1. spwilcen · May 5

    When next you see Bodo, tell him he has a fan. Also did the photo snip a bit of canvas?

    • I am very close to Bodo, so I will advise SP, I’m sure he’ll be quite happy, thank you. And yes, the photo did steal away a few millimetres I do believe…good eye for detail I say…all the best my good friend,

      • spwilcen · May 5

        Let us not be sacrificing the perimeters of Bodo’s work in the future. We are dealing in essentially duo-tone work and the elements of shading are important; for example upper left and lower right seem to be more intense suggesting motion past or present, significant to any dance, no?

      • Yes, you are right…I must be more careful photographing those drawings and absolutely! All movement there pertains to the rhythm of the dance which is the rhythm of the art…

  2. Nic Celón5 · May 13

    Reblogged this on AGA | IMECU – Growth Hacking.

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