when I receive a comment or two or questions and advise! I have slowed down on my blogging this summer as I am working more and my grandbaby keeps me busy, but I still enjoy reading posts and learning so many things I would never have known before. Hopefully I will get some good traveling in so I can return to writing!

  9. DougInNC · June 28

    What is that title line implying? My first thought was that you have trekkified it, like “Star Date 20.456.” Then you italicized the ‘5’. As … note I avoided the word ‘Like’ 🙂 … someone wrote in a blog post, “analysing (that’s what I do, I cannot help it).”

    • Cheers Doug, for your reply, and well the title only implies that if I had reached “journal entry twenty thousand four hundred fifty six” what difference would it really make. I thought this was a place where people read, discussed and understood the time and the effort of others to post something interesting, something worthwhile…I look at it that way…thank you and hope you’re enjoying the summer in NC.

  10. Monkey's Tale · June 28

    I often feel the same way and despite the ‘likes’ I sometimes if feels as if only a few actually read what I write. I only like if I actually like, and only open if I have time to read. Maggie

    • I do the same Maggie, and I just don’t understand why someone would hit “like” if they didn’t even see it, read it or were the least bit interested…

  11. Brad Osborne · June 28

    I have often pondered the unusual timing of likes, but in the end I decided the only behavior I can control is my own. Rarely do I like a post that I do not also take the time to comment. Even if it is just to say I liked it.

  12. Michael Newberry · June 29

    Haha. I read every word! 👍 I personally don’t much like videos, I prefer reading posts. And I think I sometimes press like for vid, just because the creator put effort to make it. A little like when my grandmother would thank us profusely for a birthday gift before opening the present. Now I will be sure not to press like if I didn’t watch it!

  13. markbierman · June 30

    Hi Francisco, I agree, you will find those types on here, just as on all social media, but there are still a few who take the time to read and watch. It happens to us all, but I admire you for keeping at it. You’re doing a great job!

    • Thank you so much Mark. I know, I understand and I really appreciate the work of most bloggers here, all are serious about their posts. I appreciate your continued support and encouragement. Cheers.

  14. magickmermaid · June 30

    So true! I’m just now catching up on reading June entries from many of the blogs I follow.

  15. frederick anderson · July 26

    I do catch up with things in the strangest order! I can only answer for myself, but I tend to restrict my comments to areas where I feel I have some sort of contribution to make, and just like and move on where that does not apply. I try to read everything, however. It doesn’t always work for me.

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