1. Easymalc · June 13

    As you say, ” Great Landscapes by Great Artists” – and some great music too.
    Just as a matter of interest, are you familiar with the ‘Newlyn School’?

    • Thank you Malc, had heard briefly but will look further into its history there in Cornwall, thanks for the tip!

      • Easymalc · June 13

        I’m biased of course but I just love those seascapes by people like Stanhope Forbes et al

      • Seascapes are definitely among my favourite too Malc, as I love seeing the sea and when I look at an artists interpretation of the power of the sea I am always fascinated…

      • Easymalc · June 13

        The Newlyn artists have a more ‘everyday feel’ to them, which is why I like them. I think you’ll understand what I’m talking about when you take a look.

      • Definitely I will take a look Malc and I’ll let you know. Hope you had a great weekend.
        All the best,

  2. Brad Osborne · June 13

    This video made me realize that I am most drawn to these types of landscapes. These interpretations of the world we live in hold many messages both seen and unseen. Loved the music for this video so much I watched it twice just to listen again. Well done, my friend!

  3. beth · June 13

    what a beautiful way to wake up on a sunday morning. thank you for sharing these, francisco, and your lovely music to accompany them

  4. azurea20 · June 13

    Gracias por la música y el video que es como un paseo por un pequeño museo pero con obras de grandes artistas. Me ha encantado.

  5. swo8 · June 13

    Lovely work and the music is perfect! Where are the women artists Francisco?

    • Wait for the next one…I certainly will not neglect women artists as art history has done for so many years. Thanks Leslie,

  6. janetsm · June 14

    Lovely images, and lovely music, Francisco.

    By the way, I thought you said you were going to be too busy working on your book to be on the blog much, but you’ve posted 13 times in three days! I can’t keep up! How do you do it?

    • I thank you for bringing my mind back to the book…I have been researching but not yet writing, cannot decide if to write in English or Spanish…but I really appreciate the reality check. You are right, I am doing a study on art history which I am posting and that has been a tad time consuming…I guess being retired gives one much more time than one thought…All the best Janet, and oh, summer is in Valencia, temperatures are 28 and 30 and sunny…

  7. Me gusto mucho el video y con el acompañamiento de la música. Te traslada a sentir lo bello del arte de las pinturas.

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