Monday Morning Journal…Pt. 1

(Photography by GAB, property of Omnia Caelum Studios Valencia)


The weekend is over and it has been a lovely one indeed. The weather was sunny and cool and overall quite pleasant. For me the weekend was filled with friends and loved ones, wine, good food and conversation. And it seemed like everyone in Valencia was out in the street. All the bars were full. Every terrace on every corner or in the middle of the block was full to COVID regulated capacity. And of course we had to do it all before 1800 hours which is when the bars are mandated to close. There’s no sense in doing anything at night because our curfew begins at 2200 hours. So nights are for the tele…

I just want to say to my friends on this blog community that I am looking forward to another week of great posts from all of you and also to providing some posts as well that you might enjoy. It has been an interesting ride through this unique sort of experience, meaning the experience of writing a blog, of reading other people’s posts and commenting as well as getting to know some fine people from all over the world. I feel close to many blogger friends out there and I miss their entries when they take off for a few days or a few weeks. But we all do that, we must, after all we’ve got lives and things to do besides sitting in from of the portable and posting, reading and liking posts on the blogosphere.

But it is interesting and I like it, especially intercommunicating with a few good friends that always read, always comment and always support and encourage. I hope I am doing the same for them and I want to thank them. I want to tell them that it is an honour to be able to place before them my art, my poetry and my music and that every nod of approval I get from them is sincerely appreciated. The fact that they actually look, listen and read is something that leaves me humbled and quite happy. I also know they know who they are and how much I also enjoy reading their poetry, short stories, historical accounts, book reviews, album reviews, musical information, advice and fabulous travel articles with incredible photography. The whole time I have dedicated to this blog has been a learning experience in many, many ways and as well a pleasure as I have met lovely people.

So, today is the first day of the week and I just wanted to kick it off with these few words. My hopes, wishes and desires for this week are the same ones I have always, that there be peace in this world, that there be health and well-being for all and that we strive for happiness and walk far and away from hatred and violence.



  1. janetsm · 25 Days Ago

    Your post popped up just as I was about to sign out for the night — it being midnight here. I’m glad I got to read your post before calling it a night. What a lovely, heartfelt piece you have posted for your followers this Monday morning! Beautiful sentiments expressed so eloquently. It’s the way I feel about the people who take time to read my blog and those, like you, who almost always leave a comment. The blogosphere makes the world seem like a community and reminds me daily that we’re all in this together and we have more in common with the people all around the world than we have differences. We all basically want the same thing. I hope you have a great week, and I’m glad you had a beautiful weekend in Valencia — as we did here in North Carolina.

    • Francisco Bravo Cabrera · 25 Days Ago

      Thank you so much Janet for your lovely words. You are one of the people who inspire me and teach me to procede in this blogosphere. Wishing you a lovely week and many blessings.

  2. Brad Osborne · 25 Days Ago

    A beautifully written sentiment, my friend! I have learned so much from your series and insights into creativity and art in all its forms. And my world has been made more beautiful by your own creative works. You always give support and will always have mine. That is what friends do!

    • Francisco Bravo Cabrera · 25 Days Ago

      Thank you so much Brad, my good friend who has enlightened me and taught me many things, not just about the craft of writing poetry but to see beyond, around and through may things. You have my support always!
      All the best,

  3. erinragankelly · 25 Days Ago

    I agree! Thank you forvthe support as well. Keep writing and putting the good out into the world because we all know we can never have enough of that!

  4. spwilcen · 25 Days Ago

    Suddenly in my life, there were girls. They suddenly became women. So I ask myself, “Is this new violence really new, or am I just recognizing it with the assistance of wickedly morbid MSM?” We’ve (mankind) been inherently evil since the dawn. In olden days, there were Earps, and Hickocks, and Hollidays, to stomp on really bad men to protect “innocents.” Yup, Wyatt, Bill, and Doc were something of rascals themselves; they too after all part of mankind.

