A poem for a Friday in Valencia: “In the Head”

(“JazzArt-Dreamers”, original acrylic on canvas, 60x70cm, by FBC, image property of Omnia Caelum Studios Valencia)

Places where you’ve been

merge with memories of those you’ve seen

and time loses it’s careful measure

as memories and thoughts,

of now and long ago,

in your head, your heart do pressure.

You think of lonely days and heartfelt prayers…

You see the visions in your head, images,

and words that float on by,

some that you meant, some that you lied.

Then tears and smiles

and silly songs and rhyming poems,

and books and stories,

rush by,

coming, going,

like the one that made you feel so


in your head now,

passing like a silent movie,

makes you wish you had been in that scene

where lovers kiss…

And life begins to seem

like someone blue

and tall and thin,

is playing saxophone

in a place mysterious,

where you’ve never been…

C.2021, Francisco Bravo Cabrera, 14 MAY 2021, Valencia, Spain

Middle of the Week Album Review: “Duran Duran (The Wedding Album) 1993


Duran Duran, The Wedding Album (so as not to be confused with their debut album of 1981), was released in 1993. This was their seventh studio album. The weddings are of the parents of the four members of Duran Duran. The album was certified gold in the UK and platinum in the US. It was released on the 11th of February of that year by Parlophone.

Duran Duran 1993, The Wedding Album | Musica
(Duran Duran in 1993)

The singles were “Ordinary World” and “Come Undone”. Both reached the top ten on Billboard Hot 100 in the US. Duran Duran thus became one of the few 80’s bands to achieve success in the 90’s, surviving amidst the grunge music that was becoming extremely popular at the time.

This brings me to mention that one of my favourite songs of all time, “Ordinary World” is from that year and from that album. It was a number one hit in the US, and as well a top ten in Canada, the UK, Italy, Iceland and Sweden. The song is credited to the group. In May of 1994, “Ordinary World” won an Ivor Novello Award and Simon Le Bon (lead singer of Duran Duran) sang it with Luciano Pavarotti at a benefit concert for War Child.

Duran Duran - Ordinary World (Official Music Video) - YouTube

So folks, here it is. I have done my part, now you tell me what you think. For me the year 1993 was very special for many things, both artistically and personal and the music of that year, especially “Ordinary World” will always have a special place in my memories and my life. What about you? Any special things that year? Any special years? Any special songs?

In any event, here is Duran Duran’s Wedding Album:


Un poema para un miercoles de Valencia: “Vuela la paloma”

(Foto propiedad de FBC, Omnia Caelum Studios Valencia)


La sonrisa flota por la brisa verde,
la mirada intenta penetrar el aire,
y los pensamientos se van volando
y la intención se queda en un simple beso.

Guarda los recuerdos de las tardes grises,
mira siempre al cielo y verás a un ángel,
que roba el silencio y te da palabras,
y la intención se queda sin saber usarlas.

Ponme otro cubata, compañero viejo,
vamos ir dejando los antiguos versos,
vamos olvidando mientras van bebiendo
nuestras intenciones de salir cantando.

Cántame otro tango, maestro marinero,
otras peteneras, soleares y rumbas,
toca aquí el cajón, cerca de mi tumba
que con la guitarra acompaño-te el canto.

Y vuela la paloma por las brisas verdes,
su mirada rompe el poder del aire,
solo está pensando en salir volando,
ya no intenta besos…

C.2021, Francisco Bravo Cabrera, 11 de mayo de 2021, Valencia, España

Tuesdays Tunes: “Love Child” Diana Ross and the Supremes

Love Child (1968) | THE DIANA ROSS PROJECT
(Released in 1968)

This is one of those songs like “Poppa Was a Rolling Stone”, “Cloud Nine”, “What’s Going On”, “Everyday People” and others, that emerged during the late sixties and early seventies, that dealt with social issues affecting the inner cities of the United States. This one was one of the first that I recall. And I must say, I always loved this tune, although I first heard it much later than 1968.

When I examined the lyrics I realised that it dealt with a severe social situation prevalent in the US and that affected, mostly but not exclusively, African-Americans. It is hard to understand how Black people that had developed the nation alongside with the European-Americans could be treated so badly. After all, both groups arrived more or less at the same time, albeit the African ones were brought in as slaves.

Diana Ross & The Supremes - Love Child (Lyrics) - YouTube
(“Love Child”)

In any event, “Love Child” narrates the story of a woman trying to stop her boyfriend from sleeping with her, fearing that they would produce a ‘love child’. In other words, another little girl, like her, born in extreme poverty, a product of a one night stand, no father to be had, suffering her mother’s guilt and coping with the situation she is made to live with. That being dealing with shame and fear of rejection. By the end of the song she is resolute that the same thing will not happen to a child of her own.

Love Child- by Diana Ross & The Supremes (Lyrics) - YouTube
(Diana Ross & the Supremes 1968)

This song was included in the album Love Child by Diana Ross & the Supremes. It was a number one shit in the US, selling half a million copies in the first week. This was the single that knocked “Hey Jude” by The Beatles off the number one spot it had occupied for nine weeks. In the UK it topped at number 15.

“Love Child” was written by a group of writers that Motown called The Clan, they were: R. Dean Taylor, Frank Wilson, Pam Sawyer, Deke Richards.

So, take a listen and tell me what you think…


¡Madre Mía! Surgen las indisciplinas

El 09 de mayo marcó el fin del estado de alarma y el comienzo de las locuras…

Las calles de Madrid, Barcelona, Sevilla et cetera et cetera, se llenaron de jóvenes desafiando la pandemia, desafiando la ley y faltándole el respeto a todo el mundo.

La pandemia no ha terminado, aunque si el estado de alarma, que claro también acabó con el toque de queda en toda España.

Parece que una generación criada sin conceptos de límites, de respeto y disciplina, ahora demuestra la falta de cordura y el egoísmo…

Gracias a Dios que algunas comunidades, como la Comunitat Valenciana, aún han mantenido el toque de queda y así el orden.

Pero el caos no se puede permitir ni tolerar. La juventud tendrá tiempo para disfrutar, pero no ahora. Estos tiempos requieren disciplina y responsabilidad y no fiestas ni botellones. no se puede ser tan chalado ni tan imprudente. Las calles no les pertenecen a los jóvenes y las chorradas que cometen no se pueden permitir.

Weekend Artists Series, Part 2 (see video)

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