It’s Thursday! The Middle of the Week! Album Close-Up: BILINGUAL, Pet Shop Boys

Bilingual Special Edition – Pet Shop Boys – Product
(Released 02 SEP 1996 in the UK)

The sixth album for the Boys and one of my favourites. I liked the title right away being bilingual from birth I guess as my family spoke both Castilian Spanish and Catalan. Later, of course, I learned English, and in the United States I learned to speak like a North American. So I am all for bilingualism…

This album was certified gold but it was their first not to earn platinum…

Pet Shop Boys finaliza la reedición de su catálogo con tres clásicos de los  90

The added voices and sophisticated instrumentation continued but the flavour of the songs was more international, especially Latin American. This coincided with the Pet Shop Boys tour through Latin America. Makes sense, no?

Three singles were released from Bilingual: “Se a vida é (That’s the way life is)”, “Before” and “A Red Letter Day”, all were top ten hits in the British charts and the other one, “Single-Bilingual” reached the top 20. So the album’s singles were rather successful I would say.

In 1997 the Boys started doing a series of concerts at the Savoy Theatre in London. To promote the concerts they launched a cover version of the song “Somewhere”, (from West Side Story). The single reached the top ten in the UK and the album Bilingual was re-released as Bilingual Special Edition and it included the new single and a few bonus tracks as well as the re-mixes of the B side of the other singles.

As a fan, a huge fan of Pet Shop Boys, I was not let down by this album, on the contrary, I really loved it from the first hearing. I think that spreading their music to other lands, their ability to assimilate and to learn from the rhythms and songs they heard there created the spirit and the flow of this album and it is fantastic!

El megapost que merece Pet Shop Boys - Música inolvidab... en Taringa!

Long live Bilingualism! Who ever heard of only speaking one language!


Pet Shop Boys will release the final set of albums in their definitive  'Catalogue - TotalNtertainment
(Pet Shop Boys)

So, now I would like to know what you think of this album, the Pet Shop Boys, and very importantly, what do you think of bilingualism? (this question is especially directed at North Americans from the United States, I know how Europeans feel…)


  1. Brad Osborne · 29 Days Ago

    Nothing shows a greater respect for a peoples or their culture than to learn their language. As a world traveler, I did not have the resources to become fluent in other languages, but in every language and country I encountered, I learned how to say “thank you”. And that simple phrase never failed to make the people I encountered smile and be receptive.

    • Francisco Bravo Cabrera · 29 Days Ago

      Very good advise my friend and a great way to travel and make friends. Bilingualism is something that should be standard in all countries. I do not understand why the US is not a bilingual nation being that Spanish is spoken just as much as English…
      Thank you and all the best to you!

  2. Lokesh Sastya · 29 Days Ago

    What is Catalan?

  3. azurea20 · 28 Days Ago

    Aunque no soy norteamericana estoy totalmente a favor del bilingüismo. Buenas noches amigo..

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