1. macalder02 · June 16

    La representación del subconsciente en el arte fue un vuelco total en la pintura. Excelente vídeo para apreciar los pintores y sus obras. Ni que decir de la música. Buena la entrada Francisco.

  2. Easymalc · June 16

    Another super collection F and not a Salvador Dali in sight. This is another art style that confuses the hell out of me. Some of it I think is brilliant, and some of it well….
    You’ve put together a really interesting selection. My favourite? I think it has to be L’Ange du Foyer by Max Ernst although there were a couple of close contenders.
    Thanks for another afternoon of education.

    • Although Dali said he was a surrealist, well, he tried to be a fauvist, a cubist, an abstract painter and then a surrealist but the surrealists threw him out of the club…I really have nothing good to say about Dali’s “art” but I do consider that his best work was “Dali” which he created with Gala, his wife…In any event, I also like L’Ange du Foyer but I am more drawn to the work of Leonora Carrington and Remei Varo, however, my favourite of the women artists is Louise Bourgeois, although she was more into sculpting and creating sets…Thank you so much my friend and all the best,

  3. swo8 · June 16

    Excellent Francisco, and so many women there too! Are you familiar with the Canadian painter Joy Caros?

    • I told you I would feature women artists and they seem to thrive in surrealism, although not all of them were surrealists throughout their careers. I am not familiar with Joy Caros but I will investigate, thank you so much Leslie,

  4. azurea20 · June 16

    Cada día te superas. No sabía que Dora Maar era pintora y escultora. Lenora Carrington y Magritte me gustan mucho, en algunas ocasiones los he utilizado para ilustrar mi blog. Todos me gustan. Gracias.

    • Si Dora Maar era fotografa y tambien pintora, y Leonora Carrington a mi me encanta, igual que Dorothea Tanning y Remei.
      Venga, gracias mil Azurea, un abrazo,

  5. DougInNC · June 16

    Wonderful music accompaniment.

  6. House of Heart · June 16

    I enjoyed this video very much , a big fan of surrealism I appreciate the art of Ernst and Breton ( premier surrealist)). I love the art of female surrealist particularly Dora Marr and Leonora Carrington. Thank you Francisco !

  7. ourcrossings · June 16

    Creative thinkers have always toyed with reality, and as much as I love the dream-like scenes of surrealistic art, those unexpected, illogical juxtapositions sometimes creep me out, but then again weird stuff is to be expected once artist starts exploring the deepest and darkest inner workings of the subconscious. Thanks for sharing and have a good day 🙂 Aiva

    • I don’t really believe that they paint dream sequences and things like visions, I think they use their imagination to conjure these images that have no relation to reality and then they theorise about them. Thank you Aiva, and all the best,

  8. markbierman · June 18

    I really enjoyed the clip . A most interesting art form. Thanks for sharing, Francisco.

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