Weekend Artists Series (Special Musical Edition): Bebo Valdés

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(Bebo Valdés, 1918 – 2013)

Truly one of the greatest of the more “percussive” side of Jazz, the Cuban born pianist, composer, arranger and band leader and international “Latin Jazz” performer…

This is my tribute, hope you like it and I do hope you see it and tell me what you think.

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And now listen to Bebo…



  1. Brad Osborne · 26 Days Ago

    Great tribute to such a worthy artist. I loved the detail and stories you shared. Timing on the video was perfect. Well done, my friend!

    • Francisco Bravo Cabrera · 26 Days Ago

      Thank you my friend! I am glad you liked it. As a lover of music, all music…at least most…I have been discovering some jewels that have been around for a while but not in my ears…

      • Brad Osborne · 26 Days Ago

        I am just happy you are so gracious in taking us on this journey with you….I am constantly learning something new here!

      • Francisco Bravo Cabrera · 26 Days Ago

        I thank you my friend for my journey through poetry, an art form I love but which I don’t know much about. All the best!

  2. azurea20 · 26 Days Ago

    Grandísimo Bebo Valdés. Un placer escucharlo. Gracias.

    • Francisco Bravo Cabrera · 26 Days Ago

      He estado investigando y buscando y descubriendo esta musica fantastica hecha por estos grandes musicos y si, es un placer escucharla…
      Gracias Azurea,
      un abrazo,

  3. Anna Waldherr · 25 Days Ago

    Bravo! Love the music — both yours and his! Makes you want to move.

  4. cincinnatibabyhead · 22 Days Ago

    Again. Great stuff. Great take. Keep it coming.

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