Dear Diary, Journal Entry No. 15

(Photo property of FBC, Omnia Caelum Studios Valencia)

Well, another week and I seem to sense that time is repeating its own steps, meaning the ones they took last year. We are in the first week of April…a great month, springtime et al…and things still continue to be like last year, at least here in my country…

But I am really not interested in talking about COVID or about vaccinations or about giving anyone my opinion of the Astra Zeneca vaccine, or any other type of serum that supposedly protects us from disease. I really am looking forward to staying away from all of this, just like I did during the four and a half months we were confined in 2020 (here in Spain).

I just cannot help the urge to analyse the conspiracy…

We are being treated like cattle. No disrespect to that noble species of domesticated ungulates of the Bovidae Family. But the fact that we are constantly being warned, scared, frightened, spooked, threatened, advised, guided, ordered, controlled, forced, told, shouted at…shall I go on…is not helping my curious mind and it is not leading me to accept most of what I hear and read in the (controlled) press/media. After all, everything we see is through the lens of a video camera and those things can do a lot of things, even in real time…

But Spring is in the air…

The time is right for travelling, for preparing a summer vacation, a get-away, something that would break the routine, am I wrong? But we still have border closures, bloody hell, we cannot even leave our autonomous community! I cannot visit relatives in nearby Cuenca which is only a couple hours away by car! Yet, anyone from another country can come to Spain and travel all over without restrictions! Why? Well, our spokesperson for the Ministry of Public Health said it’s because those good tourists all have their PCR tests on hand and we do not! Well, who is to say that a day or two after they arrive that they have not contracted COVID and now they are taking it to all places they visit? Or is this PCR another lie?

Well, since I do not know who to believe or what to believe, I choose to believe nothing and no one. At least no one who comes on the tele and tells me what I must believe…

But I do not want to rant, or to give the wrong impression. I am not upset, angry or annoyed, I am just an artist, writing something that I want you to believe, but it really has nothing to do with my state of mind. Art is like that. It is all false. After all, actors…great artists that they are…are the world’s biggest liars. So don’t get carried away. I am an artist and as such, this is the way I function. Just remember, art is contrived, controlled, polished, rehearsed, practised. And above all remember that raw emotion is not art. So the raw emotion I have expressed here is not really mine, it is an artistic recreation of what I hear in the streets from just about everyone I speak with or meet…


Nota Bene,

Next time I will explain the meaning of the digitally enhanced photo above…


  1. equipsblog · 14 Days Ago

    Very interesting read. You mixed several metaphors. So I’ll add one mote. Is the snake swallowing its own tail? You bring up an excellent point about foreign visitors can travel freely but local citizens cannot.

    • Francisco Bravo Cabrera · 14 Days Ago

      Cerberus…hmm…could be…the travel ban is a hot topic here…thanks Pat and all the best!

  2. Easymalc · 14 Days Ago


  3. Well, I agree with these artistic recreations of what you hear in the street. Much the same in many parts of the US….sadly.

  4. Sheree · 14 Days Ago

    Rules need to be consistently applied.

  5. DaniKnappCreates · 14 Days Ago

    My feelings on the topics are mutual to yours. In the U.S. tourism is already flourishing and people are pretending there was never a virus to begin with. I choose to continue to stay a hermit crab because in my opinion, my fellow humans do not see past the nose on their faces, and most think of no one but themselves. I will do the same and protect myself by staying away from the world. In a world of many perspectives, what is truth? 😎

    • Francisco Bravo Cabrera · 14 Days Ago

      You’re doing the right thing. I keep hearing of all the irresponsible and indisciplined acts going on all over my country and Europe and I realise it all comes down to selfishness…

  6. janetsm · 14 Days Ago

    I agree, Francisco. It makes no sense that tourists from other countries can roam about freely in Spain while the citizens are confined to their neighborhoods! That is a ridiculous policy! I hope the situation will get sorted out soon so you can fully enjoy the spring and summer.

    • Francisco Bravo Cabrera · 14 Days Ago

      Thank you Janet. Today the president of the central government said the State of Alarm will be lifted on 09 MAY and that by August we should have 70%+ vaccinated and that thing will go back to normal. But right now to me they are all words…we’ll see. The vaccination is being accelerated and two of my friends got their first dose today, but I’m still waiting…hoping all’s well with you Janet. It’s been warm here lately too, 21 degrees C. this morning…

  7. Brad Osborne · 14 Days Ago

    What a creative and artistic post my friend! I love the perspective. Like an unspinning of the spun. It is hard to know what to believe and I, like you, question everything. I would say that I hope more reasonable thinking lies in the future, but we have been at this for over a year and still there seems to be many views on the good, the bad, the right, and the wrong. You take care of you and yours and stay well, That is the best I can hope for!

  8. spwilcen · 13 Days Ago

    Yes, all actors (and novelists) are liars. But no actor or novelist is a liar. One cannot, I have said it before, write of something they have not seen, heard, felt, or imagined with with the disclaimer that imaginings are recall of old emotion. We draw upon our past as we breathe today and as we hope for, or dread the future. You set out to paint a white canvas of nothing. Then, memory of an early Miami morning, and the drift of salt spray into your nostrils, tempers your brush strokes, heavier there, thinner there, bolder, fainter, wanting to be old gray, wanting not to be new yellow, makes your abstract something of you: you have not lied, you cannot lie – try as you might – you simply cannot deny your past – it resonates in every heartbeat.

    • Francisco Bravo Cabrera · 13 Days Ago

      Well… I think you’re right about drawing on past experiences but you draw forth the memories of the emotions to use in other circumstances…we all lie because we’re not feeling the emotion we’re representing, we’re feeling the emotional response of a memory of something else. That’s why it’s art, not life. Life is real, raw, spontaneous and art is contrived, controlled, created and a total and complete fantasy. Nothing in art is real, it’s like a show on the tele, fiction. A painting may have all or some of the artist’s past thrown in but in the painting it represents only a new and fabricated reality which has nothing to do with the memory. Raw emotion is not art my friend, neither is reality…thank you SP, you’ve made me think about this one. All the best,

      • spwilcen · 13 Days Ago

        One day I will learn to speak Spanish. No, maybe not, I have trouble enough with English. There would be much to gain, much wine, much laughter, and serious solutions to all the worlds major problems should two individuals sit to talk at length – disagree and agree. Perhaps WP is a start.

      • Francisco Bravo Cabrera · 12 Days Ago

        I agree, I think WP is a start SP…and I too still have trouble enough with English…top of the morning to you!

  9. azurea20 · 12 Days Ago

    Es verdad, estamos completamente desconcertados y con una sensación de inseguridad impresionante. Fatal. Lo malo es que no hay más. “es lo que hay” . Todos estamos hartos. Ánimo.

    • Francisco Bravo Cabrera · 12 Days Ago

      Lo has dicho, es lo que hay, punto…no pasa nada, el animo nunca lo pierdo Azurea, gracias, pero uno echa de menos muchas cosas, como las tardes/noches de los jueves, que ahora no se ve un alma en la calle solo aquellos que llevan al perro a mear…como han cambiado las cosas…
      Bueno, cuidate y un saludo,

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