Tuesdays Tunes: “Fly Me to the Moon” (In Other Words)…

Fly Me to the Moon - Wikipedia, la enciclopedia libre

“Fly me to the Moon“, what a song! Always loved it! Definitely a song that has influenced world culture in one way or another. It was included in the Songwriters Hall of Fame in 1999 and considered a “Towering Song”, a definite long-lasting song. The original title is “In Other Words” and it was written by Bart Howard in 1954. The song has become a jazz standard and is frequently covered and sung by various artists. The first person to sing it was Felicia Sanders perhaps in smoky jazz cabarets, but the 1964 Frank Sinatra version totally sent the song over the moon. Actually it was associated with the Apollo missions to the Moon…

I am going to let you choose which version you like, as I am sure you too love this tune…

Here’s Julie London (1926 – 2000). For those who do not know her, she was a North American singer and actress, well recognised for her sensuous voice. Her big hit was “Cry me a River”.

And here is Ella Fitzgerald…

And here’s “Old Blue Eyes” himself…

And here is the first recording by Kaye Ballard. For those who do not know Kaye, I will tell you that she was born in Ohio in 1925 and passed away in 2019. She was an actress, a comedienne and a singer.

So, it’s your turn, tell me which version you like the best, tell me what you think of this song…



  1. Brad Osborne · 10 Days Ago

    A great song, of that there is no doubt. I loved that you shared different version by different artists. I certainly enjoy the more jazzed tempo of Sinatra’s version, but my favorite is Ella’s. How can anyone compare to that voice?

    • Francisco Bravo Cabrera · 10 Days Ago

      Yes! That’s what I say. I prefer Sinatra’s more up-tempo but Ella’s voice is incredible. Thank you so much my friend.

  2. Perosiempresigueenpie · 10 Days Ago

    Sin duda Sinatra aunque la de Ella, más lenta, es magnífica. Un abrazo

    • Francisco Bravo Cabrera · 10 Days Ago

      Si, para mi igual, la de Sinatra aunque la de Ella, con esa gran voz, me fascina. Muchas gracias, te agradezco mucho la visita. Un saludo de València,

  3. Easymalc · 10 Days Ago

    I’m with Brad on this one. It’s Ella Fitzgerald for me too.

  4. topoet · 10 Days Ago

    I’ve never heard a bad version of this song = 🙂

  5. spwilcen · 10 Days Ago

    Gee. When I think of that classic, I think Andy Williams. Guess I better check my oatmeal. Nifty post.

  6. markbierman · 10 Days Ago

    Long before my time, but I do remember listening to it as a child.

  7. azurea20 · 9 Days Ago

    He .escuchado un trocito de cada uno y me quedo con Ella Fitzgerald . Los otros también magníficos. Buena música. Gracias.

  8. cincinnatibabyhead · 8 Days Ago

    I like them all. Now you have me searching my mind for a version I liked but cant come up with who did it.

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