1. Easymalc · June 17

    Here’s my humble opinion again for what it’s worth Francesc. This selection obviously carries on from the religious art post you did yesterday, and so you already know my thoughts in general on the subject.

    As regards these Christ on the cross paintings, there’s one that stands out for all the wrong reasons to me – and that’s the one by Picasso. I do not like that one at all. On the other hand, I’ve always considered Velazquez a first class artist in the field of religious art, and this one is no exception.
    As I’ve said to you before I was unexpectedly taken aback when I came across Dali’s painting in Glasgow, and as much as I’m not normally a fan of his, this, to my mind, is quite exceptional for a modern painting of the subject., but I think that Leon Bonnat’s painting is my favourite today.

  2. Brad Osborne · June 17

    A wonderful post showing the wide range of stylization by different artists on the same subject. I would agree with Malc, in that I think the Bonnat is my favorite.

  3. beth · June 17

    so many interpretations of this in the world, always so interesting to see how artists portray this

  4. equipsblog · June 17

    The Crucified Christ certainly inspired a lot of artists. Many of them look alike, with only minor stylistic differences. Interesting collection.

    • Yes, they were taught to paint the crucified Christ in a certain way and very few broke the rules…I appreciate your visit and your replies, cheers, Pat,

      • equipsblog · June 17

        You’re welcome., Francisco.

  5. markbierman · June 18

    Dali’s was certainly the most interesting for me. Thanks for sharing, Francisco.

  6. azurea20 · June 18

    Me ha gustado mucho. No sabía que Picasso pintó un crucificado tan colorista. Aprendiendo arte.

    • Picasso lo hizo todo, y todo muy bien, no como otros artistas que se metieron en todo. Me alegro que te guste y que me digas que estás aprendiendo arte pues esa es mi meta, hacer llegar el arte a más y más y también que, dentro de la decencia y la cordialidad, haya debate, debates interesantes y además aportaciones. Te agradezco mucho siempre tus comparecencias. Un abrazo de València,

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