    I’m still working on the “sudden” appearance of the female gender and all the real and perceived woes that realization brought. Yup. I’m working on the “sudden” violence thing too. First scan suggests a lack of (or suppression of) Earps and his ilk lets bonafide, unredeemable evil run rampant. I mean, a standing Army is evil too, in a certain perspective. But can we do without an Army? Suggest not. There are too many bad men presently beyond reach waiting to steal our cattle, rape our women, abscond with our gold and silver.

    Do well this week, sir. SP

    • Francisco Bravo Cabrera · 25 Days Ago

      Thank you my friend for the well-wishes…the part that came before it, I am sorry my English is rather fading, I could not understand, but it read like something deep, profound and well written…
      Thank you my friend and all the best to you,

      • spwilcen · 25 Days Ago

        Your “peace in the world” kicked me off – the spate of violent acts in the US brought to mind. Made me wonder, is this new, or are we just recognizing it? “Sudden” female appearance in my own experience was an obviously failed comparison. You’ve seen recent insanity in Spain, too. We keep working to solutions, you and I, if only by our speaking-out. Your Journal entries especially interesting, entertaining, and thought-provoking. Obviously. SP

      • Francisco Bravo Cabrera · 25 Days Ago

        Thank you SP, for your words and for clarification. Yes, I agree that it’s been there…violence…all the time, but during my 30 years on the job I never saw the violence in my county that erupted later and I did work two riots. So I don’t know. A lot of it is new, I am sure but a lot of it was always there just eluding the limelight. But the light has to be shown on the evil. I would say it’s due to guns being readily and legally available. Why don’t they require the same thing if civilians as the do to p. o.’s before they’re able to own a gun? Maybe it’s a solution because owning a gun is not a right, it is a privilege. All the best to you my friend!

  5. Easymalc · 25 Days Ago

    Your words speak volumes Francesc. You’ve got a fantastic number of followers for a very good reason. You’re very very good at what you do – and you can count me as one of your world-wide friends. Have a great week and keep your art, music, poetry and thoughts coming.

    • Francisco Bravo Cabrera · 25 Days Ago

      You can count me as one too Malc! Thank you! Your blog is smashing, informative and very interesting and your photography is amazing! I look forward to your next post! All the best to you!

  6. beachah · 25 Days Ago

    Francisco, it’s an honor to read you to look at your art, and to listen to the music you share! And a huge thank you for your enthusiasm in The Teapot and the Postbox. It means a lot to me, more than words can say. I know I haven’t been reading that much recently and I know I’ve only been publishing poetry on my end instead of the mix I do usually. However, as you write, this has been one hell of a year. I envy you being courageous enough to step out where it’s packed. I’m a hibernating person this year and the toll is huge. Enough of this talk; glad of your support and I love what you do on here!
    Cheers, Béa

    • Francisco Bravo Cabrera · 25 Days Ago

      Thank you so much Béa, and yes, it’s been a crazy 2020 and a no less crazier 2021, so far. I’ve not been vaccinated so I take good care not to go to crowded places and I always wear my mask and thank God we’ve one of the lowest incidences in Europe here in Valencia, but my friends, family and I all take very good care not to put ourselves at risk. I love your writing, your enthusiasm and your blog and it has always been a pleasure to read your posts and I look forward to them. You have my support and encouragement always and I sincerely thank you for yours. Take good care, have a lovely week and all the best to you,

  7. azurea20 · 25 Days Ago

    Gracias a ti. Visitar tu blog es un placer . Está lleno de arte y es muy generoso por tu parte todo lo que ofreces. Yo aprendo un montón. A veces tengo que acudir a Wikipedia porque despiertas mi curiosidad sobre la obra de un músico, de un pintor y eso es cultura y la cultura es el mejor alimento para la Vida. Gracias, amigo.

  8. tiffanyarpdaleo · 24 Days Ago


  9. markbierman · 22 Days Ago

    It’s been a pleasure getting to know you, Francisco. Technology has its good points, and interaction with people across the world, is certainly one of them. I’m glad you had some time to head out and enjoy the day.

    • Francisco Bravo Cabrera · 22 Days Ago

      It’s my pleasure Mark, and I agree that there’s a lot of good with technology if it allows us to all get to know each other and appreciate our work. Thank you.

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