A little more for my friends…

(Religious art is at the core of Art History, that is how it all began and Art History began with the establishment of the museums like Le Louvre, el Prado and the Metropolitan in New York, as well as many others that came later…ok, you know what to do and thank you!)



  1. House of Heart · June 15

    Breathtaking art Francisco, a beautiful tour! Thank you.

  2. Una mirada... · June 15

    Qué puntazo el añadido de Cecilia…


  3. azurea20 · June 15

    ARTE con letras muy grandes. Gracias.

  4. Easymalc · June 16

    Thanks again for showing us a fabulous collection of art Francesc. Religious art is not something I swoon over, but I can certainly respect the skill and importance of these historical works of art, especially as I’ve seen some of them in the flesh so to speak. Very appropriate music to accompany them too. I hope you keep ’em coming Francesc. You know how much I enjoy learning about these artists and their paintings.

    • Yes, religious art is the basis of art history as that was the only art in existence for many years and they truly exemplify the mastery of the artists…thank you my friend and there are a few more videos to come, next is “Surrealism”. All the best,

  5. margarethallfineart · June 16

    A beautiful little post. Thank you, Francisco.

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