Middle of the Week Album Review: “Duran Duran (The Wedding Album) 1993


Duran Duran, The Wedding Album (so as not to be confused with their debut album of 1981), was released in 1993. This was their seventh studio album. The weddings are of the parents of the four members of Duran Duran. The album was certified gold in the UK and platinum in the US. It was released on the 11th of February of that year by Parlophone.

Duran Duran 1993, The Wedding Album | Musica
(Duran Duran in 1993)

The singles were “Ordinary World” and “Come Undone”. Both reached the top ten on Billboard Hot 100 in the US. Duran Duran thus became one of the few 80’s bands to achieve success in the 90’s, surviving amidst the grunge music that was becoming extremely popular at the time.

This brings me to mention that one of my favourite songs of all time, “Ordinary World” is from that year and from that album. It was a number one hit in the US, and as well a top ten in Canada, the UK, Italy, Iceland and Sweden. The song is credited to the group. In May of 1994, “Ordinary World” won an Ivor Novello Award and Simon Le Bon (lead singer of Duran Duran) sang it with Luciano Pavarotti at a benefit concert for War Child.

Duran Duran - Ordinary World (Official Music Video) - YouTube

So folks, here it is. I have done my part, now you tell me what you think. For me the year 1993 was very special for many things, both artistically and personal and the music of that year, especially “Ordinary World” will always have a special place in my memories and my life. What about you? Any special things that year? Any special years? Any special songs?

In any event, here is Duran Duran’s Wedding Album:



  1. Brad Osborne · May 13

    For me musically, 1993 brought the UB40 version of “Can’t Help Falling in Love” and birthed my love of reggae music.

  2. erinragankelly · May 13

    I was in my senior year in high-school and thinking I was on top of the world. My music world was all over the place! From Nirvana and Pearl Jam to Janet Jackson and Snoop Dog and everything in between. This was a great time and it brings back so many fun memories.

  3. Nic Celón5 · May 13

    Reblogged this on AGA | IMECU – Growth Hacking.

  4. Rachel Duerden · May 13

    Yes. I passed my driving test!

  5. macalder02 · May 13

    Un buen recuerdo de este magnífico duo. Buena música para empezar mi tarde muy fría. Un abrazo Francisco

    • Que disfrutes del día Manuel y que no pases mucho frío, un abrazo de Valencia donde hoy estuvo la temperatura en 27 grados! 🥵

  6. Una mirada... · May 14

    Hacía tanto tiempo que no escuchaba a Duran Duran que ha sido una muy buena sorpresa este revival.


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