1. Easymalc · June 5

    Another new one for me. I know I’m stating the obvious here F, but his work is very Spanish to me, although his colours are more subdued than I would normally expect. My opinion? mmm…I think the jury’s out on this one. I liked some of it, but not all of it, but I suppose that’s nothing new is it?

    • Yes, I would certainly agree that he kept his focus mostly on what can be called Spanish topics, more so Andaluz with bullfighters but he always painted the scene before, like the scene before the fight…thank you Malc, have a great Saturday!

  2. marcello comitini · June 5

    Todos ven la realidad con sus propios ojos. Y los ojos no siempre ven solo luz y colores. Hay pintores que ven sombras detrás de la luz y nada detrás de los colores. Nada, como la existencia humana. No importa si el pintor es español, italiano o griego. cuenta la mirada del alma. Daniel Vázquez Díaz me gustaba mucho. Gracias, Francisco, por hacérmelo conocer.

    • Gracias a ti Marcello, te agradezco grandemente esas palabras y esa manera tan clara de analizar a un gran pintor como Vazquez Diaz, y estoy muy de acuerdo con tu criterio acerca de la tecnica de los pintores. Me alegro que he traido la obra de este gran pintor a la palestra ya que muchos no lo conocian. Un abrazo y mis deseos de que pases un feliz fin de semana.
      Ciao amico caro,

      • marcello comitini · June 5

        Soy yo quien te agradezco tu agradecimiento, querido amigo Francisco. Feliz fin de semana.

  3. Brad Osborne · June 5

    A new artist for me too. I love the scenes of matadors with their vibrant colors and embroidered clothing. There are a few paintings which seem to share a bit of the cubist movement. I liked most of what you offered as examples. Thanks for sharing and have a great weekend, my friend!

    • Yes, he was considered a post-cubist and he did a lot of cubist-style work especially with landscapes. Thank you very much my brother, I really appreciate it,
      All the best,

  4. azurea20 · June 5

    Importante que aunque sea con menos frecuencia sigas asomándote por aquí, así seguimos aprendiendo a los que nos falta mucho por aprender. Yo tampoco conocía a este pintor, algunas pinturas me han gustado y otras no tanto.
    La música de quién es?. Últimamente pones mucho ese tipo de música.
    Un saludo y buen finde.

    • Siempre estare por aqui Azurea, seguro, este pintor Andaluz es el maestro de los grises y de los momentos previos a los hechos y le decian el maestro de los maestros, a mi me fascinan sus personajes pues me dan la impresion de estar no solo pintados al oleo sobre el lienzo pero de estar esculpidos…la musica la compongo yo para cada video, mayormente la improviso sobre alguna clave mayor o menor y uso el sintetizador para simular los diferentes instrumentos. Gracias Azurea, me alegro que te pases por el blog y me encantan siempre tus comentarios y mucho que te los agradezco. Un abrazo y feliz finde,

  5. beth · June 5

    he’s new to me and I love his colorful look at the matadors

    • I love the way he paints his subjects, they look almost like sculptures…

      • beth · June 5

        yes, that’s true. p.s. I’ve been teaching my pre-kinder class about the difference between paintings and sculptures all year, they really get it

      • That’s truly fab Beth, getting children used to art in all its forms at an early age is wonderful, great job!

  6. equipsblog · June 5

    The entire presentation felt like a mini journey to Spain. Nicely done.

  7. janetsm · June 5

    I always learn something from your posts, Francisco. Take care. Janet

    • That is wonderful Janet, that is my purpose, that is why I try to research quality artists, real men and women of the arts that have contributed to art history and have proven their artistic talent. Many have not received the recognition that other lesser artists have but I feel compelled to bring them forth even if it is only at this level, for as you can see, only a handful ever really watch the videos…I hope you are doing fine. I am very happy to be now fully vaccinated and ready for the summer. Spain is doing very good compared to other countries nearby, but we were back-stabbed by the UK, because we opened our doors to them but they placed our country on the dangerous countries list, when there is no evidence of such a thing, our incidence of contagion is rather on the low, or very low side and we’ve almost got 40% of the population vaccinated and in many communities (like states in the US) we have a very low incidence, like in mine, Valencia, we are at only 35 per 100.000 people, thirty five per one hundred thousand is very low… but, they are our biggest source of tourists and we must cherish their arrival, after all many many live here in Valencia or have a second home here…All the best,

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