Esculturas urbanas/Urban Sculptures

(This is a real interesting video with images of outrageous and beautiful works of art found in cities throughout the world, with the exception of Pugliese’s which you must see in a gallery or museum, probably in Milan as that was where he constructed them. I hope you enjoy this trip around the world to see some smashing good urban art. Let me know what you think, especially if you’ve actually ever seen any of them.)



  1. macalder02 · June 25

    Voy a repetir el vídeo cuantas veces quiera disfrutar de una arte urbano pero de calidad inconmensurable. Pugliese se lleva todas las palmas en tu exposición. Buen fin de semana Francisco.

  2. Lokesh Sastya · June 25

    Each work is a Masterpiece. They inspire me as an artist.

  3. canariona_c s r · June 26

    Gracias por compartir esta obra preciosa. Arte urbano te dejan una visión hermosa e inspiradora. Buen fin de semana

  4. azurea20 · June 26

    Espectacularmente hermosas. Un saludo

  5. Easymalc · June 26

    Another super collection F, but I can’t pick out a favourite. I love the Kelpies, and Paige Bradley’s ‘Expansion’ is very effective – but they’re all good aren’t they?

    • Yes, you are right, they are all phenomenal! I liked the Kelpies as well, but Pugliese’s was definitely my favourite. Got to make a part II soon, there is so much more, especially in Eastern Europe…

      • Easymalc · June 26

        I’ll look forward to the next one in that case.

  6. Brad Osborne · June 26

    I found something amazing in every piece you offered. Great video, Francisco!

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